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Imagine that it's the twenty-eighth of October and you find yourself waiting in line so you can right down your name in order to be chosen for "Open Mic Night" at the BlueBird Café. You're a little nervous because there's supposedly going to be a famous singer joining you.

@haynia_xoxo: Ready to rock OMN. Nervous & stoked

You had many people coming to support you tonight at the café and that made you a little at ease, but there was one question that lingered in your mind. Who was the famous singer that would be joining you on stage? What if it was Taylor Swift or maybe Ed Sheeran? They were two of your favorite singers and you were a huge Swiftie and Sheerio fan. The fact that they got together made you extremely happy. You shipped Ted Shweeran hardcore. What if they both showed up on stage and we sang "Everything Has Changed"?

"Please sign your name and four songs that you would like to sing. You will only get to sing two of them, possibly three depending on the crowd tonight, and will choose from the options that you give us," said a rather young man. He looked around his twenties and seemed too young to be in the music industry.

You wrote your name on the slip of paper and wrote down your three options. The three of them were songs that you could easily sing without a care in the world.

1. Begin Again

2. If You Told Me To/Sombody Like You/Just The Way You Are/Hey, Soul Sister

3. What You Gonna Do

4. LIttle Bird

The man who instructed you to write down the songs seemed pleased with your decisions, "C'mon on in and take a seat. Wait for your name to be pulled out of the hat."

A few hours later and the time had come. The man whom you had met early, you found out his name was Leonardo... He chose a name of the hat. You were nervous about it being your name. It took you a minute or two to understand what he said and he repeated the name again. He had said your name and you quickly got on stage with your guitar. You introduced yourself and gave the crowd a warm smile.

"Could you please the mash-up song that you chose?" You nodded and began to turn your guitar. As you tuned your guitar, you decided to talk to the crowd so they wouldn't get impatient and you would be less nervous. You loved connecting with the crowd.

"Well, I actually chose these songs as a mash-up because it's perfect for this kind of atmosphere. Acoustic is always best and these songs seem to have the same tune... Just give me about a minute, I'm almost done tuning this."

The crowd laughed and you felt a little relieved because they wouldn't be so tense and it wouldn't make you nervous. You strum the guitar a final time to make sure that you had tuned it correctly to match the songs that you would be playing. You began play If You Told Me To and the crowd got excited. Everyone knew this song. You tried to make eye contact with everyone in the crowd. Singing on the stage made you feel like you were singing to your best friend. The crowd was your best friend at this moment.

You suddenly heard another guitar join in. You continued playing but you looked for the player. Who was playing a guitar with you?

You searched and searched until your eyes rested on a blonde-headed boy. He looked around twenty-one and he was quite attractive. The judges thought that both of you did phenomenally. It was perfect. The both of you harmonized and everything was amazing. You were given a record deal and you soon met the random guitar player that wanted to join you.

Oh my goodness. I know who this is. OMH. No, seriously. It's Hayes. Hunter Hayes. I gotta play it cool. Don't wanna scare him off. Wow, I can't believe--Wait! I just played my guitar and sung with Hunter.

"Nice to meet you too. Wow, you sound spectacular! I'm Hunter."

"Thanks, you're not so bad yourself. I'm so glad got to play with you. It was an honor," you said and you gave him a smile. Out of now, you felt your body pressed against.

"No, thank you. Thank you for everything. I just feel like I can trust you and you're like a role model," he began. What was he talking about? He let out a small chuckle. He understood that you were clueless, "I'm talking out loud. Sorry, but would you mind if I took you out to dinner? I know an amazing restaurant and I know you'll love it."

* * *

"Can you believe it?"

"Of course not! We met each other in the craziest way. It seemed like something that came out of Nicholas Sparks book," you said, "If someone had told me that I would be married to you and have an amazing family along with a music career...I would have never believed him."

"I was thought I would marry Emma Watson," he says seriously and then bursts into fits of laughter.

"I thought I would marry Josh Hutcherson or Ed Sheeran. I guess I'll still have to wait for it to happen," you say as you try to hold back a laugh. Hunter rolls his eyes at you and laughs, "Just kidding. I wouldn't want to be with anyone else."

"Same," Hunter says before giving you a passionate kiss.

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