Requested Imagine #70: Olivia

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Author's Note:

So, this one is going to be considered as one of those "heated" imagines . . . Feel free to skip this one. You're married to Hunter in this one. Just a piece of information.


P. S. This is the track list for the imagine. It's only nine songs, but trust me . . . It'll make sense at the end of the imagine. Well, at least I think it will.

1. Birthday - Selena Gomez

2. Around the World/Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Daft Punk (Headphones are best with this one)

3. Follow Your Arrow - Kacey Musgraves

4. Drunk Last Night - Eli Young Band

5. U.N.I. - Ed Sheeran

6. Better Than Words - One Direction

7. American Girl - Bonnie McKee (Dance around and have fun!)

8. Dayum, Baby featuring Sarah Buxton - Florida Georgia Line

9. Talk Dirty to Me - DJ Jason Medallion (Don't listen to the entire song and if you do, which I'm pretty sure you will, make sure that you listen to it when there aren't any adults or children. Don't say I didn't warn you!)


Imagine you're in the bathroom looking at yourself in the mirror. You're not really looking at yourself in the mirror, you're kinda just staring at the other girl watching you. She blinks whenever you do and she'll smile the same time you do. To be honest, she looks nothing like you. All you can think about is Hunter and how you can't wait for him to come home. You can feel butterflies in your stomach just thinking about him. You feel extremely giddy knowing that in a few hours, he'll be home from the studio.

You walk out of the bathroom and waltz over to the closet after turning on the radio. You decide to change out of your shorts and tank top to some yoga pants and Hunter's white T-shirt. After sliding on Hunter's shirt, you noticed that your sparkly, lacy, blue bra could be seen through the fabric, but you honestly didn't care. You felt comfortable and not to mention, it was Hunter's favorite bra . . . He was the one who chose it.

You turn on the radio and it's one of your many favorite songs. It's "Birthday" by Selena Gomez. You brought your hand up to your mouth pretending it was a microphone and you danced around the room as though it were a stage. You always sang this song a little sass. Hunter always loved how you were "sang so dramatically" every time a song came on. The next was Daft Punk. It was mash-up they had made between their songs and there was something about the song that made you feel like you were there, wherever they were playing it.

"Follow Your Arrow" was another favorite of yours as well as Hunter especially since Kacey let you join her on stage to sing the song during her tour. She was Hunter's opening act and she would always talk about how an amazing singer you were and that you needed to be on stage. This was your chance. You and Kacey had sung the song on multiple stages and every night the fans would leave comments about how amazing you did on stage. When a song by the Eli Young Band began to play, you decided to go grab a drink. You were excited at the moment and you were also having a small craving for a little alcohol. You went into the kitchen and poured yourself some Long Island ice tea over a tall glass filled with ice. It was refreshing against your warm throat from all the singing.

You could help but scream when "U.N.I." began to play. Ed and Hunter would always laugh at you for being able to sing all of the words to all of Ed's songs, especially the ones where he talks really fast. You had a talent for speaking and singing fast. Ed would joke around about how you would take his job if you kept singing like that. "Better Than Words" was a hip-swaying song for you which was the only reason Hunter liked the song. He has never actually listened to the lyrics to song because his attention is always on you and your swaying hips. After going through a commercial break, "American Girl" was on. This is the song where you would dance around like nobody was watching, not even Hunter.

"It's been a while since I've seen you dance like that, baby," a deep voice says and you spin around to see Hunter standing in the door frame. How long has he been standing there? "I've been standing here long enough to you prancing around the room in yoga pants."

He walks over to you and you know that there's something different about him. You can't tell what it is but you know that something isn't the same. It's a good kind of different and with all honesty, it was kinda turning you on. Maybe it was the way he pulled you as the two of you slowed dance to Florida Georgia Line's song playing on the radio or maybe it was how he gently caressed you. Maybe it was the way he whispered things into your ear or maybe it was the way he kissed your neck and left love bites as he claimed you as his.

Maybe it was all of that, but you mostly knew how he was so innocent like you, but when he wanted something, he knew how to get it, "My shirt looks good on you," he says as he nips around your jawline, "but I think that there's something much better under it and it happens to be blue."

He continued to spin you around the bedroom as the two of you slowly danced to the song and he would occasionally sing the lyrics to you on a hushed voice into your ear. You would giggle here and there or kiss him on the jaw too. There a different kind of mood and it wasn't weird at all. It was a mood where you desperately wanted Hunter. He pulls you close to him and kiss you passionately before picking you up. You wrap your legs around his waist and he lets out a chuckle. He carefully sets you on the bed as he continues to kiss you. The Florida Georgia Line song is almost ending. The lyrics are being sung faster and it shockingly has to do exactly with the moment between you and Hunter.

"We're gonna have to get you some more of these yoga pants," he says teasingly, "They're so much better than--"

"Don't talk about my pajama pants. They're fluffy and they keep me warm," you say knowing that he was going to comment about your fluffy blue and pink plaid pajama pants.

"That's my job," he says whispering in your ear and you know that he's not just talking about the pajama pants. During the entire time, the two of you kept teasing each other. Neither of you gave what the other one wanted, "Good heavens, what are you listening to on the radio, Liv?"

"I don't know. Raise the volume," you say and he obliges, "Oh, that's "Talk Dirty to Me.""

"If you say so," he says before whispering naughty things in your ear with a grin on his face as he remembers how you dancing that night in the club to the song, "That's the song you were dancing to when we met."

You slowly begin to grind on him and you know he's turned on too. He places his hands on your hips and tries to mimic your motions. He was never one for dancing, but as long as he was with you, he would at least try to dance. As soon as you turned around to face him, he cupped your face and brought your lips to his before kissing you passionately. He wanted you as much as you wanted him.

You began to kiss his neck and playfully left a love bite on his neck knowing that his skin was extremely sensitive, so it would only take a few seconds before the mark would appear. He reciprocated the action and he was about to take off your shirt--

"Where are y'all?"

"Sam! You gotta be nice. You can't just ask where they are," a perky female voice says and you know who it is.

"Ains, baby, we just walked into their house."

"I still wonder why they trusted you with the key to their home," Ainsley said jokingly. Everyone thought that Ainsley and Hunter were together just like Sam and you were supposedly together. The fans had thought of different ship names for the--

"Where ya at Hayes! This is important!" Sam exclaims and Ainsley is continue to scold him.

You huff and sigh knowing that the two of you needed to go out there to see what was so important, but something stops you.

"Liv, we'll finish this later," he whispers as he holds you by the wrist. He pulls you in for a quick kiss and a slap on the bum, "Hey, I couldn't resist. You shouldn't have been shaking it while you were dancing."

"You are something else, Hayes."

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