Requested Imagine #82: Taylor

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Imagine you're at the national water polo tournament and you're really excited about this year's tournament. The competition this year is so much better from last year. Last year, the competition literally fell asleep and you're still trying to figure out how they managed to win their other tournaments, but you don't complain because your team one. This year, the girls look meaner and tougher, but your boyfriend's words of encouragement make you feel better. What's even better is that his management was able to move his tour dates because he demanded it. This tournament was just as important to him as it was to you. It's not just him that came either, the whole band came too! Melissa, Jett, and Kate are also tagging along. It's amazing to see how all of you looked like a big family.

Yes, you're the girlfriend of the famous country superstar heartthrob Hunter Hayes. At first, the fans were upset knowing that their concert dates were moved, but when they found out why the dates were changed, they were ecstatic knowing that Hunter wasn't going to let management control his life and let alone prevent him from seeing you. You're currently in the locker room going through your meditation routine. You're sitting on the bench with your legs crossed, hands on your knees, and headphones in your ears listening to a loud song. Anger was always your best emotion when playing water polo, but there's just one thing about anger. There's always someone who can calm you down when you're angry and it happens to be your boyfriend.

He pauses the music that's blaring through your ears and you open your eyes to see him checking you out. He blushes and you laugh loving how adorable he is, "I brought you something."

"If it's Starbucks, I'll love you more than what I do right now," you say and he laughs revealing a white chocolate flavored Starbucks doubleshot and a small blue box, "I'll see drink this after the game. Well, actually no. I'll drink it now."

"Hey, just remember that whatever happens today, you're a winner to me, baby," he says as you chug the doubleshot down. You throw away the can and he pulls you in for a kiss. His kiss intoxicating like a drug. You want more and more every time you kiss him. You never seem to get enough of him. You push him away to stop him and yourself from doing anything else. The coach yells for you and the other girls to come our because it's time to get in the pool.

"Go get 'em, tiger," he says and playfully smacks your bum. He pushes you out the door to follow the rest of the girls as he puts your things back into your bag. As soon as you get in to the pool, Hunter is already sitting next Sam telling him, well more like bragging about you and how you were a "total badass" when it came to this game.

"Oh my gosh, Hunter Hayes is here," a girl from the other team says as she pretends to fix her hair. She can't really do much to it since it's really short, "Oh, he came to his toy play."

You ignore her and her rude comments not letting them get to you knowing that something bad will happen if you let her words affect you. During the first minutes of the game, you realize that your team is losing. As a captain, you're supposed to tell everyone what to do and where to go, but you can't think. You're not angry enough. How come you're not angry? Where's the anger that you always use to your advantage to win the game?

"C'mon, Tay!" Hunter exclaims and you're shocked when you hear the girl who was "fixing her hair" thanks Hunter for the encouragement. You chuckle knowing that he would never go for a girl like that.

"It's obvious that I'm the better Taylor," she says and you ignore her, but she doesn't stop with her comments. She starts mumbling curses words at you so no one else's can hear them. Three quarters into the game, this other Taylor won't keep her mouth shut and you're getting angry. Well, you got angry during the second quarter which was good because your anger was helping you win.

"You're basically Hunter little toy. He'll find someone else once he's done with you," Taylor says giving you a good kick and you've had enough. You hit her with much force and she's astonished at the blow. She tries to defend herself from your punches, but she looks more like a five year trying to protect herself.

"Aren't you going to stop her?" Sam asks Hunter and he shakes his head. Hunter's loving every minute of seeing this angry dominant side of you.

"There's no fun in that. I'll break it up before she gets hurt. She's fine," Hunter calmly says to Sam. Hunter finally breaks up the fight when he sees blood being leaked into the water. He's afraid that it's your blood and rushes over to you. He pulls you away from the other Taylor and you look at her closely to see that she has a broken nose and possibly a swollen lip along with loose teeth.

Hunter is trying to calm you down, but he's laughing, "You silly girl. When I said to "get 'em, tiger," I meant to be safe and not hit anyone. Either way, I still thought it was hot."

"You're crazy."

"Says the girl who busted someone's lip, broke her nose, and popped a couple teeth with two or three punches," Hunter jokingly says but pulls you close to him for a kiss, "You did good, tiger."

"Thanks, I hope that's not a penalty. I didn't start it."

"Even if if does count as one, you and I can celebrate with dinner and a night alone," he whispers the last part

In your ear so no one can hear. Apparently, the other team has forfeit leaving your team as the winners once agains, "I should come to these games more often if I you're going to throw a punch or two."

"That's not at every game."

"I hope not! Do you know how many girls would be out of the game? Probably all of them!" He says laughing pretending to be the girl that you just hit, "You should do boxing. You'd look hot doing that."

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