Chapter 51

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Hey everyone! I realised as I was working on this chapter that I never really described what Nicole looks if anyone wants to know I added a short description into chapter 18.

Chapter 51

Shannon’s P.O.V:

I heard the apartment door slam shut. I glanced at my phone – he was going to be late - surprise, surprise. 

He’d dragged his feet all morning but I didn’t know why. 

Mark must have called at least five times to make sure Nick was getting ready. Of course, that just woke me up, and I ended up answering his calls because Nick was too deeply asleep to hear his phone’s shrill beeping. 

That put me in a bad mood. 

My bad mood in turn put Nick in a bad mood when I yanked the covers off the bed and unceremoniously dragged his lazy ass out of bed, muttering profanities under my breath. 

When he’d started to complain, I’d just looked at him, one brow raised and told him shortly that; ‘my room, my rules’. 

That had shut him up pretty quickly. So when I finally heard the door shut behind him, I breathed a sigh of relief, for once glad that he wasn’t around. 

It was times like these that I realised just how much time we spent together. To most people it would probably seem unhealthy but it worked for us so I didn’t care. However, even we needed some space every once in a while. 

I hoped the guys would have fun at their…car show? 

I wracked my brains trying to remember exactly where they were going but I kept drawing up blank. Apparently it had something to do with cars…or was it something else? 

They went every year anyway. 

I’d been invited but I could hardly stay awake long enough to decline I got so bored when Mark avidly began going into detail about wherever it is they were going. 

So they’d headed off for the day and I had the place to myself. 

Unfortunately for me, even after Nick left I couldn’t go back to sleep. So it was with more muttered profanities that I dragged myself out of bed at the early hour of nine o’clock. 

I’d been looking forward to a lie-in on my day off from work. 

I hastily threw on a thick woollen jumper and a pair of fuzzy slippers before padding out of my room. 

All I wanted was to make myself some food and curl up on the couch to watch some TV. I grabbed a blanket to drape over my legs when I sat down with a bowl of cereal. 

Twenty minutes later I remembered exactly why TV was boring – though I did get to watch an old episode of Tom and Jerry which was pretty sweet. 

I turned the TV off and immediately I noticed the complete silence that permeated throughout the apartment. I couldn’t even hear the ticking of a clock. It was one of those moments where you notice something that hadn’t previously bothered you, and suddenly that’s all you can think about – like when you noticed the laughing track on an episode of Friends, and realised just how fake and irritating it really was. That’s what the silence was like in the apartment, but not only that, it felt empty. I was rarely at home alone; it was strange. 

Deciding that sitting and listening to the silence was just too weird, I threw the blanket off and stood up, stretching my arms as high into the air as was possible. 

After putting my bowl in the dishwasher, I strolled back to my room. 

I put my iPod on shuffle and turned the volume up before going into the bathroom to shower. 

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