Requested Imagine #14: Katelyn

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Imagine September ninth. It's a very important day. No, it's not your wedding day or your anniversary with Hunter. It's his birthday and you plan on surprising him with a party.

"Kate, do you know what day it is?" Hunter asks you from the living room.

"Yes, it's September ninth. Why?"

"Oh, for some reason I thought it was the fifth." He lied. You felt bad lying to him but you were trying to surprise him. You wanted to tell him "happy birthday" but that would ruin everything.

You had called everyone the day before yesterday while Hunter was in the music room and told them to pretend to not remember his birthday.

Suddenly his phone began to ring and you knew it was Sam Ellis.

"Hey, Sam." You heard him say excitedly. "Oh, sure. I'll be over there in a few minutes. See you then."

"What's he need?" You ask innocently.

"He needs help taking care of his twin baby cousins. He was wondering if I could help him."

"Oh, okay." You say. You trying your best not to give the surprise away. You highly disliked seeing him like this. He walked over to you and kissed you on the forehead.

"I'll be back, love." He says and leaves. Ainsley texts as soon as he exits the door. It's not long before her beautiful curls are bouncing through the doorway.

"He seemed so sad. I hate doing this to him." Ainsley says. You knew that they had tried the relationship thing once, but it turns out they're nothing more than brother and sister.

"I know!" You exclaim. "I can't stand seeing him like this. Anyways, he's with Sam watching twins."

"How long, Kate?"

"Hopefully, at least an hour and then Matt should meet them in the studio. Devo and Sam will be here to help us. Steve will take Sam's place." You say in a rush. You were pretty excited about this. You already this planned and well thought out. You even had it on the "Countdown App".

"Who's bringing cake?"

"Lynette, of course! She knows someone who makes the best cake!" Ainsley nods in agreement.

Almost an three hours have passed. All the guests are here and the cake is on it's way. You hear your phone ringing from the kitchen. It's a text from Hunter.

"I'll be there in 15. -H"

"You guys! Hide! He'll be here in fifteen minutes!" You scream. Everyone runs to find a place to hide. You pull out a coffee mug and pour yourself some coffee. This was going to be perfect no matter what.

You have all the lights except the kitchen lights turned off. Hunter walks in with a white box in his hands. Matt and Steve are behind him.

"Katelyn, what's in this box? Matt and Steve were close behind.

"I don't know, Hunter." He sets the box on the counter and closes the door.

"Surprise!" Everyone yells and you see Hunter in shock. "Happy birthday!"

You're the first person who he manages to pull into a big bear hug. He's laughing and tears of joy are streaming down his face.

"This. Is. So. Epic."

"Let alone difficult. We tried our best to pretend. I was about to give in this morning when I saw the frown on your face." He kissed you on the forehead.

Eventually after a few hours, Hunter had greeted and thanked everyone. Lynette wrapped her arm around her son and exclaimed.

"Time for cake!" You could see the excitement on Hunter's face. "Open it."

"The box?" He asks. He opens it and you see twenty-four pictures of his favorite things. There were icing decorations that consisted of converses, Mustangs, TopGear, the Saints, Storm Warning colors, and many others.

"Do you like it?" You hear Ainsley ask.

"I love it. Thank you, guys!" After everyone sings "happy birthday," Hunter blows out the candles showing that he has officially turned twenty-four. Everyone applauds for the country heartthrob who happens to be your boyfriend.

"What did you wish for?" You ask with a little curiosity.

"I can't say." He says shaking his head.

"Oh please, Hunter! Tell me." You say batting your eyelashes and giving him the puppy dog face.

"I can't say because I'm afraid it'll go away. My wish came true a long time ago."

"What was that?" You ask not exactly understanding what he meant by his response.

"My wish was to have a girl as amazing as you. I love you, Katelyn. You honestly don't know how much I love you," he says smiling. Hunter always told you he loved you every chance he got. He had always said he never wanted to lose you, "I love so much, Kate."

"I love you too, Hunter. I love you too."

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