Chapter 45

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Chapter 45


 Shannon’s P.O.V:



I felt a little...sensitive when I woke up the next morning.

I rolled over in bed, my hand fumbling along the floor for my phone – I didn’t even remember setting an alarm. When I finally managed to turn it off, I groaned as I read the numbers on the screen. It was barely half eight in the morning.

Well, fuck my life, I thought grumpily as I attempted to swallow - attempted being the operative word. My mouth felt as if I’d been living in the Sahara desert for a week without any liquids of any kind.

My eyes were heavy with sleep as if something was physically pulling them shut again.

I was wrecked and I wanted nothing more than to roll over and fall back asleep. Unfortunately, that wasn’t an option.

We were going home today. Our flight wasn’t until much later, but we still had to pack and my mother would kill me if I didn’t spend at least a little bit of time with the family before leaving...hell, she probably wanted to spend as much time with Nick as with me. I was fine with that – the more my mother focused on Nick, the less time she’d have to nag me.

Mustering up all the willpower I could, I sat up, throwing my legs over the side of the bed. The room started to spin and I had to sit still for a minute, waiting for it to subside.

When I was sure I’d be able to stand up without either falling over or throwing up, I slowly walked around the bed, my eyes taking in the surroundings as I tried to ignore the growing pain in my head.

The room was decorated in navy and cream, and held very few personal items – Brian had moved out around the same time as Ryan. On the floor was my dress, thrown beside my heels.

Around the rest of the floor, Nick’s clothes were haphazardly strewn – his shirt was hanging off the back of the chair in front of Brian’s desk. I shook my head slightly in amusement; I wasn’t really surprised, his room at home was very rarely neat and tidy – by anyone’s standards.

My eyes were inevitably drawn to his sleeping form as I reached the other side of the bed. The covers had slipped down to his waist, giving me a tantalising view of his chest.

A part of me wondered if I’d ever get used to this – I hoped not.

My eyes flicked to his face. He had dark shadows beneath his eyes, despite being asleep, and I knew he wouldn’t feel great when he woke up.

‘Nick’ I said, gently shaking him.

He groaned softly and rolled over before falling asleep again.

Sighing, I shook him harder. ‘Nick, I swear to God if you don’t wake up, I’m going to push you off the bed’

He groaned louder this time as he batted my hand away.

‘Go-way’ he murmured, slurring his words together.

‘I’m giving you one warning’ I said impatiently, ripping the covers off him – yeah, I wasn’t in the best mood.

He curled into a tight ball, and I briefly saw him pouting before he covered his head with his arms.

I had to hide my smile at the sight of him lying there in his boxers, curled up in a little ball. I did warn him though.

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