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The sleepover that changed everything (Sokeefe) by mollie_booknerd
The sleepover that changed booknerd101
Basically a Fan-fiction where Biana invites everyone over for a sleepover and that's how Sophie and Keefe get together. Including Biana sass, fluffy moments, cute dates...
Love Is Not The Enemy by Victoria_Elise
Love Is Not The Enemyby victoriaelise
Shannon and Cari had been best friends for longer than either of them could remember, having been neighbors since birth. Their bond was unbreakable, no one could come in...
Random sokeefe oneshots by Mistakes_RMade
Random sokeefe oneshotsby CassNicole
Hi I love Koltc But I love Shipping sokeefe even more!!!!!! *fangirl squealing* so, here's a few that i've written myself!
Sophitz kotlc by KTandBA
Sophitz kotlcby KTandBA
Sophitz. Yay! If you clicked on this book, thank you so much! As you can see, this book is super long ... and ... not completed yet! Hehehe. It has like a million chapt...
Vampire Dragon Wizard & Witch love HP ff HG Cousin Viktor Krum LS by KristenBlanks8
Vampire Dragon Wizard & Witch Shannon The Warrior Princess...
This the story will make your hearts feel the warmth and joy and will make your mind blow @ I don't Harry Potter I only own Shannon and Chastity
Sokeefe- Human AU by imEmilynn
Sokeefe- Human AUby On break
~#1 in Edaline~ Sophie's parents die in a car crash. She gets adopted my Grady and Edaline. Soon she goes to a new high school. There she meets Keefe. Keefe. The name di...
Pieces of Parchment: A KotLC Matchmaking Fanfiction by MissGlitterbutt
Pieces of Parchment: A KotLC .
Keefe, Fitz, some random guy she's never heard of...who will be 'the one'? Marella, Linh, Biana, others, will they be on his list? Find out in this book, with different...
• Secret Girls | NCT Taeyong • by hyoung_bae
• Secret Girls | NCT Taeyong •by hye
"Bang PD-nim, several months ago you said that there were no female trainees in BigHit Entertainment. Now, there's news that Bangtansonyeondan is going to have a si...
Confessions and Realizations - A Sokeefe Story by outsideofmyhead
Confessions and Realizations - A Len
Takes place after Legacy. Sophie finally realizes who her love lies with. She reached up to his face, and wiped the tears off his cheeks. She knew what her heart wanted...
How I Fell for the Player by BrittanyLeigh8
How I Fell for the Playerby Brittany
Shannon Lane and Austin Burke are complete opposites. Shannon is the ordinary girl who is looking for the perfect guy and Austin is the hot player that every girl wants...
Revenge on the Billionaire by 14_magali
Revenge on the Billionaireby 14_magali
Shannon Adams the ex-wife of the Billionaire, Bryan Myers. She is an intelligent 24 year old, who wants sweet revenge. Bryan Myers, the ex-husband of Shannon Adams. He...
Rhydian morris x Reader  by hehehehehrbrbbrrb
Rhydian morris x Reader by Mollieeeeee12
when you and a new boy join the school you realise your not the only wolfblood in town...
KOTLC- This Was going to be Interesting-(Sokeefe+Tiana) by hannahmoonlark007
KOTLC- This Was going to be Moonlark😜
Sophie is the new girl. She makes friends and is having a good life. But the guy she likes is probably not asking her to the Winter Formal. Will she go? Biana likes Tam...
Everything's Alright: a Tiana Story by aglisteningmoon
Everything's Alright: a Tiana Storyby AGM
He shrugged, grinning which was the first I'd seen in a long time. "Looks like everything's alright". And everything did seem alright, at the moment, but litt...
Always there for you by LuvMochiAegyo
Always there for youby Luv Mochi
Sophie needs to get over this stupid crush, and fast. But every time she goes back to Everglen and sees Fitz, her heart does a weird flip and her stomach is fluttering...
My World Will Stop Spinning [Katy Perry Fan fiction] by atasteofperfection
My World Will Stop Spinning [ atasteofperfection
Samantha Hudson, younger sister of Katy Perry is involved in an accident. She then discovers a shocking secret and her life is changed forever. Sammie and Katy have alw...
a dream to a reality by roguemikaelson
a dream to a realityby Keira
a girl whose dream was to work in an f1 garage finally becomes a reality...but what happens when she goes against her contract? because only bad things come to those who...
The Fantasy by SpillingInkwithLove
The Fantasyby SpillingInkwithLove
Being an the art director for one of the most popular galleries in Los Angeles, Ashley Wagner had worked twelve hour days all week. It was Friday night and all she wa...
KOTLC "Choose em'" Oneshots by sherlockiantacokeefe
KOTLC "Choose em'" Oneshotsby sherlockiantacokeefe
One shots that you tell me to write. There are "plots" you can choose from to let me know what to write. .... .... .... # 1 in Song # 2 in Tiana (Tam and Biana)