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'SON-IN-LAW' [LGBT+] by awkwardZozo
'SON-IN-LAW' [LGBT+]by Zozo
Steve's little girl is growing up. Too fast and too soon to his liking. He's going to meet his daughter's boyfriend today. A day every Father all over the world dreads...
Lurking For Love (Jacob X Reader)  by iamfrisknotchara
Lurking For Love (Jacob X Reader) by ᑲᥱᥒᥒᥡ ⍴іᥱ
this is a LFL or a lurking for love fanfiction Also this is the demo version of the game, once the full game comes out I'll remake all of these :3 Currently remaking it!
My 7 mafia stepbrothers || BTS OT7 FF  by Gkkssk_07
My 7 mafia stepbrothers || BTS Gkkssk
Lee y/n, lives peacefully in America . Her mother is love with the most dangerous mafia . Y/n doesn't know anything. The most Dangerous thing is this she will have the...
The Alpha's Unwanted Son by pepsi4freaks
The Alpha's Unwanted Sonby Sam :)
When 19 year-old Casey Reid, Alpha Luke Greyback's mate finds out she's pregnant with his baby she is forced to give up the baby as soon as it's born leaving it unknown...
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Rebound, But Newfound [boyxboy] by SkeneKidz
Rebound, But Newfound [boyxboy]by Jen
17 year old Zeke is a normal enough boy. He's gay, friendly, a soccer player, and occasionally over hyper. His new boyfriend Tommy is relaxed and quiet kind of guy. Zeke...
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Manan SS: His Star! ✔ by baby_bird80
Manan SS: His Star! ✔by Mitu
A short story from High school to a Billionaire's Arrange Marriage... Will it call Arrange Marriage or something else? [Unedited] #882 in short story...
Let's Not Meet Again by CareFreeHugz
Let's Not Meet Againby CareFreeHugz
This book tells the tale of true and horror filled experienced. These are stories from reddit, all credit goes towards the victims who have shared their tales. All of th...
My 7 mafia stepbrothers- BTS ff || Book 2  by Gkkssk_07
My 7 mafia stepbrothers- BTS ff || Gkkssk
"Don't you remember me bangtan?" BOOK - 2 IS HERE!!!!! I hope you all like this .
The Movies Make It Look Easy by XfudgesiclesX
The Movies Make It Look Easyby Karen
Shannon moves to London, expecting the perfect College experience, but from Day One things don't go according to plan. Between a roommate that seems to hate her, a cr...
The deal. (Jeff the killer x reader) by CrAsh_baNg_b00m
The deal. (Jeff the killer x Permenate Smile
(Gender nutural ) Y/n lives a normal life, in a normal town, with normal friends, and a normal boyfriend. What happens when something not-so-normal happens in Y/N's life...
Demon's Love by SrabaniGiri
Demon's Loveby SrabaniGiri
When a guy is as creepy as hell and you're the neighbors of the next door. . . . Let's read the amazing story of rivals where no one going to give up . . This is my firs...
The right door... by Ashton_ray07
The right Ashton💪😩
This story is our smut so if you don't want to read it turn back!! 13+
HIS ONE & ONLY [MxB] by awkwardZozo
HIS ONE & ONLY [MxB]by Zozo
What happens when the new math teacher gets confessed by the schools hottest goth?
exposing ^_^ cover made by @-gelix
"If you loved me like you said you did" "Why did you do it ?" Clueless enough she didn't know someone has been in love with her , and that love drove...
Branch On The Ranch Continues by Floydishot
Branch On The Ranch Continuesby 💙Branch💙💌
Its the same as the old one!! enjoy
"Stuck"(Backstreet Boys Fanfiction) Completed by MaritoniGutierez4
"Stuck"(Backstreet Boys Lonely Toni🖊️
A simple tour turn into a creepy incident! That we will never forget!
Scary stories and facts by x666x666x
Scary stories and factsby Death Herself
Would you like to sleep tonight? Too damn bad. DISCLAIMER!!! Not all stories are written directly by me! This is a compilation of scary facts and stories
Outlawry by modernjomarch_II
Outlawryby Allison
*MAY BE TRIGGERING TO ABDUCTION AND/OR RAPE VICTIMS. READER DISCRETION IS ADVISED* Luther, 17 year old Serial Killer, meets the new girl Ava Lane, and plots to make her...
MHA one shots! by nunyabusiness97
MHA one shots!by nunyabusiness1669
#1 Shinso saves OC *Fluff?* #2 Shoji 7 minutes in heaven? *fluff* Stories are mainly fluff ☺️ with a little bit of spice. 🌶 Characters are 21+