Requested Imagines #79: Emilee

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Imagine you're the opening act for Hunter Hayes on the We Are Not Invisible Tour. It's quite exciting to be touring with your celebrity crush. Is that a perk for being the winner of fourth season of the Voice? Anyways, you're on tour with Hunter and Dan and Shay. Dan and Shay are an interesting pair and not to mention another story.

"Oh my goodness!" Hunter exclaims as he tries to fix cables, "Emilee, I just fixed this! How on earth is possible for you to have just messed it up right now?"

"It's not my fault that you haven't gone wireless, Hayes," you retort. Even though you say it angrily to him, that's not how you mean it at all. Hunter isn't just your celebrity crush, he's something more than just a singer and someone you fangirl about. He's special to you and you don't know how to explain it to him. You can't really just walk up to him and tell him that you love him. It's crazy, even if he does want crazy, it's still crazy and you won't do it.

First of all, this isn't a fairy tale. His princess is probably still trapped somewhere in a tower waiting for him.

Second of all, he has so many gorgeous fans which he could easily hook up with. He's even got Ainsley, even though she says that she doesn't love him at all in that way (which is a total lie) and she likes Tim Tebow. You know that he loves Ainsley because he's all smiles whenever she's around.

Third of all, it's crazy. Who walks up to the love of their life and tells them that they are the love of their life? No one and you are mostly certainly nor going to change that.

You continue arguing with Hunter over little and ridiculous things like who left the door open or who turned off the coffee maker off. Well, the coffee maker was a big deal because even though cold coffee is absolutely delicious, a warm cup is well, warmer, and easier to snuggle with, "You two are acting like five year olds!"

Matt exclaims as he's tuning one of the many guitars, "Five year old? Jett doesn't even behave that way . . . And he's five!"

Andy exclaims as he defends his five year old boy. Matt tries to defend himself and holds his tongue to stop him from saying anything else.

"Just tell him how you feel," Dan says as he walks over to you and you shake your head quickly. Hunter is nowhere to be in sight.

"Never. He would never go for a girl like me."

"Dan, do you hear this girl?"

"Loud and clear, Shay."

"Stop it."

"Dan, didn't you say you needed to speak to Hunter?"

"You're right! Shay, thank you for reminding me."

"You wouldn't..."

"Anytime, Dan. That's what I'm here for."

"I thought you were here to--"

"Stop! I'll go speak to him. Oh my goodness." When you walk away from them, they high five each other before heading to the stage in order to begin their hour of sound check. And by hour of sound check, it means twenty minutes of practice time and forty minutes of play time. You walk over to the familiar where Jett had a drawn a picture of him and written "Hays." Can you blame him? He's only five. Jett had done this for everyone that was here and he made a super special one for Andy, his father. You panic before you knock when you meet Hunter's dressing room door. You don't want to knock because you're afraid of him rejecting you. Subconsciously, you knock on the door. Now what? Do you run? Do you hide?

"Hey Em," he says giving you a dumbfounded smile. You're taken aback but you can't but smile at him too. So much for running and hiding. He invites you in the room and begins a monologue. A monologue about his feelings and an apology for how he treated you. At some point, he begins repeating himself and he won't stop. He's nervous and it makes him look quite adorable. The first thing you can think of is kiss him. Well, actually, you don't think about it until after your lips are pressed against his. He's taken aback but he doesn't complain knowing that you're kissing him.

"I never thought you would shut up," you say against his lips and he chuckles.

"Does this mean you forgive me?" He asks with his arms wrapped around your waist. There's a smirk on his face and he reminds you of the young Hunter that you had seen so many times on the Internet.

"Does it mean you'll shut up?"


"Then yes."

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