Chapter 58

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Chapter 58

Mark’s P.O.V:

I yawned as I quietly opened the door and slipped inside. Who the hell had invented mornings anyway?

I flicked on the lights in the living room and glanced around; it was exactly the same as when I’d left yesterday. Shannon obviously hadn’t made a spontaneous reappearance – not that I’d actually expected her to.

I was careful not to make any noise as I made my way over to Nick’s room. It would be just my luck to knock something over…probably something breakable as well.

I silently opened his door and looked inside. He was…hold the phone; where the hell was he? I let the door swing open completely and stalked inside. Nope, no sign of Nick.

I cursed as I stepped back out into the living room – I should have known he’d go out as soon as I went home. He shouldn’t be left to his own devices, I thought; he was too self-destructive.

I had a strong urge to hit something, but repressed it. Instead, I stomped back into the living room, racking my brains trying to think where Nick would have gone. I came up blank. I mean; it was after nine in the morning.

Could he – no, I thought, he’d have to be extremely desperate to go to class…then again, he seemed to be pretty desperate.

I stood, tapping my foot impatiently against the floor; my eyes scouring the apartment as my thoughts whizzed by at 90 miles an hour. It was then – mid-tap – that I noticed Shannon’s door.

It was the same dull brown wood, streaked with age and use, as usual; except that it was closed. I distinctly remembered it was flung wide open yesterday (as if Shan had left in a hurry) – exposing the dark shadows of her room.

But now it was closed. Without thinking, my feet pulled me over to the indiscriminate door.

I quietly pushed it open only enough that I could stick my head into the darkened room. With the light from the door filtering in, and the cracks in the curtains, I was clearly able to make out the shape of Nick curled up in the middle of Shannon’s bed.

One arm was tucked beneath his head; the other was clutching a pillow close to his chest. I sighed at the sad sight and quietly retreated; returning to the couch.

I flicked on the TV and lowered the sound. I was prepared to wait until my best friend woke up.

Shannon’s P.O.V:

Class was a bitch. I’d been in two minds about whether or not I would bother going in today at all. Part of me (the depressed part) couldn’t seem to care about class, and believed that my current situation warranted a few days off – the pain of betrayal a dull ache within me.

However, the other part of me (my pride basically) was determined to go in, knowing I would see Natalie, and wanting more than anything to show her that I didn’t care – that she hadn’t hurt me…even if it was a lie.

My determination won out.

Other than the satisfaction I’d felt though, when Natalie’s face had dropped with disappointment, class had been intensely boring. It got to the point where my eyes began to feel dry and itchy, as the heavy weight of sleep settled over me like a thick blanket.

I’d tried to surreptitiously slap myself to stay awake, but all that had resulted in was weird looks being thrown my way.

Thankfully, I didn’t have Art History. I don’t think I’d be able to cope with having to see Lee, who no doubt had long since heard the good news from Natalie…there was no telling what he’d do or how he’d react.

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