Requested Imagine #43: Shaye

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Author's Note:

Listen to Wanted and then Light Me Up by the amazing Hunter Hayes. For this imagine, it takes place on July 17, so pretend it's your birthday. This imagine will be in Hunter's point of view.


Imagine you're at the state fair and you're seeing this from Hunter's point of view.

We had a few hours to spare, well more like a few days to spare and spend however we wanted. We had just finished one of state fair concerts for the "Let's Be Crazy" tour and it was more than crazy, might I add. As soon as we walked off the stage, Matt made his way to an eating challenge. Steve decided to go snooze meanwhile Devo walked around the fair with his wife. Andy, Sam, Melissa, and I wandered around the fair and tried to find something that could catch our eyes.

"Bumper cars! Let's go," Andy said pleading. Sam and I looked at each other and nodded. Melissa just shook her head and laughed at us.

"You boys be careful," she exclaimed as soon as we walked into the area where the cars were. She was always so overprotective of us. Especially of Andy. We crashed into each other multiple times with the bumper cars and we could hear Melissa gasp everytime we crashed. Sam and I thought it was hilarious but Andy was getting a little nervous. He would occasionaly look over at his wife and she'd give him an assuring smile. He was worried that she suddenly have contractions and we'd have to rush to the hospital. The hospital was almost an hour and thirty minutes away.

Our turn in the bumper cars and we decided to get out and give others a chance at the bumping into each other. We were greeted with open arms by Melissa who was worried. Every since she became pregnant, she easily got worried.

"Meli, we're being perfectly safe. We could never hurt precious Andy," I said as I patted him lightly on the head. He looked at me and laughed before he shook his head. I was about to turn around and head towards the bus when my eyes rested on a beautiful girl. She looked at me for a moment and then quickly looked away. I noticed she had beautiful dark green eyes, almost as dark as a jungle. There was something about her that made me want to get to know her. I decided to walk towards the blonde girl and she seemed to get nervous. She seemed so shy but I wanted to know her. I wanted to get to know a stranger. Wow, Hayes. You're such a dork sometimes. She's too beautiful and she probably has a boyfriend.

"Hi," I say and she looks up at me curiously and smiles, "I'm Hunter and I couldn't help but notice how beautiful you were." She began to blush and I mentally kept score in my head. Score one for me for making her blush.

"Shaye. I'm Shaye," she speaks and she gives me a loving smie.

"Are you here with anyone?" I ask and I'm beginning to wonder why I feel so comfortable around. I never feel this comfortable around girls.

"Actually, I am. I'm with my best friends Chloe and Kai. They're riding on the rollercoaster," she says giving me a lopsided smile. I smile back at her and ask her if she'd be okay with spending the night with me for a while. She agrees and we go around the fair acting crazy. Pun intended.

"Which one next, Shay?" I ask her and her eyes light up. She looks towards the ferris wheel and I nod. She grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the ferris wheel. I laughed at her enthusiasm. We stepped into the compartment of the Ferris wheel and as soon as we were seated, the ride began.

We went around three times before stopping at the very top. It just stopped and I'm pretty sure it wasn't intentional. We looked down and the man who had been controlling the ride spoke through the microphone, "Please sit tight. We're having some technical difficulties but they will be fixed immediately."

I looked over at Shaye and she seemed nervous. I shook my heading signaling her to not be nervous. I pointed towards the rest of the fair and she turned her attention to where my finger was pointing, "It's so beautiful, Hunter."

She looked out onto the ocean and the lights that were radiating from the Ferris wheel would shine on the water, "It looks like the lights are dancing with moon," she said as she pointed at the ocean. I nodded and she checked her phone.

"Chloe and Kai are on the spinning teacups," she said and showed me the message her friend had sent her
I glanced at the time and noticed it was five minutes until midnight.

Time to make a move, Hayes.

I kissed her on the cheek and she blushed. She looked up at me and smiled while shaking her head, "You missed."

"No, I didn't," I said confused by her response.

"That was my cheek," she said as she cupped my face, "These are my lips."

She kissed me passionately and I was taken aback but quickly responded to the kiss as soon as I realized what was happening. She pulled back and smile resting her head on my chest.

"Best way to end a wonderful night and start an epic day," I said and she laughed.

"You're my first kiss," she said.

"You're my first too. You're even my first midnight kiss too," I said and she smiled kissing me once again.

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