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scoring you by NotMeWillow
scoring youby Willow
Hockey player Aiden Peters used to torment Alyssa Davis all throughout middle school because he hated her, right? It's Alyssa's first year of college, a place she told h...
The Balcony by superstar806
The Balconyby Sups
She chose her apartment because she liked the attached balcony and the peace and quiet it afforded her. That is soon about to change thanks to a new neighbour. Author's...
Head Over Heels by stephzimmy
Head Over Heelsby Stephanie Zimmerman
Lila Daniels has spent all of her life living under the protective wings of her three older brothers, Charlie, Lucas and Tucker or in the gymnastics gym training. None o...
Not You by superstar806
Not Youby Sups
Aditi is just like you and me. Living in Mumbai with her best friend, life is where she wants it to be. Stable. The next three weeks, a charming blind date and the roomm...
the Horcrux Thief,   james potter by -oceanneyes
the Horcrux Thief, james potterby 𝙝𝙖𝙡𝙚𝙨
exiled, lost, and the key to the end in her hands. thanks to the potters, at least she wasn't homeless. -𝗼𝗰𝗲𝗮𝗻𝗻𝗲𝘆𝗲𝘀© (James Potter x femOC) (marauders era, du...
Death Himself | Tomarry by AlphaNugget123
Death Himself | Tomarryby AlphaNugget123
When the dark side gains the upper hand in the second Wizarding War and everything seems hopeless, Harry takes it upon himself to change the future by traveling into the...
New Start Shattered by Poggering
New Start Shatteredby Poggering
Your a normal person who got hit with a wave of nostalgia when you go into your bathroom and then exit only to fall from the sky and into a horde of shard amalgamations...
Poles Apart by anuradha0104
Poles Apartby Anuradha
Arvi has just returned from the UK after six tedious years, two of which she had not even visited home. A lot of things seem to have changed on the surface. Her younger...
Call Of Duty One-Shots by CaiGivesMeLife
Call Of Duty One-Shotsby LosDiazPerdido03
Hello! This is gonna be a one-shot book. Some of these scenarios are made up by me and my delulu brain, while others are from Character AI interactions. Enjoy and let me...
Bonds by Regaining1004
Bondsby Regaining1004....
A person in his one eventful life goes through a lot of emotions and feels each of them with a different bond. Unconditional love for family, unwavering support with tha...
How to fall in love in 7 days (Lando Norris) - COMPLETED by TeamStyles01
How to fall in love in 7 days ( Louise Jane
Fox Cooper had no plans. No plans with what she was going to do next with her life. No plans to do something new. No plans to fall in love. When her father decides that...
Friendship's Overrated by My_ShipWrecked_Heart
Friendship's Overratedby Kay
"Levon." Todd answered, voice hard. "Todd." Levon responded just as coolly. There was a pause. "Are you busy?" "I just got back from c...
Arylie Moments Book by Ridhu1098
Arylie Moments Bookby Risha
Book based on characters Aryan and Imlie
Sweet tune ( karlnap ) by AlPwr3
Sweet tune ( karlnap )by Alę Pøwęr
Sapnap and karl, two best friends, were forced to say goodbye to each other due to karl's success as a singer. After their reconnection years later lust and love accomp...
Spring Of Love by CryingRacoon
Spring Of Loveby Crying Racoon 🦝
when it all started with him 'accidentally' entering her bookstore, to them fighting over everything possible, to actually realizing their true feelings... but life isn'...
The Puppet Master by Emmas_inkedpages
The Puppet Masterby Emma R. Wright
Gwendolyn "Gwen" Donnelly has only ever wanted one thing in her life: become class president. In her senior year of high school a shocking murder throws a wre...
♤SPRING SHIELD (MxM) ~fantasy~♤ by Thebreadplush
♤SPRING SHIELD (MxM) ~fantasy~♤by
.....Book ♤ 1 -One hour that become seven years- One drunken night leads to one thing- or maybe two. Twins. He keeps the children,even though everyone thinks he's crazy...
The Theater Girl and the Player by 0o0sbookshop
The Theater Girl and the Playerby 0o0's bookshop
*FIRST DRAFT, ONGOING* Peyton Thoms joins TSHigh's theater club. In a couple of seconds of gossip, she is now considered part of the dorks, in the eyes of the other st...
THE MUGGLE BORN PRINCESS ――― Draco Malfoy by pulchrify
You would expect that nobody would pay attention to a hot-headed, blood traitor such as Alexandra Collins. But, people are unpredictable. Draco Malfoy tried not to care...
Columbian Escapades by naryn1303
Columbian Escapadesby Nessa & Nicole
Book 2: Affinity Romance series Not really friends with benefits. He grins and she glares. She scolds and he snickers. She's practical and he believes in fantasies. Fa...