Requested Imagine #34: Mikayla

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Author's Note:

Have a small jamsesh to whatever song you want during this imagine!


Imagine you're in shower, well, taking a shower. How original, right? Anyways, you have your phone resting on the counter playing a playlist of your favorite songs. Of course, only you would have a playlist called "Shower" to jam out to while in the shower.

Hunter's at the studio creating new music with the boys and some other artists. He's decided to have artists of different genres sing along to his music. He promised he would bring you to the studio tomorrow. Why? Ed Sheeran was going to be there and you were a huge fan of Ed.

You began to softly hum to the song that was currently playing from your phone. You couldn't help yourself and began to sing at the top of your lungs using the shower head as a microphone. You sounded like a superstar but then again who doesn't?

You were now having a mini-concert session in your shower. You were having a good time and honestly didn't care who heard you singing at the moment. When you used to live your parents, you were always known to have a live performance or two in the shower. Hunter hasn't ever heard you sing at all and you were hoping it stayed that way.

Maybe you spoke too soon.

You heard a deep voice join in with your singing. You continued to sing but slowly lowered your voice so you could here who it was. What if was a robber or someone who accidentally stepped into the wrong house? Wait, but why would a robber or some other stranger want to sing along with you?

"Why'd you stop?" You sighed in relief and realized that you knew who it was, but you had to double check to make sure it was him.

"Hunter! Is that you?" You asked as you closed the water. He chuckled and stepped into the bedroom.

"Yes, Mikayla. Who else would it be?"

"Well, dunno. It could've been someone who wanted to eavesdrop." He laughs at your comment. You close the bathroom door and quickly change into some comfortable clothes. Yoga pants and tank top. You dried your hair and pulled it back into a ponytail and you also added some lip gloss to your lips.

"Who ya textin'?" You ask him and sit down on his lap.


"Oh, is there a problem?" You ask him a little concerned. He rarely texted Dann. Hunter nods his head and looks at his phone a little confused.

"I'm missing a singer. I need one more person to sing with me for the album to be complete."

"Well, there's always Selena Gomez or Taylor Swift. If you don't want a girl, you could always sing with Jason Mraz again or Stevie Wonder."

"Those sound like amazing ideas, but I'm not too fond of Selena. I already sang with Taylor, Jason, and Stevie for the record." You slowly nod your head showing him that you're listening to him. "I need someone new."

"Someone like...?"

"Someone like you," he mumbled, "Someone like you. You could sing with me!"

"I would love to but I don't sing." You say and look at him straight in the eye hoping he won't push you into singing with me, but it doesn't work.

"Come on, you're coming with me."

*At ze studyo.*

"Dann!" Hunter exclaims as he catches Dann before he gets into his car.


"Mikayla!" You mention yourself since both of them have mentioned each other's names.

"She's agreed into singing with me," you nod and then shake your head.

"Did not!"

"You just agreed to it, though." Hunter did have a point. You kinda' did agree to it. With that being said, Hunter carried you into the studio and began singing the song he wanted. It was the one with "Mustang" in the title.

A few weeks later, the song became number one on all the charts and millions of copies of the song were being sold. All of Hunter's shows were sold out because they wanted to see you and him sing. The song won a couple awards and not to mentions some Grammys too.

"This sounds weird, but I'm glad I heard you in the shower singing. Look how we've far gotten with the help of our Hayniacs."

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