Requested imagine #33: Alexis

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Imagine it's almost eight o'clock pm. Hunter's on break from tour and interviews. You finally get spend some time with him and he gets to spend some time with his boy.

"Come on, munchkin. Let's get you to bed." Hunter said as he picked up Aidan off of his feet. Aidan was pretending to be an airplane and hoping that he could stay up late.

"Go to sleep, Aidan." You say to your son.

"Not sleepy." Aidan said trying to hide a yawn. He snuggled closer to Hunter and rested his head in the crook of Hunter's neck. You laugh and Hunter chuckled.

"He's not sleepy at all." He says laughing. You kiss the boy in his arms and they both disappear up the stairs. You walk over to the kitchen and warm a cup of tea. Then you heard a rattling noise on the patio.

You grabbed the closest thing to you which happened to the room and slowly walked towards the source of the sound. You really couldn't do much with a broom but right now it was the only thing protecting you from the sound.

You could a dark figure walking around in the backyard. There was another sound that frighten you.

The sound of glass breaking.

Hunter ran down the stairs as fast as he could and almost fell on his face. "You okay?" He said pulling you in close and you noticed that he wasn't wearing a shirt on.

"Yeah I'm fine now, but I think someone's trying to break in." Hunter slowly opened the door to the backyard.

"I'll go see," You shake your head and tell him it's not safe. He lightly kisses your forehead. Hunter walked out onto the patio and looked around the backyard until someone pulled him.

"Hunter!" You yell and you hear...laughing? He's laughing about it? Hunter's laughing about the whole scenario? "Hunter?"

"You're an idiot, Sam!" He says laughing. You walk out onto the patio looking around. You see that Sam has Hunter on top of him. Sam's dressed in black and he looks like a ninja.

"Wait, where's the possible burglar?" You asked them both. You moved your hands absentmindedly to your large stomach. You were seven months pregnant and you were being very over-protective of the unborn child. You were afraid that the burglar would hurt the baby or Aidan, or worse, Hunter.

"I caught him red-handed, love." Hunter said laughing as he raised Sam's hand up. In Sam's hand there was a red balloon. Both boys were still laughing and they were clearly red in the face from all of the laughter.


"Well, your lover boy here kinda ruined the surprise." Sam said once he finally got onto his feet.

"What are you talking about, Sam?" You ask him.

"Lex, turn around." Hunter and Sam said at the same time. You turn around and find Matt, Steve and Devo standing there in party hats.

"Happy birthday, love. This probably wasn't the best way to surprise you."

"It probably wasn't it but thank you boys. Y'all should know not to scare a pregnant woman!"

*The Next Morning*

"Mama!" Aidan exclaimed as he sleepy came down the stairs. "'Morning Mama."

"Good morning, baby. How'd you sleep?" You asked him and ruffled his messy hair.

"Good. Why did you scream last night? Did Dad hurt you?" You looked at him a little shocked but managed to shake your head.

"No, Aid. Uncle Sam came over and scared me." Aidan nodded understanding.

"Is Uncle Sam still here?" You nodded answering his question.

"Go change and clean up for breakfast. Then you can see your uncles," Aidan runs up the stairs and you feel someone wrap their arms around your waist.

"Hey, good lookin'. Whatcha' got cookin'?" Hunter sang and you smile.

"Breakfast for a my hero that saved me last night."

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