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Bestfriend • Hayes Grier by lolitsdolanx
Bestfriend • Hayes Grierby Dani 💛
Hayes and Savannah have been best friends since they were kids. What happens when The two catch feelings for each other?
  • topgrier
  • hayesgrier
  • fanfiction
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New Neighbours & Old Friends  by ratpizza
New Neighbours & Old Friends by The Rat
Completed|| It's always hard moving from one place to another when you're growing up. 15-year-old Olivia Treadway knows just how hard that type of life can be. What will...
  • hayesgrier
  • shawn
  • shawnmendes
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conceited . bhg by sweatuhs
conceited . bhgby julie ella
"im hayes grier" "you make it sound like i should know who you are" "you should" - story idea by coffeewithhayes
  • fanfic
  • magcon
  • wattys2017
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Sex slave || H.g by cerelii
Sex slave || H.gby cerelii
Harley is a 17 year old girl with a lot of secrets, to her luck she gets kidnapped and is now a gift to one of the most famous Drug lords, she becomes his sex slave. (W...
  • jackjonhson
  • grier
  • madisonbeer
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Hayes Grier Imagines by muffinmarais
Hayes Grier Imaginesby ☁ A ☁
Pretty self-explanatory. Just a bunch of Hayes Grier imagines from a fangirl who has a weird imagination and high hopes for the future... and also absolutely no chance w...
  • benjaminhayesgrier
  • fall
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Freaks✨H.g by Tyler_jade
Freaks✨H.gby Tyler🍰
When I went to school to watch Noodle play basketball, this wasn't what I was expecting to happen...
  • zoeyparker
  • grier
  • mia
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Babygirl // h.g by OhmygodKayziejohnson
Babygirl // h.gby noodle
« you're the only reason I don't wanna live a lie » --- Where a group of friends are bad, drink, party do drugs etc. only they know there past was awful and hates to be...
  • hayes
  • baby
  • grier
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Cameron Dallas's Little Sister by MillieBrooks_1
Cameron Dallas's Little Sisterby MillieBrooks_1
I'm Cameron Dallas's little sister and I may seem happy on the outside but I'm nowhere near on the inside. Everybody loves Cam he's doing so well and then there's little...
  • wattys2016
  • hayes
  • selfharm
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He's a Keeper (Dating Skate Maloley) by kerriwhit
He's a Keeper (Dating Skate Malole...by kerriwhit
He's sweet and kind and freaking hot,but things tend to get in the way of me and him.We've got things to focus on and so much to worry about.Especially with lies in the...
  • interracial
  • arguing
  • nash
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There's nothing holding me back || Shawn Mendes Fanfic✔️ by JustxMexlovingxbooks
There's nothing holding me back ||...by JustxMexlovingxbooks
What happens when the boy you have always called your best friend dies in a car accident? Especially since that best friend was also the boy you always secretly loved. ...
  • tnhmb
  • boy
  • hayesgrier
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Cameron dallas 12 year old sister by _graciewilk
Cameron dallas 12 year old sisterby _graciewilk
Do you think that being Cameron Dallas's 11 year old sister who is almost 12 is easy? Read to find out.
  • cameron
  • grier
  • sister
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Chasing - h.g by AidyHayiesGirl
Chasing - h.gby QueenxSeezy
"C'mon babe. Just hit it with me once," "What kind of girl do you think I am?" "Well you could be my girl for the night,"
  • hayesgrierfanfic
  • romance
  • love
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Just a Nobody (Hayes Grier FanFic) by Suckingshawn
Just a Nobody (Hayes Grier FanFic)by Jayly
Dani and Hayes have been friends for the longest time but once they get into middle school Hayes forgets about her and finds better friends. When Dani has to stay the ni...
  • magconboys
  • magcon
  • magconfanfiction
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The Magcon Sister by mendeshearted101
The Magcon Sisterby Lydia
Hey guys! I'm Lydia. I am Nash & Hayes' sister. Hayes and I are twins. And I'm forced to go on the Magcon tour. What happens when Lydia meets all the guys?
  • taylor
  • shawn
  • aaron
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Hayes grier fanfic: Because Of Him by Unconditionallyhayes
Hayes grier fanfic: Because Of Himby - ⍲
17 year old female named "honey" is the definition of invisible. She always chose the easy way of life, or at least, tried to. She was a caterpillar that was a...
  • grierhayes
  • love
  • hayes
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Sex lessons from Nash (Hayes&nashgrier) by Giaannnaaaaa_
Sex lessons from Nash (Hayes&nashg...by Giaannnaaaaa_
This is a story about julie and hayes falling for eachother! But will your horrible breakup send him going for madison! Meanwhile you have been having sex lessons from N...
  • pg-13
  • love
  • hayes
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Hayes Grier-Why? by goalie306
Hayes Grier-Why?by Lauren
Jackie Melanson was the girl that no one knew. The only drama she was in was the people who chose to surround her, Hayes and Nash Grier. But if shes a 'loser' like every...
  • louis
  • nash
  • tour
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adopted | dancemoms by liyahfanfics
adopted | dancemomsby aaliyah
*DISCLAIMER: I MADE THIS STORY WHEN I WAS 10 OKAY ITS CRINGEY AF AND WEIRD * when macy miller gets adopted by the one and only abby lee miller, her life changes forever.
  • mackenzieziegler
  • adoption
  • magcon
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king b ; magcon boys 2 by maloskigg
king b ; magcon boys 2by maloskigg
Magcon girl #2
  • matt
  • magcon
  • fanfic
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I hated him. by qtgrierr
I hated him.by alisha🍯
hello my loves this story isn't really that good and i can assure you my writing has improved since but i can't bring myself to delete this considering i have many views...
  • hamiltongrier
  • lovehate
  • bullies
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