Requested Imagine #56: Daniella

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"Dani! Wait up!" You hear Hunter Hayes exclaim. Yes, country superstar, that's him.

"Oh, hey Hunt."

"Dan, I didn't think I'd catch up. Listen, do you wanna--"

"Daniella, I had to go back and get these--" you turn to look at the blonde Irish lad. He's staring at Hunter and he doesn't seem to happy. He happens to be one-fifth of the British boyband One Direction. Niall Horan. Let's just say that he and Hunter Hayes aren't exactly "besties" and neither are--

"El, so are we still going-- Oh," Ladies, please welcome Austin Mahone and Scotty McCreery is walking close behind him.

In case you didn't know, Hunter, Niall, Scotty, and Austin used to be the best of friends. If anyone saw them or knew them, they could easily see how inseparable they. They did everything together. They had even started a band and they had decided to call themselves "Hollywood Ending." The four lads had been singing at all the high school events and the girls went crazy for them and the guys even applauded them. Then something broke them apart. Something made them hate each other and consider each other as enemies. More like someone.

A girl.

That girl... Happens to be you. You were the reason that "Hollywood Ending" had broken up. You weren't aware of it since you were considered as the new girl when it happened. You and your family had recently just moved in to South Carolina. The arguments that these four lads had between you were rather ridiculous, like the main important one was "Who had laid eyes on Daniella first?"

The problem was that they all looked at you when they first saw and meet you. They immediately, and carefully, dropped their instruments and went to your side to meet and greet you. It's like they worshiped the ground you walked on.

@loves_music1993: The struggle is so real. I just can't...

You quickly tweet meanwhile the lads are still bickering over who should get to spend time with you first and how much time. These lads treated you like a queen every time they saw you.

"Fine! I'm just going to the studio," Hunter finally declares and he stops arguing with everyone. The other three lads return to their heated discussion meanwhile Hunter walks past you and takes your hand. He motions with his head to follow him and you slowly nod. He lets go of your hand and he starts walking to the "studio." He turns a corner and you know that he's already in his car.

You do the same and follow him without being noticed. Thankfully, you managed to do it, being the klutz you were, you were leaping with happiness that you didn't push anything or anyone over. You turned the corner and looked for Hunter's car. Where was his black Range Rover? You're suddenly pulled into a random red car.

"Hunter!" You exclaim as soon as you're inside the car with him, "Don't ever do that again! You gave me a heart attack!"

"Your face was priceless though. I wish I had gotten it on camera... Oh! What's this?" Hunter says as he flashes his phone in front of your face.

"You didn't!"

"Oh, but I did and might I add that you look extremely stunning," he says laughing. There are tears coming out of his eyes from so much laughter.

"Are we really going to the studio?" You ask and he shakes his head.

"No, of course not! That's the first the others will go to and try to find you," he says as it's the most obvious thing in the world. He turns on the car's engine and shifts the gear into drive. He's using one hand to steer and the other hand is entwined with yours.

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