Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

Shannon's P.O.V:

The five of us spent a couple of hours wandering around London looking for jobs. We went into all different types of shops but most weren't hiring. Eventually we gave up, all of us agreeing that we couldn't possibly walk any more.  

My cheeks ached from having to paste a smile on my face and my feet were in bits. My shoes, though gorgeous, weren't so nice after a couple of hours of walking.

"So, Shan you coming to lunch with us?" Natalie asked.  

I opened my mouth to say of course, when I remembered my promise to Nick to treat him to lunch. I hadn't thought about him all day, as surprising as that is. "Nah, sorry, I can't." 

She raised her brows, silently waiting for me to continue.  

"I'm going to lunch with my roomie." 

Her eyebrows rose even further and everyone else turned to look at me. They didn't know much about our situation; only that Nick and I didn't really get on very well.  

They're probably staring as much because Natalie is quiet - it didn't happen often - as because I'm going to lunch with Nick, I mused.  

"I thought you hated each other?" Lee piped up, looking angry?  

I blushed slightly, "yes we, uh, made up last night." I inwardly cringed as soon as the words left my mouth realising how they would sound to the others.  

Sure enough, Natalie's eyebrows, which had just managed to return to their normal level shot back up as she stared at me with a smirk on her lips. "What did you two hook up or something?"  

I blinked at her bluntness and could feel my cheeks beginning to heat. "No! We just talked."

I only then noticed that we'd stopped walking and the four of them were standing watching me with different expressions on their faces.  

Robbie and Emma both stood with their arms entwined looking mildly curious, - I'd noticed in the short time I'd known them that they were really two parts of the same person and were practically inseparable. I couldn't imagine them ever breaking up - Nat looked amused and Lee still looked almost angry, though I didn't know why.  

I looked slyly at Natalie, "he did manage to get my top off though" I announced airily before continuing to walk down the path leaving them standing, staring after me.  

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" Natalie managed to grab my arm and pull me back before I could get too far away from them. "You can't just drop that little bomb and walk away! Explain. Now." 

I giggled. "It's not what you think." 

"So you didn't take your top off?"  

"No...He took it off for me..." 

She rolled her eyes; "Shannon I'm going to give you exactly three seconds to"  

I laughed, 'I'm joking, he did take my top off, but it wasn't sexual if you know what I mean."

Unfortunately! That ever present voice in my head said spitefully.  

"I spilled tea down myself and he was just helping."  

She looked almost disappointed that my story wasn't more interesting.  

"Sorry" I told her, "I won't attempt to make a joke again."

We resumed walking, Lee trailing a couple of steps behind us.  

"Anyway" I continued, "very long - and unfunny - story short, I said that I'd treat him to lunch today, which is why I can't come to lunch with you." 

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