Requested Imagine #59: Kylie

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Play "Cry With You" while listening to this imagine.


Imagine you're walking down the park thinking about your life just enjoying the only moments you had to yourself. You're probably wondering why you're alone, right? Well, you were known as the quiet, shy, and the socially awkward one with ADD at school and at work. You have always tried to fit in with all the other "normal" people, but it's hard. No one seems to understand you. No one seems to take a chance to know you. Nobody knows the real you. Even you don't know the real you. It sounds weird, but you don't know who you really are. After all the lies everyone says to you, you start to believe it and you don't what's true and what's a lie.

You've never spoken up for yourself or even shared your opinions with anyone. You were invisible, ignored and left out when you were with anyone else. Another issue was problem management. You would have these sudden bursts of anger and you would take them out on everyone. You couldn't help it and no one was willing to help. A few weeks ago, the doctors had told you that you were diagnosed with a rare fatal heart disease. There was no way to cure it, not even with open heart surgery. You had been paying for your doctor's visits with the little money you had.

The only person that had been considered as your friend was the doctor but you couldn't see her on a regular basis. It just wasn't the same as being able to hang out with someone on the weekends, but everything soon changed. Everything changed one day one day when a brunette boy walked into the classroom. The brunette boy was going to be your salvation. When he walked into the room, he was the first person who ever noticed you, but the "popular" girls immediately called his name and he was forced to sit with them. A part of you was relieved because you didn't want to ruin his school reputation.

You quickly dash out of your last class of the day. It's Friday which means no work today. You go straight to your hideaway. Well, it wasn't really a hideaway but it was the only you could get away from the world. The world couldn't judge you here or at least, that's what it felt like. You slowly walk through the park not thinking about a thing, "Hey!"

You hear a somewhat deep voice say. You don't turn to see who it is because he obviously isn't talking to you, "Hey! Wait up!"

You casually look around the park and notice that no one else is there. Maybe that guy was talking to you. Oh . . . You stop walking and you're a little surprised that it's the new kid that wants to talk to you. The new kid wants to talk to you. The new kid can actually see you. You aren't invisible to the new kid.

"Hey, I saw you this morning in class and I wanted to say hi," he says smiling. His cheeks and face are bright red and you know that he's been running around town. Has he been looking for you?

"Oh . . . Hi?" You say but it sounded more like a question. You don't say anything else. You're afraid that you're going to say the wrong thing to him.

"I'm Hunter," he says sticking out his hand for you to return the gesture. You look down at his hand surprised and he's still smiling, "It's okay. I won't bite. You are...?"

"Kylie," you say as you slowly stick your hand out to shake his.

"Kylie. I've always loved that name," he says and suddenly he's pulled you into a hug, "That's better. Sorry, I'm a hugger. I was never the kind of person for a handshake, anyways."

He hugged me. He can actually see me. Have the other kids sent him so he can make fun of me? Am I being pranked? This is too good to be true. He's like an angel. It's like someone sent him to protect me. I feel safe with him, but I just him. Kylie, you're talking crazy! How can you feel safe with him? You just met him!

A few months go by and you and Hunter have gotten closer than ever. The two of you were inseparable and everyone could see that. No one ever made fun of Hunter which you were thankful for that. People would still bully you as long as Hunter wasn't around. He was always there to protect you like father. He was always there to talk to you like a brother. He was always there for you like a boyfriend. A boyfriend. That's it.

You had feelings for him. You had feelings for him and you didn't know how to tell him. You haven't even told him about your rare heart disease. The doctor told a few days ago that you had a few months or weeks to leave which terrified you. You didn't want to leave Hunter. You needed Hunter and you loved him too much. It sounds crazy, doesn't it?

A few weeks later, Hunter's noticing something different about you. He's been getting worried much more and he can't and won't leave you alone for five minutes. He's constantly by your side. The other day, he was nervous when you had gotten up from the couch to get water. It seemed a little weird to see him so nervous about something ridiculous but he had every right. You didn't have long before it was time to give up. Hunter didn't know that though and you didn't have the heart to tell him.

"Where are you going?"

"Gonna get water," you say as you slowly try to slip out of his arms that are currently around you.

"No, no, no. I'll get it. You stay here," he says and you nod knowing that you wouldn't win the argument. He's out of sight and it in the kitchen. It's the only time you can close your eyes and rest them for a minute. You don't understand why you're so stressed. You haven't done anything stressful.

I'll close my eyes for a few minutes. I'll open them when he comes back.

You close your eyes and you feel at peace. You're completely calm and you feel safe. It's an amazing and sweet feeling that you've wanted to feel for a long time. There's one problem. Hunter comes back into the room, but you can't wake up. You won't wake up. You don't want to wake up. You're too tired to wake up.

"No, Hunt. Lemme sleep," you mumble and he can somewhat see him shake his head.

"No, wake up, Kyles," he says pleadingly. He continues to shake you and you can't wake up. Your eyes won't open and you can't move your mouth anymore, "Kyles, answer me. Say something."

He's in agony. You've never heard him like this. He wants you to wake up, but doesn't he understand that he wants you to sleep? "No, Kyle. Don't stop breathing. Wake up," he says and he's panicking even more. Wake up Kylie. Wake up. Why can't I wake up?

"Please, Kyle. Wake up, Kyles. . . I'll call the hospital," he says and you can barely hear him dialing something, "I'm...won't...your...".

You're asleep and you can't hear a thing. It's too late. The ambulance didn't make it in time to save you. Hunter isn't the same and he won't look at another girl like he looked at you. What hurts him the most is that you didn't tell him. He would have tried to find a way to help even though there wasn't a cure. He doesn't regret meeting you at all. In his heart, he's considered you as his best friend, his girlfriend, his everything. The one thing he does regret the most is that he never told you how he really felt about you.

He never told you that he loved you.

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