Requested Imagine #31: Emily Schneider

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Author's Note;

Be sure to go back and look at "Hunter Hayes Imagines" (the very first page) because that's where all IMPORTANT my author's notes are... Carry on.


Imagine your sitting in front of your computer screen just Googling random things. You had Ed Sheeran playing in the background. You find yourself typing in the following phrases in the Google search box:

Hunter Hayes Imagines

Millions of results came up. You were sure of which one to click. The possibilities were endless. You decided to click the first result. It was just a short story with many grammar errors. One of your pet peeves.

You really didn't have anything to do at the moment. Hunter was at the studio making his thirtieth album with the boys and Ainsley was out of town. There wasn't much to do around the house and you didn't feel like going out at all. You felt like bumming it today.

You were now singing a song by Emblem3 and that's when you came across a "book" full of imagines on WattPad. You click on it and begin to read it. The imagines sounded familiar. You browse through all of them and realize that these imagines are the ones that you had written before you met Hunter.

You're laughing at all of these imagines. You find it funny how you thought all of these would somehow come true. It was a silly game of imagination. You decide to log on to the WattPad account that hasn't been on for at least three years. You were hoping that you still remembered the username and password.

You've logged onto WattPad.

You feel like you're eighteen again writing imagines about a celebrity. You go through other people's imagines and comment, vote, and save some to your library. In all honesty, you actually missed doing this. You go back to the imagines you wrote and scroll down through all the comments. All of your readers are so supportive and encourage you to keep writing.

"That what was interesting. Do you have anymore?" you hear a husky voice behind you say.

"When do you get here?" You reply with a question after jumping at least ten feet into the air from the fright. Hunter didn't even make a sound when he entered the room.

"Long enough to read some imagines that you wrote." You find yourself blushing.

"You weren't supposed to read those," You say hoping he'll give you a few moments to yourself, but he doesn't.

"Why not? I think they're cool. I wouldn't mind making some of them come true."

"You mean that you'd actually be willing to 'act out' an imagine?" You ask him confused and he nods happily.

"That's exactly what I meant," He says smiling and points at a title of an imagine, "Like this one about having- Okay! Maybe not that precisely, but uh, this one seems PG."

You laugh at his comment and you didn't blame him. Some of the requests that your received were rather quite...interesting. Interesting wasn't the best word to describes these requests but it's the only word you can think of at the moment.

"Let's go on a road trip and get lost somewhere in nature. We're taking our phones though. It's essential."

"Totally because we don't need any food or water or shelter. Just our phones because we can live off of them easily."

"You know what I meant, Em," he says laughing, "either way, I'm going to try to make most of them come true. I like these imagines."

"I just an epic idea! What if you turned one them into a song? I see another single!"

"You're Ems. I'll ask Dann about it and see what he thinks about an imagine as a song." He says laughing as he makes his way to the bedroom and begins to pack for the surprise road trip. This was going to be an interesting relationship if Hunter was thinking about making these imagines come true.

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