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Finding My Heaven by dumbanddumber11
Finding My Heavenby dumbanddumber11
At the age of 15 Isabella is struck with the loss of her mother, when her brothers are to take her in will she ever trust them? Will she find her happiness? Will she sur...
The Girl In Room 417 by HappilySad
The Girl In Room 417by Francesca
The girl in room four-seventeen seems to be a permanent part of the paediatric wing of St. Anne's Hospital. She is bright, smiley, full of life. She doesn't look sick at...
LET ME GO (Levi X Sick! Reader Modern AU) COMPLETED by CleanASaurusRex
LET ME GO (Levi X Sick! Reader CleanASaurusRex
You're sick, meaning... you live in the hospital sick. But Levi looks past your illness and treats you like an actual person, a person that was okay. You were both uncer...
=|My baby |=    (BakuTodo) by Cyb3rPumpk1n
=|My baby |= (BakuTodo)by •Cyb3rPumpk!n•
Just a Todoroki Sickfick with •BakuTodo 🖤 •fluff ( pictures used are not mine! Credits to the artists!) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I don't own my hero...
The Wolf Within (On Hold) by brynne1333
The Wolf Within (On Hold)by brynne1333
Everleigh is an aníkanos--a werewolf without a wolf. Born with diabetes and asthma, she is a disgrace to her family. The only one who cares about her is her brother, Dan...
Sick day -Tododeku by BlackberrySage_16
Sick day -Tododekuby Cat and Banana
✨F l u f f ✨ (no smut you nasties) Todoroki is not going home. He feels awful but is determined to power through the half day. After a long morning Shouto begins feeling...
Yours (Yuri!!! On Ice) by Itsoktobedifferent
Yours (Yuri!!! On Ice)by Itsoktobedifferent
Victor coaches Yuuri to bring his sliver into a gold. After Yuuri gets sick, he determined to keep going for Victor. (They are fiance in this fan fiction)
Battling the Present (Grey's Anatomy)  by Nadiaisprettycool
Battling the Present (Grey's Nadia
Meredith didn't have the best childhood growing up, but it's not what you think. Her mom, Ellis, was great. She was always there for her, and her Father left right after...
Broken by Lockdown154
Brokenby Lockdown154
What happens if Dream got his hands on another kid besides Ranboo and Tommy. What happens when she's assigned a mission to kill Philza minecraft and The Blood God himsel...
The Silent Host (boyxboy OHSHC) by LazyyOtaku
The Silent Host (boyxboy OHSHC)by Lily
Cover by siimplyisaac Words. Everyone takes them for granted, using them non-stop, screaming them, laughing them, blurting them. But what about when they're dying? Are...
Survival: A KiriBaku Story by EraserHEAD39
Survival: A KiriBaku Storyby EraserHEAD39
Kirishima is stranded in the forest with a sick Bakugo, will they make it out?
Hiccup sick by Star-Wars-Dragons
Hiccup sickby Fawn Bridger
When Hiccup falls ill, Heather and Astrid look after him, while Fishlegs, Snotlout and the twins take care of the base. Unfortunately, Hiccup's sickness is more serious...
Peter Parker Sickfics/Short Stores Book 2 by YoungAvenger3000
Peter Parker Sickfics/Short Isabella Thordottir
A continuation of my first Sickfic Book Any recommendations greatly appreciated!!!
Help by Sydney916569
Helpby sydm16
Florence Young was taken by her mother from her brothers when she was five years old. Never forgetting her brothers, she spends everyday longing to go back home to them...
Just One Day (Bakudeku) by Astranger015
Just One Day (Bakudeku)by 💥🧡Amy🧡💥
Bakugou gets into some trouble with the law and is forced to do some community service at the local hospital. He hates the place and all he wants to do is leave, until o...
Lost without you by Greys_Leonie_MerDer
Lost without youby Leonie
Derek and Meredith are happily married with one child and another one on the way, but what if the universe smacks them down once more? Is the family going to survive it
・• BROKEN •・ by miracleshine_
・• BROKEN •・by Miracle
When Jin finds himself sick, He sees nothing but a dark future...
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Soon You'll Get Better by kaylawrites8
Soon You'll Get Betterby ᴷᴬʸᴸᴬ ♡
❛𝒮𝑜𝑜𝓃 𝓎𝑜𝓊'𝓁𝓁 𝑔𝑒𝓉 𝒷𝑒𝓉𝓉𝑒𝓇... 𝒸𝒶𝓊𝓈𝑒 𝓎𝑜𝓊 𝒽𝒶𝓋𝑒 𝓉𝑜 ♥ ↠ Percy Jackson is Goode High School's most popular boy. With his sea-green eyes and amazi...
Under Our Care by Rishita2003
Under Our Careby Rishita2003
Life and death are two ends of the same rope. You can either be dead while living, or you can live while dying and the rope is your choice. Aliyah chose the latter. Aliy...
Transmigrated as the ill 2nd Prince (BL) by ZeroKawaii17
Transmigrated as the ill 2nd Zero
I used to be Kenta Bernard. I was a typical high school student until I became ill on my 12th birthday. I died quietly on a hospital bed 5 years ago. when I died, I enco...