Requested Imagine #74: Robyn

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Imagine it's that time of year again. Yes, the time where everyone gets excited because they all have a chance to be asked to go to prom. Everyone except you. First of all, you hated dances. Second of all, you hated dresses. Third of all, you hated these events because you were never chosen and these seemed ridiculous anyways, "Robyn."

"Hunter!" You exclaim as you clutch your chest. His voice scared you at the moment because you hadn't noticed him standing there or anywhere near you, "You gave me a fright!"

"I gave you a fright?" He questions and he can't help but laugh, "You're such a Brit."

"Sorry, love. Can't help myself," you say in your thick British accent.

"It's alright, love. I just need to pop to shop at noon," Hunter says in the worst British accent he can muster sending you into fits of laughter, "No, seriously. I need to go somewhere and I want you to go with me. I'm not asking if you want to go."

"How demanding." He laughs and before you know it school as passed by quickly. It's amazing how school flies when you're waiting for something important. You walk out into the parking lot and look for Hunter's car because your car was in the shop because something was wrong with transmission and it needed an oil change.

Once you find Hunter's car, you slide into the passenger's seat because Hunter had a bad habit of leaving the car unlocked and you were thankful, a little, because it was burning hot outside. Not that it was any better inside the car, "I'm here. I'm here. Sorry, I got stopped."

"Whatcha' do this time, Hayes?"

"It wasn't me. It was Ainsley. I swear she's desperate," he sighs but lets out a chuckle at the same time. He looks at you awaiting for your reaction, so when you nod motioning him to continue, he continues, "She asked me to prom."

"Oh," is all you can say. Ainsley has always wanted what you wanted. She stole everything from you, especially boyfriends. You haven't had a boyfriend simply because of her, "Well, are you gonna go with her?"

"No," he says seriously. You notice that he's a little upset with the question you just asked him, "I'm going with someone else."

"Oh, that's good," you whisper giving him the best smile you can even though it hurts to know that the best friend you're in love with is going to prom with someone else, "As long as you have fun. What was her reaction?"

"That's the problem," he murmurs, "I haven't asked her yet."

You look up at him a little confused at the fact he has a prom date, but he hasn't asked the girl he intends on going with. He smirks at you and you feel a little grain of hope that he might ask you, but most of you knows that it's not you because you think that you're not good enough for him, "When are you gonna ask her?"

"Can't say," he says with the most serous face he can.

"Awh, c'mon! Am I friends with her? I'll keep the key to my lips tucked away," you say and he shakes his head.

"You're too close to her. I know for a fact that you won't be able to keep this secret from her," he says, "I'll give you one hint. You're closer to her than you think and sometimes you don't like her or trust her at all."

"If I don't trust her, then that means she's not my best friend," you retort and he sighs knowing you won't figure out his mystery prom date, "Are we going to see her right now?"

"Yes," he says with a big smile, "I know she's excited to see you. You'll love her. I want you to see her reaction."

"Excited to see me? Do I see her often?" You ask trying to find out who this girl is. He nods and replies by telling you that you often see the girl he won't stop talking about. After an hour of questions, you still have no idea who Hunter's mystery girl is. He pulls into a store that's filled with prom dresses and tuxedos. You prayed to God that you didn't have to help Hunter's mystery girl choose her dress for prom.

"She should be her in a moment. Hey, isn't Thomas going to prom with you? I'll buy your dress. Go on," he says as he pushes you towards some dresses, "Try on something you like.

There was only one problem. You weren't going to prom at all. Thomas was going with another girl which means that Hunter was simply going to buy a dress for nothing. He doesn't listen to you as you protest against his wishes. Instead, he grabs a couple of prom dresses that look like your size and shoves you into a dressing room, "Entertain yourself. I'll be back."

"Hey Hunter!"


"When will she be here?"

"Soon," he says almost in a whisper, "Call me as soon as you find a dress you like."

You know that there's no way of getting out of this especially since Hunter wants you to be here to see the reaction of his mystery girl when he asks her to prom. A part of you wants to know who it is and you're jealous at the fact that that girl has Hunter's attention. After going trough nine dress, you decided to choose the third one Hunter had grabbed from the rack. It made you feel like a princess and you felt confident about yourself. You loved the side of you that felt of confident, but when you looked into the mirror, you didn't like the girl that was staring back at you. It was almost as if the girl watching you was mocking you about how you aren't the girl that Hunter's attention. You quickly text Hunter with a message saying that you were ready with the dress. He replies by asking you to let him see it, but you needed to walk by over to where the mirrors were. You feel a little awkward walking around in a dress that wasn't yours but you loved the idea of wearing this dress because you felt like a princess.

"Whoa..." You hear Hunter gasp. His attention is solely on you and no on else, "You look beautiful," he breathes and you feeling your facing burning from the blood that running through your cheeks. He takes you by the hand and pulls you close to him. He stands beside you and it feels good to be in his arms holding onto to you and not that girl he intends--

"Uh, is she here yet? The girl who you're asking to prom?" You ask quietly hoping the answer is no, but it's not.

"She's here," he says smiles, "Do you wanna see her?"

You nod and his smile gets bigger. He covers your as he guides you to wherever his mystery girl is. He explains how beautiful she is and how funny she is especially when she tells lame jokes, "Okay, you can open your eyes now."

You slowly open your eyes and reveal a girl that looks--well, she looks like you. Her eyes are beginning to water with tears of joy just like yours are. Hunter was right. This was the girl that you didn't get along with sometimes. This was the girl with lame jokes that thought they were funny. This is the girl that Hunter thought was beautiful. This is the girl that you couldn't trust sometimes because she believed lies or worse, sometimes she would put you down. At other times, she would make you feel good about yourself or put you down and make you feel invisible. This was the girl Hunter was going to prom with, "Me?"

"Robyn, will you go to prom with me?"

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