Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

Shannon's P.O.V:

I was having the strangest dream. I was surrounded by shadowy figures but I couldn't tell who they were or even whether they were male or female. Low snickers were echoing around the circle but I couldn't tell where the sounds were coming from. I stood there listening to the sound of laughter and low voices and suddenly something hit me in the face. It dropped into my hand and I stared at it in confusion. It looked like a balled up piece of paper?

I started to open my eyes but the light blinded me. I squeezed them tightly shut and burrowed my head further underneath the blanket.  

I registered a couple of different things at once - I could still hear laughing and whispering beyond the barrier of the blanket over my head. The other thing I noticed was the warm body lying next to mine. Nick's arms were tightly around me, his chest against my back, leaving no space between us. His head was buried against the back of my neck and our legs were intertwined.  

Slowly, I pulled the blanket down, squinting as the light hit my eyes again. Before me I saw Mark sitting in the armchair beside the couch with Jay perching on the arm. They both had handfuls of ripped up pieces of paper which they'd obviously been throwing at us judging by the pieces of paper in my hair.  

I glared at them as they continued to laugh quietly and whisper to eachother. Eventually they noticed I was awake. "Ah, Sleeping Beauty you're awake!" Jay grinned.  

I just glared, mentally hoping that they'd burst into flames if I stared long enough and I could go back to sleep.  

"You okay Sweetcheeks? You have a weird look on your face."  

I sighed; they obviously weren't going to burst into flames. I could feel Nick's deep breathing on the back of my neck; he was still asleep - probably because I was blocking him from being hit with most of the guy's missiles.  

"Why are you here?" my voice was icy - hey I never said I was a morning person! - "It's like the crack of freaking dawn" I said, squinting at the light flooding the room.  

"It's eleven Sweetcheeks" Mark said kindly as if I was retarded.  

"Go away." I turned around, making Nick grunt quietly before going back to sleep.  

"No" they chorused.  

I felt pieces of paper being pelted at the back of my head. I frowned at the expanse of skin touching my nose and felt my bare legs - I was wearing shorts - linked with equally bare legs. What the hell? Surely he'd had more than boxers on when I turned out the light last night?  

Finally his eyes opened a slit. He looked down at me.  

"Nick we really need to start locking our front door" I mumbled.  

He looked confused.  

"Any sort of vermin can walk right in."  

He looked up when Mark and Jay spoke up; "Hey!"  

"You know I take offense to that" I could practically hear the pout in Mark's voice when he spoke.  

There was a deluge of fresh paper and Nick and I both ducked our heads under the blanket. "Go away" he groaned.  

"Nope" Jay laughed.  

"We're going to sit here and annoy you until you get up or do you need some privacy to put your clothes on?" Mark smirked.

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