You Don't Fool Me - B.H by alvan030
You Don't Fool Me - B.Hby Princess of the universe ✨
"You don't fool me mels, I've noticed your cheeky little looks." Melanie Taylor is hired as a make-up artist for the cast of the Bohemian Rhapsody movie, as sh...
  • freddiemercury
  • bohemianrhapsody
  • music
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The monster inside me (Ben Drowned x Reader book 1) by toxicblaze
The monster inside me (Ben Meadow Palmer
You were on your way home from school. Walking in silence as the rain pattered on the concrete. Your bag hung low and so did your head. None of this was your fault. Sure...
  • slenderman
  • jeff
  • proxy
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REWRITE THE — 𝐚𝐥𝐞𝐱𝐬𝐚
❛ nothing could keep us apart cause you are the one I was meant to find ❜ jay! descendants! one - three!
  • jay
  • maleficent
  • booboostewart
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Harry Hook x Reader x Carlos De Vil by nightgirl1217
Harry Hook x Reader x Carlos De Vilby Danica
You are Heidi, the daughter of Hades, King of the Underworld and God of the Death, from Hercules. You and the VKs known as Mal daughter of Maleficent, Evie daughter of...
  • evie
  • dizzy
  • gil
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Mystery - Prince Ben LS (Disney Descendants) by Coolgirl4202
Mystery - Prince Ben LS (Disney Chloe Henderson
What if Price Ben didn't bring 4 VK's but 5 to Auradon. The mysterious hidden daugher of Scar and Maleficent. After Scar died Maleficent has had Scarlett kept a secret f...
  • ben
  • villian
  • love
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A VK Lifeline  by luvwarriorcats13
A VK Lifeline by luvwarriorcats13
~squeal to 'A VK Heartbeat~ ~recommend reading 'A VK Heartbeat' first before continuing~ Mal is freighted and alone. She almost killed the one she loves the most Her lov...
  • descendants
  • harry
  • mal
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Crown: Ben Descendants Love story by JaiB1515
Crown: Ben Descendants Love storyby Jai Blake
Hazel is the daughter to none other then Hades and Maleficent. Hazel is sent to the Auradon with Mal, Carlos, Evie, and Jay, but while there catches the eye of the futur...
  • doug
  • benlovestory
  • ben
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Descendants Imagines by wckdobrien
Descendants Imaginesby j
A collection of imagines of characters from Descendants! Mostly Harry Hook! completed :) sowwy <3
  • harryhooksmut
  • thomasdoherty
  • carlos
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Dreams from the Depths (Descendents Ben) by -Freakmade
Dreams from the Depths ( -Freakmade
Arabella Brooks the daughter of all Greek Gods and Goddesses, The heir of Mount Olympus is sent down to earth to attend high school. Auradon Prep, has lots in store for...
  • greek
  • evie
  • carlos
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You Can Be My Beast (Jay Descendants) by TrishaHufflepuff
You Can Be My Beast (Jay kurenttrish
Princess Rose is the sister of Prince Ben and the daughter of King Adam and Queen Belle she is the most beautiful and kindest princess you'll ever meet and when four vil...
  • disney
  • descendants
  • ben
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Descendants Fanfic: The Forgotten Sister by Lachiquis1195
Descendants Fanfic: The Lachiquis1195
This book contains Descendants and Descendants 2. I made this book to get my sister interested in reading and I know that she's always wanting to read my stuff, so I fin...
  • descendantsfanfiction
  • vks
  • jay
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We're All Mad Here - Prince Ben LS (Disney's Descendants) by Coolgirl4202
We're All Mad Here - Prince Ben Chloe Henderson
Kathryn (Kat) Cheshire is the famous Cheshire Cat's daughter. Kat is insane, mad and maybe a little wicked. So what happens when her and her friends get sent to Auradon...
  • romance
  • ben
  • cheshire
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His Isle Girl ✔ by SweetPunky
His Isle Girl ✔by SweetPunky
"You can take the girl out of the isle but you can't take the isle out of the girl." Arabelle, the daughter of Anastasia. Lives on the Isle with her family an...
  • mal
  • anastasiatremaine
  • isleofthelost
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Ciara Charming || A Jay Love Story by rosie022201
Ciara Charming || A Jay Love Storyby Erynn
My name's Ciara Charming, twin sister of Chad. When we were born, I was chosen to be the future King Ben's Royal Advisor. Since that day, I've been put through extra cla...
  • carlos
  • ben
  • jay
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MJ Frost 》Descendants 2 by lovethebreeze
MJ Frost 》Descendants 2by lovethebreeze
Mal promised to come back for her. She promised to come back for her best friend, but she abandoned her. People change. She changed. Is it for better or for worst? MJ ha...
  • harry
  • mal
  • evie
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Flower •Prince Ben x OC•  by Lonelytrash16
Flower •Prince Ben x OC• by Lonelytrash16
"How can I stay strong when everyone here defines me by the actions of my mother." Ella Gothel; Daughter of Mother Gothel All Ella ever wanted was to have fr...
  • mothergothel
  • jay
  • beautyandthebeast
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My Imperfect (Various!Creepypastas x Reader) by ATwistedFate
My Imperfect (Various! ATwistedFate
This is a 'select your fate' kind of story. You will read through the common route, and then choose which guy you want to go after. I will be building up this story for...
  • masky
  • creepypasta
  • hoodie
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*•°Disney Descendants X Reader *•°❇Book 1❇ by Uriel_Sinclair
*•°Disney Descendants X Reader *•° Uriel
You, The reader will be the twin sister of Mal and the daughter of Maleficent. Disney Descendants isn't mine, I don't own them. They belong to their Owners.
  • chad
  • mal
  • evie
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Scarlett: Rule Over Auradon|| Descendants by xoxo_nutella
Scarlett: Rule Over Auradon|| xoxo_nutella
Scarlett , the daughter of Scar. What will happen when Scarlett and her friends Mal, Evie, Carlos and Jay have an opportunity to rule over Auradon? Cover Credit: @-lucy...
  • jay
  • evil
  • evie
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Cheshire Cat reader x Creepypasta by kingbubbles12shadow
Cheshire Cat reader x Creepypastaby kingbubbles12shadow
The Cheshire Cat had died in your arms he had given you his magical powers from wonderland that had increased your insanity and I handed more of your human capabilities...
  • wonderland
  • adventure
  • reader
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