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Silent scream [Plance] by krazyflo
Silent scream [Plance]by •💚Krazyflo💙•
- I'm not really good at descriptions so you'll have to read to find out! ^^ Warning: This fanfic contains selfharm, sexual content, suicidal thoughts, cursing, etc...
  • katieholt
  • lancemcclain
  • voltron
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Best Friends with the Player by RealityCheck101
Best Friends with the Playerby Kylie&Kelsey♥
Kimberly Taylor was a quiet, shy girl with no friends growing up, until Kindergarten when Asher Knight changed that. It's now been eleven years since they've become best...
  • bestfriends
  • asher
  • tyler
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Dirty Laundry (klance) by WhyIsDanRunning
Dirty Laundry (klance)by [løss]
when lance promises to bring his nonexistent boyfriend home to his homophobic family for christmas, keith reluctantly agrees to be lance's fake boyfriend over break in e...
  • âu
  • dirtylaundry
  • holt
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|Voltron x Reader Oneshots|!!ON HIATUS!!| by LizzyNova
|Voltron x Reader Oneshots|!!ON HI...by LizzyNova
Calling all Voltron trash cans!! I decided to write this as I have become addicted to Voltron and I haven't found a lot of images so I decided to write my own. Thi...
  • katie
  • katieholt
  • keith
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Voltron Preferences (VERY SLOW UPDATES) by GirlMeetsTMNT
Voltron Preferences (VERY SLOW UPD...by ➳Ally-Bean➳
PREFERENCE CHARACTERS INCLUDE: #Shiro# *Lance* ^Keith^ +Pidge+ ~Hunk~ <Allura> •Lotor• >Matt Holt<
  • corn
  • takashi
  • galra
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UNLIKELY LOVE [tratie]  by neonblacck
UNLIKELY LOVE [tratie] by f ™
This is the story of Katie Gardner daughter of Demeter and Travis Stoll son of Hermes. How their love grew and how they started out as enemies but ended up falling for e...
  • thalia
  • percyjackson
  • connor
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Alexa and Katie pregnancy story by maves177
Alexa and Katie pregnancy storyby Maves Beast
What happens if Alexa becomes pregnant What if her mom thinks she is sick What if Katie was told not to tell Alexa's mom that Alexa and Dylan did it
  • alexa
  • katie
Kingston's Elite by KaylaBooBear
Kingston's Eliteby Princess💍
#1 of THE E L I T E Series "No one ever said being apart of a powerful group of rich people was easy," *Warning, this is triggering and does include self harm...
  • richkids
  • katie
  • kingston
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Loving Logan  by Tgunter22
Loving Logan by Tina Louise
#1 in Our Roots Series, but can be read as a stand alone. He was a mysterious loner that everyone feared. She was never afraid. He always protected her. She was the on...
  • logan
  • highschool
  • teen
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Crossfire ⌲ S. Winchester [1] by winchasster
Crossfire ⌲ S. Winchester [1]by ❰ hayden ❱
❝ He's trade his guns for love, but he's caught in the crossfire. ❞ _ in which Sam Winchester meets a Stanford graduate over text and he learns a thing or two [FIRST BOO...
  • bradbury
  • katie
  • katiecassidy
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The Familiar Of Zero: Dragon (x male reader) by rg808guy
The Familiar Of Zero: Dragon (x ma...by Clayton Kuhlmann
This is a Familiar of Zero (x male reader) Description: (Y/n) is just a normal guy...ish. one day he's summoned to a different world by a wizard as a familiar. (Y/n) ha...
  • henrietta
  • xmalereader
  • harem
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The Leader's Assistance. *SLOW UPDATES* by PawPerson101
The Leader's Assistance. *SLOW UPD...by PawPerson101
Ryder's cousin, Lexi, and the pups have picked up on his unusual behaviour. Although it seemed natural after the death of his, Lexi and Chase's parents, now eight months...
  • evershall
  • chasexskye
  • pawpatrol
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[Completed-Finished Editing]Do You Trust Me? by Shuichi_Kurama
[Completed-Finished Editing]Do You...by Kurama(On hiatus)
◼️Paw Patrol : Do You Trust Me?◼️ ||A Fan-Fiction made by Shuichi_Kurama|| Can you really love if you can't trust someone? Love is like any other structure You need the...
  • pawpatrol
  • tracker
  • everestxskye
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"I'll Kill You All" (Voltron Kingdoms AU) by Infinity_Pikachu
"I'll Kill You All" (Voltron Kingd...by Infinity_Pikachu
Pidge is Altea's most feared assassin known for her ability to kill swiftly and quietly. Forced into hiding, she holds a grudge against the elite guard for unknown reaso...
  • vld
  • katie
  • green
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Marcus Harrison's Paradise: As They Grow. by YumnaMahmood
Marcus Harrison's Paradise: As The...by S.Yumna Mahmood
Marcus and Charlotte are now together. Their love story continues... Enjoy!
  • beautiful
  • katie
  • nanny
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Voltron: Legendary Defenders X Reader Oneshots! by TeamLeo4Life
Voltron: Legendary Defenders X Rea...by Queen Sazzy
Yeah! If you're totally obsessed with these totally adorably and hilarious characters like I am, this is the book for you! I guarantee you'll enjoy these. Cause I will/a...
  • vldxreader
  • fanfiction
  • hunk
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level up ❇ klance by florelunae
level up ❇ klanceby .‛ r o s e b u d ’.
Lance and Keith had never met but a kik message to the wrong person opens the door to new relationships, past drama, and really twisted games of life and death. Warning:...
  • princessallura
  • allura
  • pidgegunderson
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Keith x Reader by Dragonlady0112
Keith x Readerby Cassy
DISCLAIMER: I own nothing except for the small parts of the plot that I make up. Okay, everyone knows that the heart of the Voltron lions are rocks, right? If not, you d...
  • hunk
  • bluelion
  • keith
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The Sweet Fate Of Tristan and Kate by DearestShookenkooky
The Sweet Fate Of Tristan and Kateby aSuGaKoOkIeWiThTaE
Everyone thinks life is love or hate, love or hate but tonight I'll spin a tale that'll certainly push open a new gate. Life with him has been sound, each hour I spend...
  • kate
  • oopposed
  • getaway
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Voltron Oneshots (SLOW UPDATES) by GirlMeetsTMNT
Voltron Oneshots (SLOW UPDATES)by ➳Ally-Bean➳
These are Oneshots for: *Shiro* +Keith+ /Lance\ [Hunk] <Pidge> •Allura• {Lotor} ~Matt~ Request for is the first chapter [NO LEMONS] . Please enjoy!
  • voltron
  • defender
  • keith
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