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In 7 Days (Complete) by fatfaceheart
In 7 Days (Complete)by fatfaceheart
Love is a funny thing. Glaringly elusive at times. Ridiculously suffocating other times and overall a sneaky sensation that creeps into your heart when you're not looki...
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Thomas the Tank Engine x  Angelina Ballerina:- love isn't easy. by cfizzleindahizzle
Thomas the Tank Engine x CaitlinFerguson6
Angelina is a mouse. Thomas is a train. Can they ever be?
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Friendship's Overrated by My_ShipWrecked_Heart
Friendship's Overratedby Kayla
"Levon." Todd answered, voice hard. "Todd." Levon responded just as coolly. There was a pause. "Are you busy?" "I just got back from c...
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impossible year; rants by matter-of-law
impossible year; rantsby kevin price
the word of the lord
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Lambo ☆ Miniminter (Social Media a.u) by voidanusha
Lambo ☆ Miniminter (Social Media anusha
in which simon finally gets a girlfriend - just for bantz
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Little Talks by breakfast-butt
Little Talksby B.
"Hello, this is Little Talks Teen Hotline. How may I help you?" "Yeah, can I have a large meat-lover's with a two-liter Pepsi? Thanks a bunch." "...
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In the Unlikely Event by minnietheailen
In the Unlikely Eventby minnie
Seventeen-year-old Adelaide (Addy) Badmus has grown up with the colour of her skin being her sole identity in her racially biased small-town. Armed with her ambitious an...
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The Balcony by superstar806
The Balconyby superstar806
She chose her apartment because she liked the attached balcony and the peace and quiet it afforded her. That is soon about to change thanks to a new neighbour. Author's...
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Not You by superstar806
Not Youby superstar806
Aditi is just like you and me. Living in Mumbai with her best friend, life is where she wants it to be. Stable. The next three weeks, a charming blind date and the roomm...
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Perks of dating the Student (Book 1) (studentxteacher) (GxG) by YoungWolf23
Perks of dating the Student ( SKr
This is the beginning book of the perks, if you've read Perks of dating the teacher. This is how it all starts from the beginning of Ada and Gemma's relationship and how...
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UNCOVERED (Incognito Book 1)  by nat3nidad
UNCOVERED (Incognito Book 1) by ✨N ✨
Utang ni Yani ang lahat-lahat sa kanya sa mag-asawang Albert at Gertrude Cordova. Kaya ipinangako niya sa sarili na gaganti siya sa kabutihan ng itinuturing niyang mga m...
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The Movies Make It Look Easy by XfudgesiclesX
The Movies Make It Look Easyby Karen
Shannon moves to London, expecting the perfect College experience, but from Day One things don't go according to plan. Between a roommate that seems to hate her, a cr...
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Sabezra Fics by kayardia
Sabezra Ficsby kayardia
A collection of fics and oneshots about my Star Wars OTP - Sabine and Ezra! Ever since I saw Ezra try and fail to hit on her in the first ever episode (not to mention he...
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Challenge Accepted, Bad Boy (Complete) by IISilver_DuskII
Challenge Accepted, Bad Boy ( Silver Gonzales
"If you win...?" He remained motionless for a second, before lifting his head and meeting my gaze. I could see the determination and hope swimming in his blue...
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Match Made in Quarantine by katfeatherly
Match Made in Quarantineby Kat Featherly
Aimee is a hardworking med student. Maddox is a wild business major. Together they share an apartment, and absolutely nothing else. What happens when these two roommate...
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The Greatest (Zoro x Tashigi) by KaraLove2
The Greatest (Zoro x Tashigi)by Kara Love
I stare at Roronoa's back, until he turns around and looks down at me. Who cares that this whole night- despite the constant name calling and his crap sense of direction...
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John Wick: The Boogeyman's Angel by InspiringErised
John Wick: The Boogeyman's Angelby zara quinn
During the events of the first movie, John Wick has a daughter. Also an hit man, she worked alongside her father before they both retired. After the robbery and assault...
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Insults by geniusswaeg
Insultsby H.G
Can you never think of a sassy comeback worth of Minho? Well you've come to the right place! Welcome to comeback haven, and sass village. Insults are my life (used only...
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Villainism by kissmecait
Villainismby cait meyer
Perfectly content with her non-super life, Annabeth's prim and proper world was turned upside down when New York's resident sassy supervillain, Black Inferno, kidnapped...
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Talenny One-Shots by KonaWona14
Talenny One-Shotsby Rowexl
Characters belong to the creators of Inspector Gadget! Check out the show! These One-Shots are not related to each other in any way unless I say otherwise. Occasional h...
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