Requested Imagine #16: Mandy

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Imagine that you're sitting on the couch in the living room. Hunter's in the kitchen pacing back and forth. He seems nervous for some odd reason.

"Hayes, what's got you so worked up?" You ask and he doesn't answer. He keeps pacing. "You're going to leave a trench in the kitchen if you keep pacing!"

"Oh, sorry." He mumbles and pours himself a cup of coffee. His stress reliever. "Is there anything you need?"

He's not letting you get up. He wants you to relax and not worry about anything. Little does he know, that he's making you worried. You don't like seeing him like this. He was a nervous wreck.

You shake your head telling him that you don't need anything at the moment. You start to get up slowly and he rushes to your side. "Are you okay? Is something wrong?"

"Chill birthday boy. We're okay. I'm tired of-"

"Sleep! You need sleep!" He says cutting you off and picks you up bridal style. "You need a long nap."

"I'm fine. Put me down." You say a little annoyed. He hesitated but agreed to put you down. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing." He says looking into your eyes. You raise your hand and stroke his cheek. He smiles loving the feel of your touch.

"I can't believe you're twenty-nine. I feel like I met you yesterday in the coffee shop." He chuckles at your comment. "Happy birthday, Hunter."

"Thanks, love." He says and kisses you lightly on the nose and then your lips. You then push him and you searing pain through your stomach.

"Did I hurt you?"

"No..." You gasp from the pain, "The baby." You feel another contraction and you try to keep your cool so Hunter doesn't freak out on you.

"Le-let's g-go." He said nervously.

"Shouldn't I be the one who's nervous?" He didn't say a word. You heard his phone ringing and you answer it since he's driving. It's Sam.

"Hey Sam."

"Hiya, Mandy. Is Hunter there?"

"He's driving. What's up?" Another contractions hits and you groan from the pain. "Did I call at a bad timing?" He asks awkwardly. You just groaned into the phone, how awkward was that.

"We're heading to the hospital, S-Sam."

"I'll be there." He says and the line is cut off. Hunter takes your hand and you look at him and see how worried he is.

"What did Sam say?"

"He's coming to the hospital." Hunter nodded and smiled a little. "He's so supportive."

"That's why he's my best friend." He said and you smiled knowing that Hunter someone else to trust besides you. You knew that the paparazzi wouldn't say anything bad about him and Sam.

"We're here, Mandy." He says and before you know it, he's already opened your door with his arms wide open to carry you inside.

"I think I can walk."

"I'm not taking any chances."

"I'll be lying down for a while anyways. Please, can I walk?" He sighed and lets you walk at your slow and painful pace. So much for a storm warning, you think since it has already begun to rain.

Hunter decides to run inside the hospital and by the time your there, you've already been checked in.

"Come on, we have to go upstairs." You slowly nod and then realize that your water hasn't broken yet but you've been feeling the contractions.

You spoke too soon because as you and Hunter reached the room, your water finally broke. Now, Hunter's panicking a lot. He picks you and ignores your complaints and sets you on the bed. Doctors and nurses have been quickly rushed in.

You realize that Hunter's not there. He had promised you that he would never leave your side. Where was he when you needed him the most?

"You're almost there, Mandy." One of the nurses says trying to giving you motivation. You then feel someone take your hand and you look up to see who's hand it was. It was Hunter. He eyes were a little puffy and a little red.

"Almost there, love. You can do this." He whispers in your ear. You squeeze his hand and give one final push. You then hear a baby cry.

"My baby girl." You hear Hunter whisper more to himself that you.

"Congratulations! It's a healthy baby girl." The nurse wrapped the infant in a pink warm blanket after cleaning her well. The nurse handed the baby to you and you gasp seeing the beautiful baby in your arms.

"She's beautiful." You and Hunter say at the same time.

"She has your bright blue eyes." You say comparing the girl in your arms and the man you love beside you. "She's has your smile."

"She looks more like you." He says and then strokes the baby's soft cheek. He takes her from your arms so he can carry her. "Hey, baby girl. You're so beautiful."

"What should we name her?" You ask.

"We could name her Mandy."

"No," you saying laughing, "something different and unique." You look out the window and notice that it's not raining anymore. There's sunshine all around town and there's a-

"Ray!" You exclaim loving the idea you have for a name.

"Ray is a boy's name, isn't it?"

"It is, but I meant Rae with an 'e.'" He nods in agreement.

"Raelyn. Does that sound okay?" You think about it and love the little ring of the name.

"I absolutely love it and Brooke could be her middle name. I think it sounds okay."

"Raelyn Brooke Hayes. Yeah, sounds perfect to me." He smiles at you and then you frown. "What's wrong?"

"It's your birthday and I completely forgot to get your birthday present."

"Wait, so this isn't my present? I hope it is because I love it." Hunter says laughing. The door to the room opens and two heads come bouncing in.

"Oh my gosh, Mandy and Hunter made a person!" Matt says laughing. Raelyn jumps at the sound of Matt's booming laugh and voice. "I'll hold her. You get to hold her for the rest of her life."

Hunter lets Matt carry Raelyn and you noticed that she seems much more relaxed. "I'm your awesome Uncle Matt, but you can call me Matt for short."

"Don't be a bad influence on her already." Sam said chuckling. Sam then got a chance to carry Raelyn. "She's so big! You look just like your mother." Sam says smiling and then mumbles, "Thank goodness," under his breath.

Sam looks up at Hunter and you see that Hunter is giving him a look that too hilarious and you can't help but laugh. "Not that she doesn't look anything like you, Hunter."

"Dude, we gotta get going before they kick us out. See you three later!" Matt says hauling Sam out of the room.

"Thank you."

"For what?" You ask not knowing Hunter's talking about.

"For the present I could ever ask for. You gave me another reason to be here. You gave me Raelyn and no will ever understand how I have the two most beautiful and special girls in my life."

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