Imagine #73: Pregnant with Baby Hayes

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Author's Note:

The first set of italics are in your point of view and next are Hunter's point of view. You don't "know" what his thinking at all, okay? I don't know if that makes sense. I just kinda' wanted to show you how Hunter felt about everything that's going on. Comment if you have a question about something and I'll answer it as soon as I can.

At the end of the story, I mention the name "Edward." I don't know if I have any Sheerios reading, but yes, I am referring to your man. I was singing "U.N.I" and I couldn't but realize how beautiful Edward is. I had to include him here.

The ending is just to show how close you are to each other. It's supposed to be a heart-to-heart motherly talk with Lynette.


PS. I hope since this imagine is super long, you can forgive me for not updating as much as I should. *insert hopeful emoji*


Imagine you're at home lying on the couch. You haven't done anything productive today. All you have done is lie on the couch or run to the bathroom to throw your insides up in the porcelain bowl. At some moments, you'll feel extremely hot and then you'll feel extremely cold. It's a little weird. For a second you thought that you were going through menopause, but you're only twenty-four, so that couldn't possibly be it.

"(Y/N) love, I'm home," Hunter says as soon as he gets home. You slowly stand up to happily greet him, but as soon as you make your way towards him, you immediately take a left and run down the hall into the bathroom. This has been happening all morning and with all honesty, you're scared of what's going on. You try to think back to everything you've eaten since last night and you realize that you haven't even had breakfast. You throw up one last time in the porcelain bowl before closing the lid, flushing, and then resting your face against cool porcelain lid. You slowly close your eyes only to find out how comfortable it is to sit on the bathroom floor, "(Y/N), you okay?"

You shake your head because you don't want to speak to him with a bad breath. You slightly open your eyes and notice the worried look on his face, then next time you open them, he's disappeared. You shake your head slowly thinking that this was all a dream and that he wasn't home yet, "(Y/Nickname), c'mon."

He helps you stand up to wash your face with cold water then dries your face before carrying you into bed. As he begins to slide you onto the bed, you shake your head not wanting to leave from the warmth of his body in his arms, "I'll be back, love. I'm gonna get you something."

He helps you into bed before disappearing down the hallway. You don't feel like getting up. Everything is spinning around you and you feel so weak that you can barely sit up. Your stomach has even begun to hurt due to all of that throwing up, "(Y/N), I brought you some crackers and ginger ale. I need to go to the store, okay? I won't be long. I put your phone on the nightstand. Call me if you need anything."

You slowly nod afraid that you'll lose your head if you move it to fast. Hunter lets out a small chuckle before pressing a kiss to your forehead and lips, "I'll be back, beautiful."

"Wait," you mumble slowly, "bathroom."

"You feel sick again?" He asks concerned about the fact that you've been throwing up so much. You slowly shake your head, "You're gonna brush your teeth, aren't you?"

This time you nod and he decides to carry you to the bathroom knowing that he'll never make it the store with you walking so slow. You try your best to quickly brush your teeth while he grabs a towel and wets it with cold water. Once you're finished, he carries you back to bed making sure you're comfortable and places the cold wet towel on your forehead, "You're face is burning. This should keep you cool for a while. I'll be back."

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