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Requested Imagine #24: Megan

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Imagine that you're on Twitter. You enter your login and all that stuff. You have a few mentions and new followers. You have a lot of retweets and favorites as well. You scroll down through your mentions and read them laughing and awing at a couple of them.

"@_MusicAddicts: @lovescountry is my favorite twitter! I love you."

"@HunterHayes: do you guys think y'all could trend something for @lovescountry? #FirstDate"

"@AinsleyB: @lovescountry & @HunterHayes are so presh! #IShipThem #FirstDate"

"@MutterBass: Hunter's ditching me for @lovescountry."

You decided to look at the trends and noticed that #FirstDate was trending. You were actually shocked. You weren't even aware of what was going on. You went back to the timeline and saw the first most recent tweet.

"@HunterHayes: Best first date idea? #FirstDate" This boy was insane. You and Hunter had been talking lately. It had all started when you met him at the venue during the Coffe House Experience. Best night of your entire life, might I add. You decided to get off Twitter and opened up Instagram only to find the same trend. You closed your Instagram app and checked your messages. You had just recieved one from Ainsley. You had met her a few weeks before you actually met Hunter in person.

You had met Ainsley during your internship at the radio station. Ainsley and you were now very close friend, almost sisters. She knew everything about you and you knew everything about her. She even knew that you had a thing Hunter. You read her message from a few minutes ago.

"The fans are making a trend for you! Can you believe it?' Ainsley message read. You re-read the message. A trend for you? There was no way that the fans would trend something for you and Hunter.

"Uh, I don't think. Maybe he met a new girl and wants to take her out on a first date?" You reply.

"Right. It's weird how you were mentioned in the tweet with hashtag first date. Yeah, I'm sure it's totally another girl with the same Twitter name." Ainsley replies not a moment too soon. She's the kind of person who can quickly reply to message and not make you wait for hours unitl receiving an answer.

"Or he messed up the Twitter name." You were secretly hoping it you but somehow your mind told you otherwise. Your mind was trying to convince that it was another girl that was much prettier than you.

"Check Twitter." That was Ainsley's last message. You opened Twitter and found that #FirstDate was still trending. You noticed that Hunter had tweeted once again.

"@HunterHayes: You guys are awesome! #FirstDate is trending worldwide!"

Okay, so maybe it was just a coincidence. You still kept thinking about why on earth he would want you. You were putting yourself. You kept thinking about how he could've been talking about another girl who was much more prettier than you, but Ainsley was right. Who else on Twitter would have the same Twitter name as you? It was impossible!

You heard heard the doorbell ring and three knocks on the door. You knew exactly who it was. Hunter was here. "Hey Hunter."

"Hi Meg. Uh, how are you?" He asked a little nervously.

"Absolutely fine. You? Oh, come on in." You say and move out of the way and he comes in the house. You felt safe and whole for some reason.

"Well, I've been super busy especially with the new tour coming up and today's my only free day that I know of and I was wondering, if you would...uh, if you would..."

"It's okay, Hunter. I'm not gonna laugh if that's what you're worried about."

"Why is it so difficult to talk to you?" He says a little upset with himself. He couldn't find the words to say to you. He was beginning to ramble and he was pacing. His voice had gotten higher and his Cajun accent was kicking in. "Why are you so beautiful, Megan? It makes it so hard to talk! You're distracting me from asking you out. Why is it difficult? Maybe it's just me."

"No, but I'd love to go with you." You ask trying to help him out. Seeing Hunter like this made him look even more adorable than what he already was.

"Really? Wait, what?" He asked a little shocked.

"You just asked me out. I said yes. I'd love to go with you. Where to?" You ask him and he's starstruck from your answer, "Hey superstar! Let's just go for coffee first."

He nods in agreement. You laugh and grab his car keys and jump into the driver's seat. "Oh no. I don't trust you, slow poke."

"I don't you either, Jeff Gordon." You say teasing him. He laughs at your joke knowing that he doesn't drive like Jeff Gordon at all, but he loves speed. Fast sports cars were his thing.

"Gee, thanks. I'll take that as a compliment, Meg." He lets you drive the car to the nearest Starbucks and he's glad that he let you drive. Yes, you did drive slow but his heart was pounding with excitement because he was able to spend every second with you.

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