Chapter 39

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Okay, I don't know why I put this video's random and not really anything to do with the you don't have to listen if you don't want to!

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Chapter 39



Shannon’s P.O.V:



I didn’t take too long to get everything ready, and fifteen minutes later, I was walking into the living room.

Nick looked up immediately from where he’d been staring into the fire.

I silently took his hand and led him after me upstairs to my room.

When we stepped inside, he looked around as if expecting something to jump out at him.

‘I don’t get it’ he said finally, ‘what’s the surprise?’

‘It’s not here idiot. We’re going outside, and unless you want to freeze to death, I’d suggest you put on more clothes’

I quickly threw on a pair on a pair of sweats under my dress, and with my back to him, I stripped off the dress, putting on a t-shirt instead.

When I went to get a pair of woolly socks, I noticed he was staring at the place where I’d just been standing with slightly pink cheeks.

‘You just saw my bare back, don’t get too excited’ I said dryly as I pulled open a drawer.

He narrowed his eyes at me.

I leant down to pull on the socks and when I stood straight again, it was to see him pulling off his shirt, to replace it with an old t-shirt.

‘You just saw my bare chest, don’t get too excited’ he smirked.

Now it was my turn to glare.

We were both silent as we put on extra layers. When we were ready, he picked up my present off the bed where we’d left it early, and tucked it into his jacket pocket.

He took my hand as we walked down the stairs and let me precede him down the hall to the kitchen. I could hear my parents talking faintly in low voices, which emanated from the living room. I checked the time as I grabbed the torch that was sitting on the counter beside the door.

It was after eleven.

I still hadn’t given Nick the tour of the garden, but we still had plenty of time before we had to go home.

I kept him close behind me as I led the way down the dark path laid with paving stones. We could see our breath in front of us it was so cold. The torch illuminated a small area in around us as we walked, showing the grass on either side of the path and the multitude of dark plants and trees.

Being outside at night tended to freak me out because everything threw great big shadows, which made me think something horrible was lurking there, just waiting to jump out at me... but maybe I’m just paranoid.

It didn’t take long to reach our destination. It wasn’t as cold here (though that wasn’t saying much) because we were sheltered by the walls of the garden.

Nick had frozen behind me, so I had to stop when he did because we were still holding hands.

‘What’s this?’ he said hoarsely as he looked at what was in front of him.

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