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silent by islaholland
silentby isla
Amalia Romano is a selective mute. After years of enduring abuse from her step father, who has ridiculed and hurt her mercilessly, she doesn't want to talk, for fear of...
Help by Sydney916569
Helpby Sydney 🤍
Florence Young was taken by her mother from her brothers when she was five years old. Never forgetting her brothers, she spends everyday longing to go back home to them...
The silent Orphan girl! (Under construction) by Winnieac
The silent Orphan girl! (Under Nonah
Noah Winters is not a normal teenage girl. She lives with several of other children just like her, orphaned. Every night she dreams nightmares about the past, just fragm...
Two Mates No voice by Aya_Manami
Two Mates No voiceby Aya_Manami
Autumn Williams was the outcast. After her parents died in a rouge attack everyone hates her for her looks. When almost drowning in a river she becomes traumatize leavin...
Silent by HiddenKnight
Silentby The Nerdy Girl
Whisper Woods. Yes, that's a name. Whispers life is a little bit different from what you would expect. She is quiet, shy,kind,sweet and overall a non-judgmental person...
Aang's Lost Sister (Zuko X Reader) Book 1 by NatashaTasyaar
Aang's Lost Sister (Zuko X Reader) Natasha Tasyaar
The war broke out after the Fire Nation attacks. Only the Avatar, master of all four elements can stop them. Fearing for the Avatar, the Fire Nation decided to kill eve...
Home To You ~ the secrets of Suryavanshi's  by writer_maira
Home To You ~ the secrets of uff.iniii🐇
The whole world knows about them by outside . The Three heirs of Suryavanshi's were the most popular and handsome guys of the India . They're the owner of almost half...
The Sweetest Devotion by CarasVerity
The Sweetest Devotionby CarasVerity
Jack's flat is flooded and he comes to stay with Nikki, but will they be able to hold back their feelings for each other? Jack X Nikki Based briefly off the episode 'And...
When Mr.Workaholic Weds Ms.Silent ✔ by SweetyTeja
When Mr.Workaholic Weds Ms.Silent ✔by Tejasswi
Cover Design: Drabble Love ~ Enchanted Graphics What will happen when a smart silent girl enters into the life of a workaholic man? Can true love blooms crossing all hur...
A Broken Soulmate (Book 1) by HarukiUsagi46
A Broken Soulmate (Book 1)by Rika
Wei Wuxian found his soulmate in Lan Wangji, one day he wanted to teased Lan Wangji because he never smile, always have on a stoic face and always silent. He want to kno...
The Silence. . . by KatrinaOHare4
The Silence. . .by Katrina O'Hare
"A horror story based on a fictional plot. A Story about an 18 year old boy Named Jack who moved out of his parents house just a week ago. Moves into a house In the...
Silent Unspoken Words by Sindelren
Silent Unspoken Wordsby Sindel
An alpha without a wolf and outlasted from his own pack has lost all hope with life. He takes a long drive on a journey of self discovery and accidentally stumbles upon...
Silent Fearless Pen by dineluvsyou
Silent Fearless Penby Adineee
When I don't have an update on my stories, here I am spreading fearless thoughts. The silent fearless pen is about a random poem every time I can't sleep at night. So, i...
Wasn't Expecting Love by onadhi
Wasn't Expecting Loveby Blue Lilies
Felicity Cecelia Harlow, a young, smart daughter of a billionaire finds herself in a confusing situation when her uncle announced that she's promised to the youngest, ye...
[Shadowhunters] Where the silence sings by Hiding_in_my_room
[Shadowhunters] Where the Hiding_in_my_room
Shadowhunters universe ff. Our warlock fell in love with a Silent Brother. 1944, Prague.
ℝ𝕖𝕧𝕖𝕣𝕚𝕖 by Coffee_Mess
ℝ𝕖𝕧𝕖𝕣𝕚𝕖by Zisel_Adair
"We all are born free But spend a lifetime Becoming slaves to our own False Truth" - Atticus "Words left unsaid." Just some poem's that I wrote in m...
Silence by uniqueandnerdy2911
Silenceby Mocha
Willow Bates has never spoken a single word. Due to her physical muteness, her life in Gotham City consists of frustration and a constant fear of the worst. She lives i...
SILENT  || Sugawara Yuri by hcneyed_toasties
SILENT || Sugawara Yuriby 𝐄𝐑𝐈𝐒🤍
𝐒𝐈𝐋𝐄𝐍𝐓 | ❝ Sometimes silence is better than wasting your breath on someone who refuses to listen. ❞ ✎ 𝐇𝐚𝐢𝐤𝐲𝐮𝐮 ➣ Tsukishima Kei Yuri Sugawara is the young...