blue boy. // Lauv x Reader by DISTRESS101
blue boy. // Lauv x Readerby 🌑 Madison 🌑
• "I spent my entire life getting hung up on a person when someone better was just waiting to be discovered." "Don't worry, I understand. It took me awhil...
  • breathe
  • imetyouwheniwas18
  • bracelet
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Charms and Secrets by FireyRose16
Charms and Secretsby ℛᎾЅℰ
Naomi added a charm to her bracelet, as Rose did to her necklace, for every life they took. 10 kids have gone missing in the past three weeks. Enter the new boy. A boy...
  • love
  • mystery
  • jealous
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Bracelet by kyutee_marrie
Braceletby Marrie Samortin
A Bracelet that turned Amara's world into new, protected, and safe world. What bracelet is it? Saan pa nagmula iyon? Paanong sa kanya ito napunta? Let's find out
  • story
  • philippines
  • mystery
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Meant to Be by TrinaXox4
Meant to Beby Trina T. Wong Nguyen
Four friends, four bracelets, powers to learn, two pairs. What'll become of this?
  • magic
  • love
  • fantasy
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The Boy She Loved To Hate |editing| by messedme341_x
The Boy She Loved To Hate |editing|by Aishwarya
❝ She is beauty. But she ain't grace. She would slit your throat with a razor blade Or blow you up like a hand grenade.❞ Two years and some regretful mistakes, Aisha Gup...
  • teen
  • hatelove
  • watty
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Rivalry Z.M by meerrose
Rivalry Z.Mby Meerrose ❤️
I am either going out for ice cream, Or to commit a heinous crime... I'll decide in the car... She adds a charm to her bracelet for every life she takes... Zayn Malik, R...
  • iansomerhalder
  • zayn
  • brave
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The Misfits by phoenixbird1313
The Misfitsby Phoenixbird1313
Cover by: @xLovEtoLivEx A group of misfits with extraordinary abilities are thrown into a world they never knew existed. In a world like this, a person who you think is...
  • death
  • good
  • twins
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Good Luck Charm // Jonah Maris  by lovinherronn
Good Luck Charm // Jonah Maris by Why Don’t We ❤️
"Hey Kate, where's you bracelet?" "Shit, I can't lose that, it was the last thing my grandmother gave to me before she passed" "Let's go find...
  • marais
  • we
  • dolantwins
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Emeralds by DaDerps
Emeraldsby DA DERPS
Made By: Angela Haller My parents once gave me a tiny charm bracelet, but with it holds the power of my fate.
  • girl
  • book
  • nature
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black bracelet by somniatis__
black braceletby rsb | moved to smxraldo
❝ We draw our own limits, I just happen to know how to not use a pen for it.❞ ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ He was often reminded how a man was not supposed to be heart...
  • dreams
  • blackbracelet
  • badboy
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Now You See Me (#Wattys2018) by Jane_Doe_99
Now You See Me (#Wattys2018)by Iris
Traveling the dangerous streets of the city isn't easy when you don't know your way around. You might encounter a street-vender who happens to be a scammer or maybe even...
  • mysterious
  • summerawards2018
  • hero
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The Casanova and the Nbsb by Emvie23
The Casanova and the Nbsbby VickyDelosSantos
Lianna is an nbsb. Mahilig siyang mam-basted at man-deadma ng mga manliligaw niya. Hindi niya malaman kung bakit. Is it because, she is waiting for someone? And who is t...
  • coffee
  • nbsb
  • challenge
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Saving Margaux (OnGoing)  by Quinn_Arabells
Saving Margaux (OnGoing) by QUINN
Highest Rank:#38 in FantasyRomance #90 Dark Fantasy Si Kristina Clare Salvador ay isang dalagitang mahilig sa mga fantasy novels and movies. Mi...
  • darkfantasy
  • bracelet
  • mystery
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Thor's lost daughter by Winterschild82
Thor's lost daughterby S
"How are you not burned?" Agent Coulson asked when we were in the hospital, Derek was sitting on the bed next to me. My sister was no where to be seen, but I n...
  • teen
  • bracelet
  • shield
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The Bad Boy Stole My Bracelet by casanova460
The Bad Boy Stole My Braceletby Casanova
"Courtney, I lost my bracelet!" "You mean that one?" Courtney, my best friend, says and points to Noah, the bad boy of the school. We walk up to him...
  • bracelet
  • gắng
  • moving
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Far Away || PJM by LeiiLuv
Far Away || PJMby BabyChim
"You're going to do whatever I say" Y/N who can turn back time but didn't know she can travel the future. What will happen to her if she meets Park Jimin who i...
  • away
  • bts
  • jin
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Charmed by SuperNerdAway
Charmedby Gabby
A bracelet. More specifically an old school, elephant, wish charm bracelet. I got it from a vender at some bazaar my ex-best friend dragged me to at sixteen. The ven...
  • charmed
  • bracelet
  • teen
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It Reminds Me Of You. by iBendy423
It Reminds Me Of I-G-G-BYE
Just stuff that makes me think...
  • bracelet
  • cute
  • jewlery
The Four Sisters by Mooji123
The Four Sistersby Mooji123
Four realms- four sisters- and a dark secret
  • fantasy
  • fourelements
  • historical
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