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If You Were Mine: by bbbmy_bff
If You Were Mine:by bbbmy_bff
"You didn't" "Emma listen I-" "I did listen, I listened outside that door for hours" "You didn't listen long enough to hear-" &qu...
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Emma and Ethan: Couple?  by amandapark23
Emma and Ethan: Couple? by amandapark23
Lately, Emma has been feeling left out of the sister squad, particularly by Ethan. During the filming of James' Christmas collab with herself and the twins, she finally...
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just an ethma smut  by bbbmy_bff
just an ethma smut by bbbmy_bff
smutty. plenty of mature content, not like u need that warning. ur the one who searched this up ;) enjoyyyyyyyyy
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Moments  by littlelostgirl13
Moments by littlelostgirl13
Oneshots for Ethan and Emma ✨🌹
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project bad boy ↬ ethma by -dxlans
project bad boy ↬ ethmaby kol’s b ❣️
ethan dolan. grayson dolan. chase spencer. those were the three most popular guys at edison high school. ethan, grayson, and chase weren't they typical 'fuckboys' in hig...
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Ethma e.d x e.c by EllaBrown224
Ethma e.d x e.cby XethmaX
If you ship Ethma read!
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tease | ethma by arioladolan
tease | ethmaby olivia
in which ethan thinks of his enemy, emma in a different way. highest rankings: #52 in ethandolan
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emma.c & ethan.d                                                       oneshots  by WildChildx_
emma.c & ethan.d...by ♡
emma chamberlain & ethan dolan oneshots
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Miracle (Ethan x Emma) by tryingthis_123
Miracle (Ethan x Emma)by Me
"You're my miracle." He said. "No I'm not." I responded In which a guy falls in love with his best friend. But she thinks she's not good enough. Aut...
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bully me till i die (ethma) by centralperkxox
bully me till i die (ethma)by Daddy
(Ethan Dolan x Emma Chamberlain) Ethan Dolan, my old best friend, my old first love, my old world. Ethan left me suddenly one night and now bullies the shit out of me...
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Leah's life (a Once Upon a Time fanfic) by petlover234
Leah's life (a Once Upon a Time fa...by Amber
Leah is the first born daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming. But when the Evil Queen throws her through a portal her whole life turns upside down as she searches f...
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Isn't She Lovely e.d&e.c by malchambie
Isn't She Lovely e.d&e.cby Mal
Ethma or ethemma or emmethan Whatever. fan fiction. I'll make a gremma version tooooo -- Important Rankings-- #1 in Gremma (idk y haha) #13 in Ethma #1 in Emma #9 in Ell...
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GREMMA Series [18 +]: Emma spends the night   by anon_reads55
GREMMA Series [18 +]: Emma spends...by anon_reads55
A GREMMA 18+ SHORT STORY This book is a series here is part 1! Part 2 is currently being made. -&- Emma and Grayson have been busy with the crazy, youtube lives. One n...
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New Member - Grayson Dolan by TheDolans2018
New Member - Grayson Dolanby ❤️Dolan Fan❤️
What happens when a girl meets Emma Chamberlain in a grocery store? RANKINGS: #1 - dolantwins #1 - graysondolan #1 - ethandolan #1 - jamescharles
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Love  by Eliebelle
Love by Elie Belle
Ethma lol *SMUT*
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•Sister Squad•  ||| ☆Ethma☆ by Gabylonga21
•Sister Squad• ||| ☆Ethma☆by Gabriella
Thanks for 50k reads!!! 😘😘 Thanks for 800 votes 😀😘😘😎
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 Secrets | ethma❤️ by _emmachamberlian
Secrets | ethma❤️by _emmachamberlian
Imagine that Emma chamberlain, Ethan Dolan, Grayson Dolan, James Charles, Ellie Thumann and Hannah Meloche didn't start YouTube and all went to high school together. Can...
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ethma- The Dreamer and the Diamond by rkm0ethma
ethma- The Dreamer and the Diamondby RKM♡
"Emma, I'd do anything to help you. Whether that means I have to go get you food late at night or get you tissues after a sad movie where the dog dies." (Ethan...
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Can I Call You? // e.d & e.c by Kariya-
Can I Call You? // e.d & e.cby Kariya❤︎
It was 3:18 AM, with shaky hands and tears running down my face I slowly click on Ethan's contact To: ethan🤮 hey i know its late and we hate it each other and all but...
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The Promised Neverland : 33194 by Hangeee-chan
The Promised Neverland : 33194by n e k o - c h a n
Lorraine is basically the best prodigy that the Grace Field produce, she's a fast learner and quick to understand. She's Norman's other half but they're not blood relate...
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