Requested Imagine #77: Noemi

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Author's Note:

I honestly was really excited to post this one. I screamed when I got the request for this one. I think this is one of my favourites because it happens to have my name in it. Hashtag same name. I'm kinda hoping you pronounce your name with an "A" because I do (and so does Hunter.) Anyways, back to the imagine. Enjoy!

P.S. I know this one is gonna sound like a repeat, but it's not. Maybe it is, I can't remember. It's almost one in the morning and I'm pretty sure I'm dreaming this...


Imagine it's Christmas time and you're at home with your three year old boy. Your parents and Hunter's parents are at your house celebrate Mason's birthday. He's happily banging on pots and pans with wooden spoons in the kitchen. Lynette is busy making brownies and your mother is busy making moussaka, a Greek meal. Your father and Leo are setting up the fireplace and watching "Bizarre Foods" where a man travels the world trying different foods. It's rather interesting, but not meant for you. You always watched it with your father when you were little only because you wanted to spend time with him, but you never actually enjoyed it.

"Whatcha' playing, Mase?"

"Moo-zic, Mama," Mason says before beating on the pots and pans again. He mumbles some words that sound like the song about the dog named Bingo.

"Reminds me so much of my baby," Lynette says holding back her tears, "He used to do that too."

"I miss him," you mutter making sure Mason doesn't hear that you mentioned his father. He's quite aware of Hunter, but Mason doesn't understand why Hunter isn't here. You begin to reminisce over your memories with Hunter, but you immediately push them away not wanting n to cry in front of Mason. He had gone to serve and it's been almost a year and a half since you've last seen him. He'll sometimes send letters and it's the only for him to communicate with you. You desperately missed him and you prayed to God every minute for Hunter to come back home safely.

"Mama," Mason says as he slowly stands up, "I go potty."

"Potty?" You question and he nods his head, "Come on, Mase."

You quickly take your son to the restroom, but manage to catch a snippet of your mother and Lynette's conversation.

"She's so strong," Lynette says and your mother agrees.

"Mason helps her get through this. She only lives for him at the movement," your mother says and Lynette adds more information to show that she agrees too.

"I can see it in her eyes. She's a child whenever she's with Mason. I know I was never as strong as her when Leo left."

"I'm in the same position as you, Lyn. I don't know how she does it." The two ladies change the subject on how they intended to surprise Mason for Christmas. Even though Mason had a birthday in December, he received gifts for both his birthday and Christmas which excited him a lot.


It's December twenty-fourth now and it's taking a while to convince Mason to go to sleep, "Baby, you have to sleep or Santa won't come."

Mason shakes his head and you nod before he groans, "Mama, no go."

"You can come sleep with Mama," you tell your curly blonde haired boy. You carry him into your room and tuck him in your bed before sliding into the bed too. After a few hours later, you hadn't notice you fell asleep until you woke up. Mason was trying to desperately get your attention.

"Mama! Mama!"

"What is it baby?"

"Panta! Panta!" Mason exclaimed as he pointed to the window. He happily clapped his hands, but stopped when there was a knock on the door. The door slowly creaked opened revealing Santa, who was actually Leo dressed up, but why ruin Mason's fantasy? "Panta?"

Leo, I mean Santa, looked at Mason and slowly nod approvingly. Mason clapped his hands and flashed a big smile. Santa then spoke cheerfully, "Mason, I don't usually do this but what would you like for Christmas?"

Mason motioned Santa to move closer and whispered in his ear, "Daddy."

Santa was shocked, but smiled and gave Mason a hug before telling him to close his eyes and you were to do the same. You and Mason were now covering your eyes waiting for further instructions from Santa.

"Merry Christmas," said before leaving and you heard the door close behind him. You were a little upset knowing that Mason was getting his hopes up because it would a while before Hunter would come back.

"Why are you eyes covered?" You hear a sweet husky voice say. You knew that voice anywhere and Mason did too. You slowly moved your hands away from your eyes to reveal a hairy faced Hunter. You through yourself into his arms screaming with joy. You walked over to Mason and moved his hands from his eyes.

"Open your eyes, baby," you tell him and he slowly opens his eyes and immediately screams with happiness and bounces on the bed before literally leaping into Hunter's arms.


"My boy. I missed you."

"Mama," Mason whispers, "Panta we-ill."

"Yes, baby. Santa's real."

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