Requested Imagine #78: Emily

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Author's Note:

You can thank my mother for this imagine. This one is a personal one because it's a story my mother tells me a lot. I can't give you any spoilers here because that ruin the whole idea of the imagine. Like I said, this one is a personal one, but of course I've made some minor changes to fit the request. Alright, here's our seventy-eighth imagine. Enjoy. OMH. I can't believe this is the seventy-eighth imagine. I lost my ability to even. *insert fangirling emojis*


Imagine you're in the hospital "patiently" waiting for the nurse to bring your baby that you desperately wanted to see. Instead, you were greeted by Lynette bringing your daughter, River. You can't help but exclaim with joy as Lynette greets you with a hug and kiss on the cheek before placing River into your arms. River sleepily yawns before nuzzling her face close to your breast, "Where's Leo?"

"He's coming home late from work," Lynette whispers not wanting to wake the baby up.

"Why don't you and Leo come over tonight so we can celebrate the arrival of River?"

"We would love to, but you need to rest. You can't just immediately starting all this cooking and stuff after giving birth! It just won't do," Lynette muses as she pulls a chair close to the bed so she can sit beside you.

"Have you seen Hunter at all today? He's supposed to be here soon, so we can go home."

"I think one of the nurses said that you needed to stay because they needed to run some kind of test," Lynette replies, but there's something off about her voice. It's almost as if she were hiding something from you. A phone buzzes and Lynette is reaching into her purse looking for the small mobile device.

"I see you're texting again."

"Yes," Lynette says laughing, "Leo and Hunter convinced me to get a new phone."

"Convinced you or bought you one?" You already knew the answer though, but you wanted to have a laugh. You knew that Hunter and Leo had bought the phone for Lynette because had they asked, she would have repeatedly said no until the topic was dropped. River is impatiently moving your arms and softly begins to whimper as she tries to get your attention. She's hungry and she's trying her best to grab your hair so she can pull it tightly.

"She's so big," Lynette says as she looks over at River who has your big bright eyes and Hunter's brunette hair. She has a fair skin and rosy pink cheeks to match her lips, "Looks a like a porcelain doll."

"Shouldn't you answer that?" You ask Lynette as her phone is ringing but she doesn't know how to answer it. She hands you the phone and as soon as you answer you're greeted with the soothing voice of your husband.

"Mama, do you mind swinging by to the store? I honestly don't know what to make for dinner at all."

"Sure, Hunter," you laugh when he's surprised that you answered.

"Let me guess..."

"No, need to. You're right about it. She's right here though." You hand the phone back to Lynette where she's happily speaking to her son about what they plan on doing. It doesn't take long before you're checkout of the hospital and make appointments for River to make sure she's healthy. Lynette tells you to stay in the car and you know you have to oblige. No one argues with Lynette.

Almost an hour later, the three of you have arrived home. You're surprised to see everyone. The girls all crowd around you, River, and Lynette meanwhile the boys go outside to do whatever boys do. After a moment to settle in and having a delicious meal, Hunter announces that he has a surprise for his wife, so you. You look up at him a little confused because what could he possibly be thinking? What surprise did this boy create?

"Close your eyes, Em," he says and uses his large warm hands to cover your eyes. You giggle as he guides you towards...somewhere...before bumping into a wall, "Oops, sorry. I was looking at River."

"Can you give me a hint?" You ask wanting to know what he surprise could possibly be. Hunter knew that you didn't like surprises, so it's a little weird to have him doing this for you. You stop liking surprises when you found out that your parents had brought a clown to your birthday party when you were six... You're terrified of clowns.

"You'll like it. I think," Hunter says after removing his hands from your eyes, "You can open your eyes."

You stand there flabbergasted. You're standing in the doorway of a pastel pink room. You slowly walk onto the white carpet and enjoy the soft carpet. You don't want to touch anything because you're afraid of messing something up. This was what you and Hunter were going to do together, but never got the time to do it because he had been on tour most of the time. It's amazing how he did this in only a day or a couple of hours. There's pastel coloured flowers and butterflies on the wall. When the lights are turned off, the flowers and butterflies are replaced with glow in the dark stars and moon. River's crib is placed in the corner and it's neatly made. There's a teddy bear, stuffed puppy, stuffed cow, and stuffed horse sitting on top of the pillow in the crib.

There's even a small shelf with children's books and another with more stuffed animals. A white rocking chair has been placed by the window for you and there's a blue bag on the chair. River's closet is filled with clothes, shoes, bags, and almost everything that a newborn baby girl would need. Not that a newborn girl needs a purse, but Hunter has the need to spoil his daughter, even if it's a little early for purses and shoes with heels.

"It's perfect," you whisper. It feels like a dream. This is what you had always wanted your daughter's room to look like ever since you were ten. You had always dreamed of being a mother and standing in the room that you always wanted for your baby girl is fantastic.

"Open the bag," Hunter says as he places a kiss on your cheek. You walk over to the blue bag and look at him. He encourages you to look inside the bag and you find a small box and a bouquet of pink roses (because you absolutely do not like when Hunter buys red ones due to the fact that it's so cliche, beside as he doesn't even like getting the red ones either) inside the bag. He takes the bouquet from you and encourages you to open the box. Inside the box, there's a cross similar to Hunter's, but much more feminine.

"After all those years, you remembered," you say recalling the memory from when the two of you were dating and you had asked him for a cross.

"Of course I did. How could I forget?"

"I thought we had dropped the topic."

He shakes his head and let's out a laugh, "It was our second date, Em. I was still nervous to talk to you."

"Oh, that I remember!"

"Happy anniversary, beautiful."

"Happy anniversary, East," you begin, "I'm sorry I didn't get you anything."

"You already did. You blessed me with a baby girl."

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