Requested imagine #35: Kaylee

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Author's Note:

Here are two Taylor Swift songs "Fearless" and then "Hey Stephen." Listen to them while reading this imagine.


Imagine that Hunter's not home because he's on his fifteenth headline tour. You're at home under a tree drawing anything that captures your attention outside. So far you had a butterfly resting on a flower, a squirrel going up a tree, a possum finding food for her young, and a baby bear standing on its hind legs far off into the distance.

Those are the kinds of animals that live around you when you live in the mountains of South Carolina. It's a peaceful day, the sun is shining and there's a cool summer's breeze blowing. You decide to put on your headphones and listen to last song you played. Of course, it's none other than "I Want Crazy," which has gone number one all over the world!

You were proud of Hunter. He achieved his dream of people able to use music as a job and he was able to play with some of musical heroes like Stevie Wonder, Keith Urban, Brad Paisley, and Taylor Swift. You glad that he left you be apart of his future from the beginning. Ever since he was little, he had always told you that you two would be together forever no matter what.

Well, look at you now! Here you are married to your childhood best friend, Hunter Hayes, who's still considered a country heartthrob and a country superstar all over the world. Right now, he was in Paris then he'd be going to London to sing for all the screaming and excited fans. You were still amazed at how God had blessed him so much in such little time.

Goodness, he was even more popular than One Direction and anybody else except Carrie Underwood. Queen Carrie, she still holds the title. Hunter is as famous as her so they are both considered the king and queen of country. Your thoughts snap back to the music playing through your headphones.

It's "Fearless" by your good friend Taylor Swift. This was one of your favorite songs of all time. Well, you had a lot of favorite songs but at the moment you were totally digging this one. You put sketch pad and pencil away in your backpack and got up. You started to dance like no one was watching you. You pretended to have a concert outside in the sweet summer.

Soon small raindrops began to fall from the dark gray clouds above. You could see now why Hunter liked to perform sometimes in the rain. The rain felt refreshing against your burning skin. The song came to an end and "Hey Stephen" came on. This was your favorite song. You were now singing at the top of your lungs and dance around the yard without any shoes on.

"Kaylee Hayes!"

"Yo! What's up?" You said as you took off your headphones. You spun around and looked for the owner of the voice. They were no where to be found. You were about to put on your headphones when a familiar black Range Rover was driving on the driveway

"Hunter!" You exclaimed as he stepped out of the car. You through yourself and he caught you with ease.

"Kay, I missed you so much." He said kissing your cheeks. He set you down on your feet and entwined his fingers with yours. You left go him and decided to have a make-out session right there in the rain.

You were the first to pull back and Hunter was shocked. He looked at you and smiled. He pulled you closer to him for another very passionate kiss. It was one of those rated R kisses. Okay, maybe not rated R but you get the point, the kisses were very passionate.

"I've always wanted to do that." Hunter let out a small chuckle and asked you why you never told him, "I never thought you would want to."

"As long as I'm with you, I'm ready to do anything." He said and kissed you again in the sweet summer rain.

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