Requested Imagine #41: Lulu

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Imagine you're driving down the road. You've got the radio volume on low so you can hear your surroundings but you can also hear the music playing the background. The radio host duo, Kellie and Caleb, finish the countdown for the day's most requested songs, but before they can finish, Caleb brings up some interesting information.

"Wow, our number one song for today. This boy's been through it all. The Grammys, music awards, interviews. He's even got a happy girlfriend or does he? He was seen holding hands and kissing one of his best friends."

"Caleb, but that can't be right. He hasn't broken up with Lulu. He couldn't have cheated on her," Kellie says and you decided to ignore the storm warning, "You've got to be joking."

"I'm not. Ainsley confirmed it. She was the one who kissed him," Ainsley? Your best friend Ainsley? "Ainsley Britain."

"Hmmm . . . Well, I guess we can get some callers and see what they think," you turned off the radio and parked the car in the garage. You grabbed your keys and rushed inside the house.

"I know what you heard," Hunter says as he caught you before you could fall to the ground, "She kissed me first. I pushed her away and told her to stop."

"Hunter, why? Am I not good enough?"

"No, you're not good enough," he says and you push him away, "You're better than good enough. I swear she kissed me. You know me better."

"I don't want to hear."

"Where are you going?" He asks you as you walked out the door.

"I'm leaving. I'll get my stuff as soon as you get out."

"You're being irrational about this, Lu. I'm not that kind of person," he says as you walked out the door. He knew you'd come back. He was hoping you'd come back. You left and wandered around town taking pictures with fans.


Everyone looks toward the sound of the crash and you suddenly felt nervous. You ran over to the wreck and pushed through all the people. You knew that person and you were praying to God that he was perfectly safe.

"Miss, please stay back."

"No. Let me see my boyfriend," the officer studied you closely and recognized you as Hunter's girlfriend, "Let me through."

"Hunt . . . ?" You say as you grab the slow breathing body. He's badly bruised and he's cut horrid cuts.

"Lu?" He mumbled and lazily looked up at you, "Wha-wha, what ha-hap, happened?" You knew he wasn't going to make it so you decided to not make him worry.

"You're just a little a tired. I'm going drive on the way to the house," you say, "Just close your eyes."

"Lu, a-a, are you sh-sh, sure?" You nod and squeeze his hand.

"I promise you'll be fine," you say and tear slips out of your eyes. You mumble that you're sorry.

"N-n, no. Y-y, you weren't in the c-ca, car," he says and he slowly shakes his head, "I-I, I was l-loo, looking for you"

You burst into tears because you realize that he wasn't lying about the kiss. Ainsley had kissed him. You had no doubt in your mind now that you had a possibility of losing him. You hop into the back of the ambulance and sit beside him near the gurney.

"You'll be alright," you and kiss his hand. There are a few paramedics trying to keep him breathing. You noticed that he was peacefully sleeping now. He was still breathing and you were thanking God,
"What happened?"

"A drunk driver was texting hit him head-on. The drunk driver passed away in the crashed," one of the paramedics says and you're slightly praying that if the driver had a family, then that they don't take the news to hard.

Ten months passed by and Hunter was still in the hospital. His doctor walked and checked on Hunt's status. Things were going for the worst and nothing seemed to improve, "He's been brain dead for a week. This isn't the best for him."

"He's gonna make it," you say and the doctor shakes his head.

"We have to take him off life support."

You slowly nod knowing that this was going to be the last you'd see him on this Earth. They unplug him from life support and the heart monitor goes dead, "I love you, Hunt."

The doctor gives you a few a minutes to be alone with Hunter, "Wait for me. Don't go yet. I'll meet you there."

You found some medication that the doctor had accidents dropped and picked them up and wallowed them all, "I'll see you soon. I promised that I would never leave you."

Your breathing begins to slow down and everything seems to get darker. The world was coming to an end and you'd soon be with Hunter in a few minutes.

"I love you. I'm sorry. I'll meet you there," was the last thing you said before the world turned black.

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