Chapter 46

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Chapter 46

Shannon’s P.O.V:

Nick took my hand as we made our way into Arrivals.

He yawned widely, blinking rapidly to clear them of sleep. He’d slept through the whole flight, his head flopping down onto my shoulder – it hadn’t exactly made for easy reading.

We walked through the crowds, avoiding being knocked over by enthusiastic people pushing trolleys.

I scanned the area that was filled with family members waiting for their loved ones to come through the gate.

I groaned as I did a double take; ‘I didn’t know we were getting a welcoming committee’

‘What?’ Nick looked at me in confusion.

He’d been too busy making faces at a little boy perched atop a stack of suitcases in front of us to bother looking up, content to let me lead him to the doors.

I jerked my head over to a group of three people waiting not far from the doors.

He frowned, ‘I didn’t know either’

‘Well at least they don’t have a banner’ I muttered.

He grinned; ‘surprising really, considering Mark’s here’

‘Let’s not jinx it’ I moaned, ‘he might be hiding it behind his back or something’

The last thing I needed was to be embarrassed in the middle of Arrivals.

After travelling, I just wanted to get home, relax, have a shower and possibly eat my body weight in chocolate – the last part was optional.

Nick chuckled, steering us over to where Mark, Jay, and to my surprise, Nicole stood, just as the spotted us.

Mark started to wave frantically, almost blinding a poor old woman who was unfortunate enough to venture too close to his practically convulsing arm.

I tried my best to ignore the weird looks as we neared them – it came with the territory when you went anywhere with Mark.

When we finally reached them, Mark immediately latched onto me, grabbing me around the waist and hugging me so hard I thought my ribs might crack.

‘Best friends our whole lives and he shafts me for a girl’ Nick sighed dramatically as he hugged Jay and Nicole.

‘Sorry, hoes before bros is my motto’ he winked, ‘and besides, until she’s your mot, I don’t see the problem’

I rolled my eyes, ‘you’ve been spending far too much time around me’ I said, ignoring the meaning behind his words.

Mark grinned down at me suggestively as his hands slid down to grab my ass.

I raised my eyebrows, ‘you’re kidding right?’ I said, moving his hands firmly away from my derrière.

‘How about a kiss then?’ he grinned, puckering his lips.

‘I know you’re just trying – and failing – to make a joke, because I know you don’t really want me to hit you’ Nick spoke from behind me, placing his hands on my shoulders.

Mark laughed at us, letting me go; ‘touchy, touchy’

I just rolled my eyes again and turned to talk to the others.

After hugging Jay, I was surprised when Nicole threw her arms around me.

‘I’m so glad you’re back’ she said excitedly.

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