Requested Imagine #81: Lexi

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Imagine it's a Saturday night. It's not just any Saturday night, but it's the night before your twenty first birthday.



"Are you mocking me?"

"Are you mocking me?"


"Hunter!" You exclaim in the same tone as him and he laughs. This was simply a playful game between the two of you. This is how the two of you pretended to try to get on each other's nerves. And by try to get on each other's nerves, it means whoever laughs first loses. You're always the one who loses because...well, you don't have a legit reason but you always lose. There's something about him and you know he's hiding something.

"Is something wrong?" You ask hoping that he'll tell you want he's hiding.

"Yeah. Everything's wonderful. I have you with me. What's there to worry about, Lex?" He asks as he wraps his arms around your waist and pulls you in a for a kiss on the lips. It's a passionate kiss on the lips and you can't help but smile into the kiss. It was still crazy and hard to believe that Hunter still gave you the butterflies every time you see him. It's like falling in love with him all over again. It's cute to see how long the two of you have spent do much time together.

"I was just saying. You look...distracted."

"I'm tired, that's all." He admits. You believe him, but not entirely. You had the opportunity of going on tour with your best friend, your boyfriend, so you knew that Hunter didn't get a lot of sleep. You were well aware of that especially when he would rest his head on your lap and begin talking to you about the fans he had just met during the meet and greets before quietly snoring. The two of you would wake up a few hours later in the same position to prepare for the next show. If both of you were lucky, the two of you would actually be able to get more sleep, but you only got it whenever Hunter was around because you were used to always having him near you when you sleep. It's a feeling of being safe, which is one of the many things that he has to offer you in the relationship that the two of you are in. You trusted him with your life knowing that he would always choose what was best.

"I know. I feel like you pushed yourself over the limit, babe. Especially with the twenty--"

"No, that was actually exciting especially you, Mama, and Dad were able to come along. These last few concert dates were so close and the interviews..." He groans, "I wouldn't change any of it because I had you with me."

His head is resting on your lap and you're carefully running your fingers through his brunette hair. His eyes were slowly beginning to close only to have them shoot open when his phone rang. You shake your head and take the phone from him. He snatches it back and shakes his head, "It's important."

"Okay," you whisper and he slides the phone open to answer the call and brings it up to his ear. You try to listen to the conversation he's having with the other person on the other side of the Samsung phone, but it's impossible to hear since he's lowered the volume just so you won't hear it. A part of you is bothered, but your trust for him ignores your small hint of jealously that you may or may not have. You trusted him kneeing that he wouldn't hurt you like that. He would be one to tell you that he didn't love you anymore and you were more than positive that that wouldn't be the case anytime soon.

"Sam wanted to know something about a song," he says, "We're writing a new song and I'm try to thinking of how to string my words together. I want them to flow together."

"Like a poem."

"Yeah, I guess like a poem. I want the song to tell a story... A story of how I'm drilling falling for the girl that I'm in love with every day." He says with excitement in his eyes. You grab a notebook that you had saved in the drawer of the coffee table for a moment like this when Hunter needed to write down his thoughts so he wouldn't forget them.

"Where are you going?"

"I'll be back. Just meet me at the place where we met at seven."

"That's in three hours, Hayes."

"K'm aware of the time, Lexi. I'll see you soon. I love you," he says leaning in for a kiss. You tell him that you, too, love him as much as he loved you.

Exactly at seven, you're pulling into the small but beautifully decorated meadow where the two of you met. It was beautiful to see the colourful and attractive flowers and then there's a waterfall which become a lake. It's a beautiful lake with clear blue water that matches the same shade as Hunter's eyes. You're greeted by Hunter wrapping his arms around you and he laughs. A few more hours later, and you've opens every present that Hunter has gotten you except the last one.

"Last present, babe."

"You didn't have too."

"This is from the studio earlier today and I realized what I'm going to name this song and also the album... So this a demo for you to tell me what you think about this dog going on the "Storyline" album.

"That's superb!
I would love that."

"Good. I wrote this song for you. This is our song. I love you. Happy birthday, Lexi. I love you baby!"

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