Chapter 79

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Happy Valentines Day!

littleshawtti95 - as promised, a Nick-centric chapter :)

*** Just a quick note. Nick's last meeting with his father is mentioned in this chapter, so if you don't remember (I'd be surprised if you did, to be honest) and would like a recap before reading, just go to Chapter 65 and scroll down until you hit the italics. Also if you're truly dedicated (don't worry, even I don't care this much lol), and want a recap of the day Shannon and Nick visit his mother, just go to Chapter 50. ***

Also, I think this song fits Nick pretty well, but I also think it works for the story as a whole, so give it a listen. :)


Chapter 79



Nick’s P.O.V:



I sat staring into space, my fingers tapping a relentless beat against my knee. My thoughts had been far away all morning, time slipping by unnoticed in the silence that permeated the apartment.

I should have left hours ago.

Adrian and Katie bade us goodbye early that morning with promises to see us later in the afternoon. Shannon had left soon after, headed for a day of work. Then there was me. I knew what I should do, what I needed to do. However, my limbs refused to obey my brain’s commands.

Instead, I sat and I thought endlessly, my mind turning over everything Shannon had revealed to me as we lay in bed last night.

Anything to delay the inevitable.

I almost didn’t know how I felt about the revelations about Lee and Natalie. Each word had been a blow to my very centre until I was left in a breathless daze, unsure of what exactly to think.

I hated Lee. It was that simple. And yet, it was he who had apologised; he was the one to show remorse for his behaviour. Perhaps it wasn’t so surprising, really, if I would only put my anger aside. Lee was a person driven by his emotions; jealousy and hate especially. I knew more than most the effect such feelings could have on a person – it was a darkness that pushed people away and spoke harsh words, words that were often regretted almost immediately. Yes, I suppose I could understand, in a way. As little as I cared for him, I knew he wasn’t necessarily a bad person; not completely, anyway.

I felt my lips twist in a bitter smile. I was only going to concede so much before I remembered Lee’s horrible actions and attitudes. I would be happy to never have to see him again.

My thoughts turned to Natalie. She was a completely different story. She was stone-cold, the worst type of person in my opinion. One who would betray her friends without a thought – do her very worst, with the sole purpose of hurting others.

That’s what she’d done to Shannon. She had figured out what would hurt her most and gone after it, seemingly with no feelings of guilt for her actions. I hated that I’d been used so callously, but hated more how much it had hurt Shannon. Perhaps a part of me would never forgive myself.

Sometimes I still found myself staring at her when she wasn’t aware, wondering just how I’d managed to make her love me. I didn’t need anyone to tell me just how lucky I was that she’d come into my life. I knew it every day I woke up beside her, every day she greeted me with a smile and kiss. Yes, I was fortunate.

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