Paper Hearts by rowlings
Paper Heartsby s
Four weeks. That's all the time Victoria Hemmings has to fall in love. Or, at least, find someone who's willing to play pretend. When a girl on a mission collides with...
  • romance
  • nice
  • girl
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Paper Bride   ✔️  (Book 2 - DP Series - COMPLETE) by kario12
Paper Bride ✔️ (Book 2 - DP Kari
{Complete} {Book 2 in Dismantled Pride Series} --- It's been four years since they sealed the deal, and yet he still makes her heart flutter with the undeniable ache of...
  • tearfest
  • husband
  • marriage
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Lean On {Fred Weasley} ✔️ by rosea-
Lean On {Fred Weasley} ✔️by M.
{Slowly Editing} BOOK 2 OF 5 After a year of getting to know Fred and George Weasley, Emmy Weatherly gets closer to them by the minute. Every second they spend together...
  • hogwartsschoolofwitchcraftandwizardry
  • paper
  • papernotes
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toilet paper ↯ jjk by milkystars
toilet paper ↯ jjkby janice .
"hey, whoever's in the next stall, can you please pass over some toilet paper?" in which a girl gets stuck in a bathroom stall without toilet paper + in which...
  • jungkook
  • bts
  • skewer
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Paper Cranes | Park Jimin by cityhearts
Paper Cranes | Park Jiminby KATY
[COMPLETED] ❝Fold a thousand paper cranes and your wish will come true.❞ In which Park Jimin knocks at Min Haneul's door one night and complains why...
  • haneul
  • jungkook
  • seokjin
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Cómics Yaoi Undertale 4 by SoyOtaku1
Cómics Yaoi Undertale 4by SoyOtaku1
Aún más cómics -v-
  • goth
  • paper
  • fresh
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Paper Planes | ✓ by Sabrinaaxxo
Paper Planes | ✓by ☼ S A B R I N A ☼
A paper plane would always hit the back of Venus's head, it would have the sweetest words and corniest lines that would have make her day. With Paper Planes piling up i...
  • teenfiction
  • notes
  • unique
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Pares' Secret Admirer (Payjay Story) *COMPLETED* ✓ by Talemer
Pares' Secret Admirer (Payjay Sam
* completed * * highschool au * * inanimate insanity * * objects are humans and have human names * * payjay story * * includes swearing * There's only one thing, to do...
  • inanimateinsanity
  • paper
  • suitcase
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ii ask or dare by thatonecoin
ii ask or dareby quarter
just ii ask or dare maybe ask me too
  • shipping
  • ask
  • nickcase
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My Scribbles! by P_subba
My Scribbles!by P'Subba
||Collection of scribbles || •every part of me in words •short poetries, phrases, quotes and jotted feelings
  • anotherworld
  • phrases
  • ink
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Where did your trust go? - PAYJAY I.I - by Talemer
Where did your trust go? - Sam
"Pares..." "W-What?" "D-Do... do you even l-love m-me?" "O-Oliver--" * theyre humans duh * * angst everywhere ;^; * * mpreg :-) *...
  • enjoyyourselves
  • angst
  • paper
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Kim's Guide To Creating Very Trashy Drawings by KimTheMagicalPotato
Kim's Guide To Creating Very tHe bIg gAy
Wow, look, a bad-looking cover! (and more bad looking drawings in this book) If you think any of these are actually good, you must not tell lies. (As that pink toad says...
  • uwu
  • digital
  • yeet
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𝘮𝘺 𝘢𝘳𝘵 by oofquackity
𝘮𝘺 𝘢𝘳𝘵by ♡
» old art and stuff
  • art
  • ink
  • pens
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Paper Airplane| kth by TheWoman1o1
Paper Airplane| kthby ×【Theをまん1o1】×
Two people fell in love, One confessed, the other didn't know. One got tricked and the other went away. The sun is setting on their friendship, They're slowly becoming...
  • kpop
  • bts
  • paperairplane
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Paper Hearts ♡ Harry Styles AU by sourwolphe
Paper Hearts ♡ Harry Styles AUby nic
[✓] COMPLETED A story about two college friends who couldn't stay "just" friends anymore. They graduate college and things change for the both of them. [ cover...
  • love
  • college
  • universe
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my artbook •2• by yoongiisim
my artbook •2•by ناتاشا
this is my second artbook hope you enjoy my drawings~
  • cute
  • doodles
  • painting
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Ask or Dare Bookie by Seira-Chan096
Ask or Dare Bookieby Sei-chan
  • type
  • killmepls
  • book
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{Art Book}  by Encladus
{Art Book} by Francis
If you want good art- its not here. Warning: .... This book just sucks, that's all. Also I don't draw humans so.... Yea, i only specialize in animals, I'm trying to get...
  • pencil
  • sketch
  • sketches
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Ben Starling imagines by HelloItsLucifer
Ben Starling imaginesby Red wishes
Read the intro to tell me what you're looking for! I don't do any Oc's btw- keeping it as a Fill-in name for the viewers. I tend to write longer chapters so it takes a...
  • benstarling
  • oneshotcollection
  • humor
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Underdog by PokemonFan0093
Underdogby AsH KeTcHuM
"What is anatomy and can I eat it." A book for my doodles 'n stuff. ___________________________________ I solemnly swear that these are all my doodles and art...
  • sortofanartbook
  • doodles
  • artbook
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