stripper - gbd by bbyeth
stripper - gbdby daddy
"This goes out to the birthday boy!"
  • stripper
  • dolantwins
  • wattys2018
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Mine - Yoonmin by yoonminyum
Mine - Yoonminby Hayley
In which Jimin works as a stripped at a gay strip club to support himself through Dance Academy. While Yoongi is a well off buisness man who is in need of the help from...
  • jimin
  • boyxboy
  • parkjimin
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JUST A HOE  by Auggie_Is_Baee
JUST A HOE by karinjuice
Teyana, born and raised in New Orleans, Lousiana. She was a huge daddy's girl because her parents spoiled her when she was young with any and everything she wanted. Life...
  • kingpin
  • romance
  • love
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Possessive (Editing) by liz4101
Possessive (Editing)by liz4101
She's going to be mine and only mine -Adam Ashford ************************ Isabelle she has had a hard life since she was young she doesn't know who her dad is and her...
  • love
  • hate
  • adam
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Guarding Alexandria ✔️ (#5~Stone Knight's MC) | SAMPLE by Meganfall
Guarding Alexandria ✔️ (#5~Stone Meganfall
**COMPLETED**HIGHEST RANKING #2 ~ 11/27/17** Mario is a criminal. He's tough, he's rich, and he's feared. He gave up everything to become the man he is, even the love...
  • biker
  • gangster
  • mafia
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Hustler by Qveen_Keylaa
Hustlerby KEYLAAA
This is the story of Passion She has a struggling life at the moment. She lives with her baby sister who she basically raised. She has to learn what it means to be a Hus...
  • hoodlove
  • stripper
  • ghetto
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Why Me? by _k_e_w_
Why Me?by Kaitlyn
Why Me? Her mother died when she was 5 years old and her father became drunk when his wife died. Her father became abusive and made her work as a stripper for drugs. Wh...
  • romance
  • ceo
  • stripper
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Becoming a stripper or taking part in what most people would term as 'prostitution' was never my dream. Becoming a hooked drug addict was never part of my future plans e...
  • violence
  • gio
  • mafia
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Trixie by Lila-K
Trixieby Lila-K
Esmeralda Roberts, or better known by her stage name Trixie, works as a stripper, but not by choice, but because she has to. Collin Edwards, a wealthy and successful bus...
  • possesive
  • trust
  • stripper
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Isabella by ginny776
Isabellaby Julia
"How much do I pay to get a lap dance like that?" He asked standing behind the stunning girl wearing only a lace thong and bra with matching heels that put her...
  • werewolf
  • strippers
  • boys
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𝓢𝓽𝓻𝓲𝓹𝓹𝓮𝓻 | Taekook by joonieshoe
𝓢𝓽𝓻𝓲𝓹𝓹𝓮𝓻 | Taekookby ˗ˏˋ Joonie's Hoeˎˊ˗
[on going] ❝ You're here as my Personal Stripper. ❞ Kim Taehyung, seduces the man who took advantage of him. Little does he know, it's the future SUPREME GANG LEADER OF...
  • cursing
  • romance
  • bts
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The Professional Lover II (18+) by Orchid_27
The Professional Lover II (18+)by EM Orchid
Grinding on a fat, old man's lap for money wasn't exactly what I had in mind when I left home, but neither was twenty-six thousand dollars per year in tuition and fees. ...
  • newadult
  • steamy
  • romance
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Blade (Savage Wolves MC) #1 by renacollins
Blade (Savage Wolves MC) #1by Rena Collins
Recently escaped from the only home she's ever known, Letha moves out to Las Vegas to start a new life away from the people who sought to ruin her. Broke and jobless, wi...
  • mc
  • bikerromance
  • casino
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Dare To Fall by TheDreamCatcher45
Dare To Fallby Chief Procrastinator
Camila and Dinah work in a lesbian strip club where they meet Lauren and Normani. Neither girl is quite prepared for the journey they're about to take.
  • college
  • lucyvives
  • allybrooke
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My Dad Sold Me to a Gang Leader. ( Editing )  by Kit_Kat_Cat23
My Dad Sold Me to a Gang Leader. ( Cc joe
17 year old Jess has had a crappy life ever since her mom left her with her dad. Hes always drunk and beats her. She had to drop outta school to hold two jobs to feed th...
  • leaders
  • boys
  • teen
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VALOUR [L.T] by -bruised
VALOUR [L.T]by louis' princess
he saw the darkness in her beauty. she saw the beauty in his darkness.
  • violence
  • guns
  • action
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His Stripper by Mrs_Mysterious01
His Stripperby Mysterious God
Smut. Smut. And more smut. This story is fast paced and sometimes slow. It's based on an interesting Dancer who meets her Alpha mate and can barely contain the raw fe...
  • moon
  • luna
  • cringy
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Stripper {K.TH} by Sexy_Pornstar_Tae
Stripper {K.TH}by ✨Mrs.Kim✨
People in school know her as the shy, quiet girl. But at night, that's a whole different story.
  • pole
  • stripper
  • nightclub
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Unfortunate (COMPLETED) by kayyy_then
Unfortunate (COMPLETED)by kayyy
When life seems like it's going nowhere, we are introduced to something or someone that makes us feel like there is a purpose in life. We end doing anything for these th...
  • drugs
  • pain
  • stripper
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Dreams Worth More Than Money by libra_babey
Dreams Worth More Than Moneyby libra_babey
A stripper called cookie has a habit of sleeping with men and taking their valuable items but then she messed up with the wrong dude "Monster" the most dangero...
  • nickiminaj
  • player
  • stripper
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