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Imagine #90: Beside You

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I never thought I would feel so useless knowing that I was helping to protect my country. I felt empty and useless. The only thing that was keeping me from doing something insane were the three sweet girls that were waiting for me at home. My (Y/N) and my twin daughters. She and the girls was had home and she probably hanging out with her family or with mine as they remembered all the fun times we shared together. (Y/N) would send letters to me as often as she could and all of them were filled with all of her adventures. She always carried around her polaroid and she was always taking a picture of anything and everything that seemed important. I looked down at the polaroid in my hands where she had taken a picture of big round belly. It was a few weeks after I had left, she had gone to the doctor and found out that she was pregnant with my child. I smiled as I remembered the letter she had sent with the picture.

Within a minute I was all packed up

I've got a ticket to another world

I don't wanna go

I don't wanna go

The silent words are hard to speak

When your thoughts are all I see

"Don't ever leave," she said to me

When we both fall asleep underneath the same sky.

To the beat of our hearts at the same time.

So close but so far away.

I remembered the night I had no choice but to leave. The country was low on soldiers which meant that many men and boys had to be drafted into the war. Even though I was a singer, I knew that I had to take the place of my sick father. I couldn't let him go to war knowing that he might not come back at all. It's not that different for me either, but I'm doing this to protect my girl along with my two beautiful twin girls. It's been almost two years since I haven't seen my wife let alone my daughters. I don't even know what they look like except the pictures that (Y/N) sends me. I've only been able to video chat with (Y/N) once or twice, but that was when she was pregnant. I continue looking at the polaroids and I notice one where (Y/N) and I are hugging. My mother probably took this picture. I'm wearing my green camouflaged uniform and my girl's wearing a white dress with a blue ribbon wrapped around her waist. Even though she was upset that I had to leave, she still looked beautiful. My love for her hasn't died and never will.

She sleeps alone.

My heart wants to come home.

I wish I was, I wish I was beside you.

She lies awake.

I'm trying to find the words to say.

I wish I was, I wish I was beside you.

I decided to grab a sheet of paper and a pen so I could write back to (Y/N). She needed to hear from me and I felt like my daughters needed to hear from me even though they couldn't read yet. (Y/N) would probably read the letter to them anyways. Maybe I can video chat with them and I'd be able to my girls. I'd be able to hear my daughters laugh and my wife smile. Photographs were not enough. I needed to see them. I sat up on my bed and waited for the words to come into my brain. I couldn't think of what to write. How do would I begin a letter to her? Well, I could start by telling her that I'm doing fine and that nothing's wrong. I can tell her that how I want to come back home and how the bad guys are getting their butts kicked. Yeah, that sounds like a great opening.

Another day and I'm somewhere new.

I made a promise that I'll come home soon.

Bring me back, bring me back to you.

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