Requested Imagine #95: Maddie

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6.21.15 // Oh em gee, I'm back. You thought that you had seen the last of me, didn't you? Well, I'm back with some new requests. I'll be doing in my spare time when I'm suffering from writer's block or I simply don't want to update any stories. I want to thank you again for supporting me and the nonsense that goes through my head. All the love from my heart.

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Hunter's POV

"I like this dress."

"It just looks weird. I don't think I can wear this to an award show."

"Maddie, you'll look beautiful. Just try it on, okay? For me?" She rolled her eyes before walking into the fitting room with the dress in her hand. She was self-conscious, so of course she didn't want to wear a dress that hugged her body. She worried too much, but to be honest, she looked adorable when she worried. Her eyes would get big and her eyebrows would scrunch up a little bit.

"H, it's too small."

"Give me second." I quickly handed her a medium sized dress and even though she hesitated, she quickly tried it on. I heard her gasp and I knew she was surprised. It meant that she felt good about herself. I hear her phone ring and I knew that she saved a specific ringtone for when her aunt Sydney called. I wanted to tell her aunt that Maddie would call her back, but it seemed urgent. I felt compelled to answer the phone, so I did.



"No, Aunt Sydney. It's Hunter. Is something the matter?"

"Bless you for answering, my boy. It's my son, Maddie's cousin. We're in the hospital." I'm quickly up on my feet as I try to grab my car keys and wallet, "There's no use, Hunter. He's gone. Troy's gone. Troy was her best friend. They did everything together. He was shot by two Mexican women and a Hawaiian man."

My heart sunk. I knew Troy. I was aware of who he was. I had spoken to him once or twice and knowing that he was killed, well, it hurts. He was a good kid, "He had a hard time trying to cope with his mother's death, so he decided that he would get a job to take his mind off his mother but it seems that someone at work didn't like him very much and you know how it goes."

"It's a shame that he had to go like that, but to be honest, it's for the best because now he can see his mother. He won't have to worry anymore. He won't feel the pain that he felt here."

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