Secret by eclipseskth
Secretby n
Kali Raynes, a twenty one year old, raising her two year old baby alone. Hayden Carlisle, a twenty two year old, oblivious to the fact that he has a daughter. He left hi...
  • singlemum
  • cliche
  • family
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A Note A Day by Siriusly_fandoms
A Note A Dayby Sophie Claflin
Anxiety-ridden, nightmare expert Charlotte 'Charlie' Jackson has been receiving witty, heartwarming, anonymous notes since the beginning of the school year. One afterno...
  • nerd
  • malcolm
  • love
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Me Haces Feliz - MelloXNear by dragonballdeahtnya
Me Haces Feliz - MelloXNearby dragonballdeahtnya
.................. no se me ocurre nada ..............................................................................solo digamos que mello y near aparentemente se &quo...
  • meronia
  • death
  • yaoi
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sfoghi. by black_rav3n
#4 i̷'̷m̷ ̷R̷u̷b̷y̷ ̷a̷n̷d̷ ̷i̷d...
ve li ricordate? la raccolta in cui scrivevo come mi sentivo in certi campi. in certi argomenti. in alcune situazioni della vita. ora sono tornate le teorie insensate .
  • note
  • moon
  • sfoghi
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I N S A N E | Light Yagami x Reader by cielsorgasm
I N S A N E | Light Yagami x Readerby Привет🌻✨
Kira finally became God of the New World. | | The famous detective L had hidden himself away, trying to think of comebacks to bring real justice back to Japan. | | Ligh...
  • justice
  • anime
  • rem
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Roses by sipsteaaa
Rosesby sipsteaaa
"Rose are red Violets are blue You're windows open I'm watching you Your parents are sleep And so are you I'm in your bedroom Watching you" *IN EDITING*
  • possessive
  • bully
  • obsession
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Sex Note by DarniusLive
Sex Noteby Didy Garcia
Historia que relatara la vida de Lyon, un chico marginado dentro del instituto por ser friki. Un día, cuando estaba yendo a comprar, le cae una libreta en la cabeza en l...
  • god
  • dios
  • death
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Only A Note| Yoomin by 1_800_HobiWater
Only A Note| Yoominby The Official Holy Water
Jimin has had the biggest crush on Yoongi since 6th grade. Skip ahead to highschool, Junior year. Jimin writes a love note, not exactly plannin to give it to Yoongi but...
  • jimin
  • note
  • loveyourself
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Life Notes & Love Letters by cabash515
Life Notes & Love Lettersby Ashley Marie
This is the next chapter of my life, might as well start it right... I'm recording my emotions, that are deep enough to fill an ocean. And don't get bored of my rhymes...
  • emotion
  • rhyme
  • notes
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The Note by super_violette
The Noteby Violette
Emma comes into school one day to find a love note on her locker, asking her to the school dance! But the name at the end is smudged so she and her friends don't know wh...
  • romance
  • plan
  • friendship
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Le Death Note de L - Fanfiction - /LoveDarkness\ by BelaMisoraViBritania
Le Death Note de L - Bélinda Hitler
L a réussi à récupérer le Death Note, il l'a caché au yeux de tous. Evidemment, puisqu'il ne veut que personne ne s'en serve. Mais les meurtres continues et L met la mai...
  • cahierdelamort
  • light
  • deathnote
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The water princess by nonikawaii123
The water princessby nonikawaii123
A fun adventure page turning story!
  • ocean
  • note
  • mermaid
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Notas by Billiesbelly
Notasby 안나
Extraño mis días de felicidad. 50% Spanglish 100% Mexicana
  • wattpad
  • note
  • songs
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Jacob Sartorius  by savagepersonever
Jacob Sartorius by Deepshika M
16 year old Emma moves to Virginia she is ready to go to a new school. after 2 years she found out that she was pregnant. what will happen when her family found out will...
  • love
  • pregnancy
  • note
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An Author's Letters by anxeticfluff
An Author's Lettersby star✨
A series of notes written in letter form about myself and other things among that :)
  • iwasbored
  • idekanymore
  • note
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Short Stories by Emma2oo1
Short Storiesby Emma B.
Just a collection of short stories that I have written - or am writing currently. This also includes some flash fiction contest entries.
  • superhero
  • shortstory
  • love
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What Happens When Fanboys and Death Note Mix: The Lost Chapters by Keybladeking
What Happens When Fanboys and Keybladeking
This is not necessarily a sequel to What Happens When Fanboys and Death Note Mix. Rather, this where I post deleted/alternate scenes, chapters that I wrote but never man...
  • lightyagami
  • weird
  • comedy
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Lies & secrets by _Bellatrix_ariel_
Lies & secretsby _Bellatrix_ariel_
"Trust me I'm not type of person you want to mess with mr. Wayne" -- She is a 19 year old billionaire She was kidnapped when she was a baby presume dead for...
  • billionaire
  • lgbt
  • gotham
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The Princess of Hell by Midnight1014
The Princess of Hellby Heartless-Princess
Ouran High School Host x reader x Death Note x Black Butlers x assassination classroom You are Ciel's old partner in crime but now you are Haruhi sister and the world se...
  • black
  • bb
  • ouran
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Note by -ohdeer-
Noteby Tate
i'm done
  • imdone
  • note
  • suicide