Hayes Grier Smut by pineapplesangilinsky
Hayes Grier Smutby Daddy Gilinsky
the title says it all
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Snapchat | H.G. by cosmicfuls
Snapchat | H.G.by cosmicfuls
yaboyhayesg added you back! Copyright 2016 © sincerethan
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meeting him on instagram | hg | *editing* by cartierwilk
meeting him on instagram | hg | *e...by ☽
"are you sure she's even real?" started: february 26, 2018 finished: april 2, 2018
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Chasing - h.g by AidyHayiesGirl
Chasing - h.gby QueenxSeezy
"C'mon babe. Just hit it with me once," "What kind of girl do you think I am?" "Well you could be my girl for the night,"
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Being Cameron Dallas' Little Sister | Hayes Grier by literally_fanfics
Being Cameron Dallas' Little Siste...by lidia
PROCESS OF BEING EDITED Kristy's 'step'brother, Cameron Dallas, is famous from doing crazy stuff online. When his other friends come into the picture, what happens wit...
  • nash
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We Just Clicked  H.G by OldMagcon_2810
We Just Clicked H.Gby OldMagcon_2810
We Just Clicked. <Hayes> I haven't got her out of my mind. It's weird, I don't even know nothing about her. <Sam> I haven't got him out of my mind. It's weir...
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wrong number ? [old - magcon] - SLOW UPDATES ! by xoMoana
wrong number ? [old - magcon] - SL...by scooch a mooch
"You have been added to a new group chat" unknown number : shit..
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The Hated Sister by GraceKathleen02
The Hated Sisterby Grace Kathleen House
You know the Grier Family They have one little secret, Me. Let me formally introduced myself. I'm Hailey, Hayes' twin sister Nash and Hayes decided it would be best if t...
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HAYES GRIER IMAGINES! :) by samara123452002
HAYES GRIER IMAGINES! :)by m e n d e s i s l i f e 💖
The title explains everything! Just some random situations that pop into my head when I'm bored. #8 when you search up "Hayes Grier Imagines" I also decided t...
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Hayes Grier Imagines by alohagrier
Hayes Grier Imaginesby jada♡
Just some imagines about Baby 2K
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Little Gilinsky // Hayes Grier by ToastMalone377
Little Gilinsky // Hayes Grierby Emma Nicole
What happens when Jack Gilinsky forces his little sister to be a camp counselor? Started: 3/27/18 Finished: 6/11/18 Highest ranks: #1 in hayesgrier #1 in Grier #2 in H...
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Over My Head I |h.g| by HoodxMendez
Over My Head I |h.g|by Maddi
**Book One** He's just the jerk from school. But there is just something about him that is familiar. **warning very cringey content ahea...
  • mahoganylox
  • romance
  • taylorcaniff
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Falling in Love With My Bully by rach_loves_wdw
Falling in Love With My Bullyby rach_loves_wdw
So I'm not taking all the credit for this story. There is a girl on Quotev and She made a story called Falling in Love With the Bully. But this is my own twist on it. K...
  • nashgrier
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Hayes Grier Imagines by -GuitarGirl-
Hayes Grier Imaginesby Mrs I-Have-Too-Many-Biases
This is a book full with imagines about Hayes Grier, Hope you like it! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ©All credits goes to -GuitarGirl- ©Copyright 2015 -GuitarGirl- ©All rights reser...
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Sanity // s.m. [IN EDITING] by shawnscookiee
Sanity // s.m. [IN EDITING]by avey ✨
False hope tore them apart, but destiny brought them back together for one magical, treacherous, unforgettable, and absolutely exhilarating night-- with unexpected conse...
  • shawn
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The Move // h.g. by nirvahnuh
The Move // h.g.by a.c.m.
"You changed me." he says softly. "And you changed me." I whispered. ••• Addie Little. Her life is crazy, yet it's still just starting. In a whir...
  • magcon
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The Secret Twin {Hayes Grier} by rissagrier
The Secret Twin {Hayes Grier}by marissa👽🛸
Hi I'm Hayden Grier. I know what you're thinking, omg you're related to Nash and Hayes. Well I'm actually Hayes' twin sister. I suffer from severe depression and anxiety...
  • sister
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Hayes Grier imagines by gabbyyyyyy__
Hayes Grier imaginesby Gabby
Why should I write a description if the title explains everything? If I put a description, I will pretty much be restating the title.
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Little Dallas.                       (Hayes Grier fanfic) by Riley__S
Little Dallas...by r sky
Riley Sky Dallas is Cameron Dallas's 14 year old sister. They used to be really close, until he went on the MAGcon tour with his friends. He promised to call her everyda...
  • matthew
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Born to be Dauntless  by multifanggirl
Born to be Dauntless by multifanggirl
"I was trying to help you Peter,I am trying to help you" I say ,he looks up at me,seeming angry ,I don't know why he's angry at me "really? Were you? Are...
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