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Imagine #6: Babysitting

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Imagine you're at home. You hear cellphone ringing to "Heart of Hope." So you know it's Ainsley.

"Hey Ains!" You answer excitedly.

"Hey (y/n)!" She answers back in the same tone as yours. "Can you do me a huge major favor?"

"Of course, Ains? Wait, does it have to do with Tebow?"

"Oh, you so know me." She replies. You could tell in the tone of her voice how excited she was. She only acted this way when Tim Tebow was involved. "Do you mind watching my cousins, just for the night?"

"Ooh, Britain's got it going on with Tebow." You say with a smile on your face. She laughs and you're pretty sure that she's blushing.

"I'll be over at six. They're pretty excited about getting to spend the night with you." She says. After having your usual conversation with Ainsley and then hanging up, you go to your laundry and get fresh sheets to make your bed.

You loved having Ainsley's twin cousins over. They were so much fun to have around. The doorbell rings, interrupting your thoughts.

"Hunter? Hey!" You say while standing in the doorway. "Come in, come in."

"I have a bit of free time and I wanna take you out to dinner."

"Dinner?" You ask and he nods. You frown a little. "I can't, Hayes. I'm taking care of the Britian twins."

"The twins? We can put them to sleep as soon as they get here and we can our date here. It'll be a piece of cake, (y/n)."

"Alrighty then, Hayes. Whatever you say."


"I can't thank you enough, (y/n)."

"It's all good. What are friends for? Hey, Tebow?"

"Yeah, (y/n)?"

"Take care of my girl. I expect her home before tomorrow night." He pretended to salute and we all laughed. Hunter had left to go pick up the take out, which meant Ains didn't know he would be here.

"Have you two." You say pushing them out the door. You already know what's going to happen tonight. Tim had already planned to propose to Ainsley and if they stayed any longer, you were more than positive that you would ruin the surprise.

She smiles at you and thanks you once again. Tim does too and then he escorts Ainsley to his car. You wave at them as they back out of the driveway.

You close the door and make your way over to where the twins are sitting on the couch.

"Hey Sam. Hey Janessa. Hunter should be here any minute with the food, should we surprise or scare him?"

"Scare him!" They both answer excitedly. You decide to hide in the laundry room. You hide Sam and Janessa in a cupboard meanwhile you find in the closet.

"Gorgeous, I'm home!" You hear Hunter say from the living room. Sam and Janessa snickering.

"Ssh, Sam! Ssh, Janessa!" You whisper loud enough so they can hear.

"(Y/n)? Where are you? Sam? Nessa?" Hunter asks around the room trying to find you and the twins. Suddenly, you hear your phone ring.

You hear Hunter run up the stairs to your bedroom.

He had thought that he had found you, but you fooled him because you had left it in your room on purpose. You knew he would call you. You always had your phone with you, but not today.

"Not today, Hayes." You whisper to yourself.

"Baby, this isn't funny. Where are you?" You hear the laundry door slowly open. Slowly and carefully, Hunter walks in. "Sam? Janessa? (Y/n)?"

You hear him opening the dryer. What on earth was this boy thinking?

"SURPRISE!" Sam and Janessa exclaim. Hunter screams in shock meanwhile you're stilling hiding in the laundry closet.

"Where's (y/n)?"

"I dunno. Out there?" You hear Sam say. You can almost see the look on his face as he says this. He's pretending to be thinking. He would usually scrunch his eyebrows when he's thinking.

The door to closet opens slowly and you try to hide as much as you in the corner of the closet. There isn't much to cover you.

That's when you scream.

Hunter laughs and so do the twins. He pulls you into a kiss.

"Eww..." Sam and Janessa say harmonizing. You laugh.

"Who's hungry?" Hunter asks.


You've already had dinner with the twins and Hunter. Hunter cleans the table of while you help the twins get into their pajamas

You walk into the kitchen seeing Hunter fixing himself a cup of fresh brewed coffee. You walk up behind him and wrap your arms around his waist.

"Okay, so it's time for the twins to go to bed. Then we can have the rest of the night to ourselves."

"Not so fast, boy."

"What's wrong?" He asks confused.

"They don't sleep yet. They play first and then sleep."

"'Alright. I got this. They'll be asleep in no time."

After two hours past you hear Hunter asking you for help.

"(Y/n), please help me!" You look up to check the time. It's already eleven o'clock. You laugh and you say that you will help him.

"Who wants to a movie?" Sam and Janessa quickly ran into the living room and plopped down onto the couch. Hunter slowly made his way into the living room.

"This was not a piece of cake." He says and you laugh. "They're already asleep!"

You look at the twins sleeping on each other and the movie hasn't even begun. Hunter wraps a blanket around both of them then he sits besides you. You wrap his arm around him.

"I guess you had fun?" No answer.

"Hunter are you listening?" No answer. You look down at your arms to see a sleeping Hunter. His head is on your lap and you run your fingers through his blonde, sweaty, spiky hair.

You quietly laugh and kiss him on the cheek. "Hayes, you are so adorkable." Eventually, after a few minutes into the movie, you fall asleep too.

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