Chapter 41

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Chapter 41



Shannon’s P.O.V:



We lay snuggled in bed, alternately dozing and talking – both about serious things and random stuff that had us both laughing.

I eventually dragged myself out of bed at half ten, pulling Nick with me. We were going to meet my best friends; Kylie and Holly today, so staying in bed wasn’t an option.

Though as I stepped into the shower, I couldn’t think of anything I’d rather be doing.

Nick had left the room as I headed for the bathroom, saying that he was going to get breakfast.

The thought strangely brought a smile to my face – the first day he met my family, Nick wouldn’t have dreamed of going to the kitchen while I was in the shower, he would’ve been too nervous. He’d integrated well, I thought as I massaged shampoo into my hair.

My aunt “welcoming him to the family” didn’t seem so strange anymore, though I knew she’d meant it in a completely different way – everyone thought we were together.

I chuckled quietly to myself; last night had made everything that bit more complicated.

When I was finished, I went to get breakfast while Nick showered and got dressed.

‘How’d last night go?’ my mother asked curiously when he’d left the room.

‘It went well’ I said succinctly.

‘Well did he like your present?’ she pushed.

I nodded.

‘Well what did he get you?’

I could tell she was getting exasperated but I didn’t care, I wasn’t about to tell her even half of what had happened last night.

In answer to her question, I silently held up my wrist for her to see.

She gasped and came over to me, wiping her sudsy hands on the towel that was thrown over one shoulder, ‘wow Shannon, its gorgeous’

I swallowed my toast as she gently fingered the delicate silver charms.

‘He made it’ I said.

She looked at me in disbelief, ‘he made it?’

I nodded, ‘well he bought the charms but he made the bracelet’

She smiled, ‘well it seems that he has hidden talents’ she leaned in closer, ‘is this a date?’

I frowned slightly as I nodded. The mysterious date had been annoying me ever since he wouldn’t tell me what it meant.

‘What’s so special about the second of November?’

‘I don’t know, he won’t tell me’

‘That’s strange, I’m sure he’ll tell you sooner or later’

God, I hoped so.

She went back over to the sink and continued to wash up.

‘Don’t forget to clean up outside from last night and bring everything back inside’

I rolled my eyes at her back, ‘yes mother’

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