Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

Shannon's P.O.V:

My back tensed when I heard a familiar voice chirp out a Hello behind me. I muttered a response but refused to turn around, instead continuing to stare at the cup of tea in front of me. I knew that if I talked to her before I'd had a cup of tea, I was likely to be in a bad mood all day...chances are I would be anyway, hearing her had guaranteed that. So I didn't look up.

It was one thing to hear her voice; it was a completely different thing to have to see her - no doubt wearing one of his shirts. In fact, I thought, it was probably the same one that I'd seen every single girl he'd brought home wear.

I shook my head slightly; all the girls had the same look on their faces. It was almost painful to watch that pathetically hopeful look that no doubt was wiped off by Nick without another thought when he finally woke up and kicked them out.

They probably all had the same ideas that he'd ask them out after sleeping with them...but if any of them were anything more than a quick fuck to him then I had yet to see any evidence of it. And yet there were always girls willing to try...he couldn't be that good in bed, could he? I quickly told myself to shut up; I was heading for dangerous waters thinking like that.

I studied the wall in front of me with its faded white paint, while I waited for my toast to pop. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see her open the fridge and look in. My toast popped and I grabbed it quickly, ignoring how hot it was. I wanted to be out of the kitchen and away from her as quickly as possible. I grabbed a knife and quickly and almost savagely buttered the toast.

"Hey Shannon, do you have anything Low Fat? I can't eat all these Carbs."

My hand tensed; making me cut a big hole in the middle of one of the slices of toast. I sighed, putting down the knife. I didn't trust myself not to accidently cut myself. "Nope" I said sweetly, still not looking at her, "neither I nor Nick has to worry about that, we can both eat as much as we like without gaining any weight."

It was low blow going after a girl's weight but I wasn't in a particularly good mood and I couldn't make myself care even though I knew she'd make me regret it later. She obviously didn't appreciate what I'd been implying about her and I could feel her shooting daggers at me.

"Well lucky for some" she muttered, closing - no slamming - the fridge door and stalking out of the room.

I collected my toast and tea and followed her out the door, heading for my room. I took a bite of my toast as I walked. I grimaced, I'd put too much butter on it.

She wasn't in the living room; I guessed she'd gone back to Nick's room. I shuddered at the thought of! I scolded myself; don't think about either of them. I sighed; I knew that for the rest of the day I wouldn't be allowed to forget that she'd been with Nick...or at least until two.

I threw on my work clothes; black trousers and a fitted white shirt, grabbing my phone and keys. I gulped down my tea and ate the last bite of toast and headed for the door, making sure not to linger in case I ran into either of them.

I hurried down the path, it was very windy and I hadn't brought a jacket. It didn't take me long to reach the Café. Every time I came here I was reminded of the day, weeks ago when Nick and I had come here, back when we were friends.

I took a deep breath, pushing open the door and plastering a smile on my face. As soon as he saw me, Rick - my Boss - beckoned me over to him. I snagged a black apron from behind the counter as I went. I hurried over to him, where he was making coffee. "Shannon, thank God you're here, Jenny hasn't deigned to come in yet." We both rolled our eyes and I smirked, hoping she'd get into trouble.

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