Chapter 52

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Chapter 52

Shannon’s P.O.V:

 I woke up bright and early and had to shield my eyes from the bright light streaming in my bedroom window. I’d purposely left the curtains open when I went to bed in the hopes that I’d wake up early.

I yawned as I sat up, pushing the heavy weight of Nick’s arm off me – I couldn’t remember the last time he’d actually slept in his own damn room.

I looked down at his sleeping face and couldn’t help reaching out to gently run my hand through his hair. He didn’t so much as twitch.

I’d asked for the day off from work and had agreed to go in for the lunchtime shift the next day. It wouldn’t be fun; there would be loads of people around, everybody out enjoying their Sunday afternoon – free from the worries of work and school.

‘Nick’ I said quietly but all he did was roll over onto his back.

I sighed and gently shook him, but to no avail – I wouldn’t want to have to rely on him in an emergency, I thought grimly as I rolled over until I was lying on top of him.

I continued to gently shake him until his eyelids began to flutter.

‘Nick, wake up’ I whispered as his arms slowly slid around my waist, locking me in place.

‘Wha-?’ he groaned; his voice thick with sleep.

‘Happy Birthday’ I murmured, pressing a light kiss on the tip of his nose.

I felt his arms tighten and his eyes opened fully, their dark depths seeking mine.

‘Thanks’ he yawned, ‘what time is it?’

‘Early’ I said succinctly, laying my head down against his chest. ‘You wanna get up?’

He shook his head vigorously; ‘if you love me you’ll let me go back to sleep’

I made to get off him; ‘we better get up then’ I teased, biting my lip to fight my smile.

He dragged me back down against him, our legs hopelessly tangled as he pressed his lips to mine.

‘You shouldn’t lie to me on my birthday’ his lips grazed my skin as he whispered in my ear.

Amusement glinted in his eyes.

‘Who said I was lying?’ I retorted.

He pouted and rolled us over, tucking me against his side.

When he didn’t say anything more, I decided that bribery was my best option. His eyes had already drifted shut again.

‘If you get up, I’ll make you breakfast’

His eyes snapped open and he stared at me in disbelief. I rolled my eyes at his obvious suspicion and batted my eyelashes innocently.

‘What type of breakfast?’


His mouth curled up into a smile and he nodded quickly and enthusiastically.

I kissed him once more before extracting myself from his grasp. I shivered slightly as the cool air hit my bare legs, beginning to regret wearing shorts to bed. I grabbed one of his hoodies that was draped over my chair and threw it on as he pulled himself from the bed.

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