Street Girl | ✓ by solacing
Street Girl | ✓by taylor hale
Everyone in Godfrey knows about the city's problem with street kids, but former hockey prodigy and ordinary high school student Elliot Wexler never thought he'd see one...
  • homeless
  • highschool
  • younglove
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The Bride Of Krampus (Yandere! Krampus x Shy & Mute OC) by rappgirl2014
The Bride Of Krampus (Yandere! rappgirl
Sophia North was always that of the broken sort. With her abusive father and the bullies in her school she is treated as the freak only because of her natural icy eyes a...
  • kill
  • xreader
  • possessive
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Midnight Kiss by linaxwrites
Midnight Kissby lina
When Josie spots one of the cutest guys she's ever laid eyes on she immediately wants him to notice her. The only problem is that she's reserved when it comes to new peo...
  • youngadult
  • olderguy
  • froygutierrez
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Bad Santa : CUPID'S MATCH SPIN-OFF by LEPalphreyman
The time for being good is over. It's time to be bad... *** My dearest cupids, For too long we have adhered to the old ways, the traditions, the r u l e s. But no more...
  • paranormal
  • action
  • adventure
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The Prince's American Girl | Prince Harry and Meghan Markle by BestKeptHiddenSecret
The Prince's American Girl | Nicole
She stood alone on the balcony cupping her warm tea. The soft breathe of air from the close of another smoldering hot day smoothed past her cheek and made the chiffon cu...
  • markle
  • love
  • summer
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Forever Mine *A Fred Weasley Love Story* Book One by HaHaPhelpsHaHa
Forever Mine *A Fred Weasley Kristen
When Persephone (Seph) Tate transfers from Beauxbatons to Hogwarts, she meets her match in pranking when she meets Fred and George Weasley. Seph catches the eyes of none...
  • cho
  • fights
  • christmas
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Lynx Malfoy (A Harry Potter FanFiction) by PrinceThespian
Lynx Malfoy (A Harry Potter Misha
So, everyone knows who Draco Malfoy is... but did you know he had a sister? Lynx Malfoy is loved by her older brother Draco, but he chooses He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named over...
  • fanficion
  • lynx
  • luna
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Christmas With The Stark's by StarMunch55
Christmas With The Stark'sby sydney
You are the daughter of the one and only Tony Stark and Christmas is just around the corner! You get to spend all Christmas break with the Avengers and your crush Peter...
  • tonystarksdaughter
  • peterparker
  • christmas
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Graveyard Carols by AlternativeTruths
Graveyard Carolsby HaleyJ🌵
When Katie visits the graveyard on Christmas Eve to visit her twin brother's grave, she meets a mysterious, yet handsome guy named Ezra who begins singing with her. At f...
  • romance
  • paranormal
  • murder
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The Burrow (A Fred Weasley Fan Fiction) by CharlieA
The Burrow (A Fred Weasley Fan Charlie
Teen mom? Check. On the run? Check. Daughter of the Dark Lord? Check. Not entirely human? Check. Slowly falling in love with a Weasley? Yup, got that too. Journey with M...
  • adventure
  • pottter
  • magic
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The Secret Admirer |BL| by OmnipotentSadist
The Secret Admirer |BL|by Nic M. Lachowski
|LGBT ROMANCE| When Marcus Berkley discovers that he has a secret admirer, he isn't quite too sure how to react. Surely, the affection held won't go unnoticed and surel...
  • glbt
  • mysterious
  • thriller
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christmas || renjun by donghyucksbomb
christmas || renjunby • mandy •
the best of mistletoes and hohohos!!
  • nctdream
  • nctrenjun
  • winter
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Time Passages (Queen or Freddie Mercury Fanfic) by sallyjay4
Time Passages (Queen or Freddie Sally Jay
SEQUEL TO "IN THE YEAR OF THE CAT" - FOR BEST RESULTS, START THERE. Or don't. Your choice. ;) Now, the synopsis: It's been ten years since the T-Rod in...
  • sequel
  • mercury
  • johndeacon
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Safe and Sound (Watty Awards 2012). by icypastels
Safe and Sound (Watty Awards 2012).by icypastels
Meet Madeline Harwell, a bruised and broken young girl who is new to the town. She has had to grow up faster than most teenagers; looking after her three year old brothe...
  • happy
  • abuse
  • house
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Christmas Kisses by vernaclay
Christmas Kissesby Verna Clay
Although born into wealth and privilege, Cecelia Brightman has never found the forever-after kind of happiness she seeks. She has devoted her life to helping others thro...
  • holiday
  • christmas
  • contemporary
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In the Clear (Winter Rescue #1) by AuthorTamaraMorgan
In the Clear (Winter Rescue #1)by Tamara Morgan
Fletcher Owens is full of secrets. Few people know he spends his nights volunteering for a Search and Rescue team, saving lives while risking his own. Even fewer know he...
  • winter
  • love
  • romance
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christmas kisses ↠ jenzie christmas(rewriting) by -johnnys
christmas kisses ↠ jenzie bellss
||editing||A mistletoe kiss that they shared lead into something that make their heart from an ice cube melt like a water Just want to say grab some cookies and a cup o...
  • mackenzieziegler
  • jenzie
  • johnnyorlando
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Little Miss EXO (EXO's Little Sister) | ✔ by KawaiiYuzami
Little Miss EXO (EXO's Little Draconifors
When the famous kpop group EXO adopted a little sister, their lives turned into a massive dramatic change. With their mischievous little sister and their childish antics...
  • korean
  • exo
  • kris
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Winter Wonderland (Mithzan X Reader) [COMPLETE] (Watty's 2017) by MiniPrimeOnSteroids
Winter Wonderland (Mithzan X Ashley
★HIGHEST RANKING: #212 IN FANFICTION★ After a MONTH, you can finally move into your office at Sky Media. Adam asked you to join them since you lived in the area and are...
  • romance
  • adam
  • readers
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