The Bad Boy Broke The Player by Anime_Taco
The Bad Boy Broke The Playerby Anime_Taco
He was gay He wasn't He was mysterious He was an open book He's never had a relationship He's fucked almost every girl in the school He was the Bad Boy He was the Player
  • theplayer
  • lgbt
  • somesmut
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The House of Carrington™[Completed] by DawnMDrake
The House of Carrington™[Completed]by Dawn-Marie Drake
{Book 4} ~ [Can Oil and Water ever mix?] Carrington Enterprises, the most successful Oil Company in Dallas, Texas, comes under a personal siege. Philip Winthrop, owner o...
  • florom2019
  • chicklit
  • romance
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Because of: Liliana™ [Editing] by DawnMDrake
Because of: Liliana™ [Editing]by Dawn-Marie Drake
Book 2 ~ [Three is a crowd, except when 3 is a mother, father and her daughter.] "Go away John, the Police are on their way." I was so scared, and shaking like...
  • contemporaryromance
  • prologue
  • featured
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An epilogue to the amazing story by seasidestyles called phantom. Honestly me and my bff made this so we could have our own ending to the story since the original sequel...
  • harry
  • epilogue
  • phantom
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Detroit: Become Epilogue by Just1inamillion
Detroit: Become Epilogueby Isabell R
  • jericho
  • dbh
  • kara
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The Road To: Avalon™ [Completed] by DawnMDrake
The Road To: Avalon™ [Completed]by Dawn-Marie Drake
A Novella ~ (The Corwin Brothers Book 1) "I refuse to come between you and your family. Your mother needs you now, and I truly hope your father recovers. Go be wi...
  • romance
  • loveatfirstsight
  • barista
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Is This Shoulder Taken? Kendall Finds Her Heart™ [1st Place Winner UW Awards] by DawnMDrake
Is This Shoulder Taken? Kendall Fi...by Dawn-Marie Drake
[He walked away and out of the restaurant. He had broken our engagement and he had broken my heart, into a million pieces. . . How would I ever find my heart, again?] T...
  • family
  • cleanromance
  • contemporaryromance
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My One And Only Love by 22linvibrod
My One And Only Loveby Brooklyn Linville
Madison had her who life planned out. With being 17 and on her way to Texas to go to school to become a vet ended up with her finding her true love. She never saw it com...
  • epilogue
  • familysecret
The Campus Heartthrob Is My Boyfriend (Completed) by AhgArmyOnce
The Campus Heartthrob Is My Boyfri...by jbaegyoplease
Sinabi na nung title...
  • maichard
  • fanficstory
  • forever
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The Return Of Carrington™[Completed] by DawnMDrake
The Return Of Carrington™[Complete...by Dawn-Marie Drake
[What is it like to go from Middle Class, to a Billionaire, overnight?] Colin Carrington gets a jaw-dropping phone call from Greyson Carrington, a cousin he had never ev...
  • prologue
  • proposal
  • lovestory
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The Art of Loving™ [Completed] by DawnMDrake
The Art of Loving™ [Completed]by Dawn-Marie Drake
[A broken piece of glass to some, discovers that she was a sparkling Diamond all along...] The Carrington Series {Book 2} ~ Sheila Summers is an Art Gallery Assistant, w...
  • featured
  • wedding
  • cleanromance
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King's Cage  - Til Death Do Us Part - Red Queen Fanfiction by Naki199323
King's Cage - Til Death Do Us Par...by Natasha
"Kiss me and tell me you forgive me" "I can't". Mare must accept that she now has two enemies, Cal and Maven. Where alliances are tested and love is...
  • marebarrow
  • calandmare
  • rq
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My Best Mistake ♡ 4 years later♡ by Cutesyn18
My Best Mistake ♡ 4 years later♡by Natalia🤓
explanation to what lead up to the epilogue
  • epilogue
  • son
  • funny
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My Five Husbands by Demz5luv
My Five Husbandsby Demz5luv
I woke up in Vegas with amnesia. I had absolutely no idea what I had done last night but I was pretty sure I had had a blast with my five hot new friends! I'm also pret...
  • depressive
  • take
  • fear
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I Know Him: Final Adopted by Jonathan Groff Story [Slow Updates] by BisexualDragon
I Know Him: Final Adopted by Jonat...by Raven
Please listen, as I tell their story. This book is a collection of oneshots about Via, Beth, Groff, and the Hamilcast after the first two books in the trilogy. Yes...
  • epilogue
  • future
  • fanfiction
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Harry potter one shots. by FangirlSSY
Harry potter one shots.by shreyasinghyadav
One shots set in various imagined wizarding world situation, ships Dramione and Drarry for now. 🙈🙈.
  • hermione
  • trevor
  • lily
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For His Pleasure (Completed) by EyesNotOpen
For His Pleasure (Completed)by EyesNotOpen
He was the King of Newington. She was a fierce girl with an independent heart. He stole her virginity when she was only 17 and now at the ripe age of 22 he wants her as...
  • historicalfiction
  • king
  • romantic
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Living with 5 annoying jerks (COMPLETE) by bemmyyyy
Living with 5 annoying jerks (COMP...by Ms.B
Isa akong badgirl pero may puso padin moody pero pretty simple lang ako ayoko sa maarte at plastik may pag ka cold ako minsan pero isang araw pag kagising ko nakatira na...
  • girlfriend
  • cool
  • love
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Silent love (Sasori fanfic) COMPLETED by heartbeatangel
Silent love (Sasori fanfic) COMPLE...by Cheryl
Kiko, Deidara's sister, is a mute due to a traumatic incident with Deidara's explosions. Joining Akatsuki and being placed in a team with Deidara and Sasori, Kiko starts...
  • deidara
  • silent
  • sister
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Mine (Male!Chara X Reader X Sans) by xxAnnieSan
Mine (Male!Chara X Reader X Sans)by Omeruin
You've been doing the same True Pacifist / Pacifist Run over and over in a place called the "Underground". Though you like the Underground, you can't help but...
  • toriel
  • undertale
  • charaxreader
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