Chapter 62

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I wanted to dedicate this chapter to CaylaBernier for being an amazing fan. Besides listening to me go on about different chapters and telling me to relax and not to stress, she’s also been a great help. She helped pick out the dresses for this chapter and has also helped me with some of my other projects. So thank you! :)

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Chapter 62


 Mark’s P.O.V:


The loud clank of the weights all around us was utterly familiar, and I caught a glimpse of us in the mirrors across the room. I could hear the low hum of the treadmills in the next room, and wished I had a good view of all the women jogging in spandex.

I took a deep breath; ah the scent of manliness, I thought with satisfaction as I raised my arm to inspect my biceps; huge, of course.

“You do know what spotting is, right?” Nick grunted as he let the bar fall back onto the uprights.

I stared at him in confusion; “obviously.”

“Really? ‘Cause you seemed to be paying more attention to your arms than me.” He glared at me as he sat up.

I just rolled my eyes, “dude, relax, you weren’t even benching that much.”

“I’d like to see you try.”

I heaved a deep sigh of exasperation. He was so touchy these days. “Stop being a douche” I told him.

I felt sorry for the people who came into contact with him who didn’t know him well enough to put him in his place. He could be a real prick, especially lately.

He closed his eyes and sighed, twisting the navy gym towel between white-knuckled hands. “I’m sorry, it’s just…”

“I know” I interrupted quietly. I knew exactly why he was acting like this…you’d have to be very, very dense not to know why. “Just give it time” I said.

“Easier said than done” he told me through gritted teeth.

We slowly made our way downstairs to the changing rooms.

“Like, half of me wants to stay at home all the time so I can take any opportunity to spend time with her, but the rest of me can’t stand to be around her when she hates me, and things are so tense.

I can’t bear not being able to talk to her. I just don’t know what to do…”

He lapsed into silence and I didn’t break it; I mean what could I say? It was only after we’d showered, got dressed and were on our way back upstairs to the exit, that Nick spoke again. “I don’t think I’m up for tonight.”

I looked at him sideways; “But you’ve said all along that you were going to go; we go tickets ages ago!”

He shrugged, “that was when I was planning on taking Shannon. Now I just don’t really want to go.”

“Is it because you know she’ll be there?”

He just glared moodily at the receptionist when she lifted a hand to wave as we walked past. I sent an apologetic smile her way as her face seemed to crumple slightly. There was no need to be rude, and I thought he should know that. So I happily punched him, hard.

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